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Default Cow In A Poke

I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS,BUT I am here to tell all you tanks that I have been VERY good with doing weights,eating right,and walking,and I have NOT lost ONE pound.THAT's IT!!!!If I really have to starve myself----I QUIT!!!!On a happier note,I was heartened to hear that Peachers is blossoming into a tank-sized contented cow.Soon she will be at her starting weight from two years ago---I guess there is always good news,if you just look really hard.....HAHAHAHAH HHA HHA HHS HHS HHSSSSSSSSSSS---GET THEE TO A DUCK HUDDA POND,AND MARCH!!!!!!
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Default ciao cows too

Bagz I'll have you know I weighed only 140 this morning. I have been cutting out the late night snackos, the between meals snackos, smallering portions, thinking about my big lumpy hips and exercising.

Tomorrow Herbie and I go to California where I hope to meet Muffie. We'll be gone all week.

This 15-year-old friend of ours died recently waiting for a lung transplant. He was in the top three on the national list for months waiting. He was sick all his life with cystic fibrosis. Isn't that weird? The obits are full of people who die in accidents all the time, etc., and I guess none of them are donors.
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Default I'm a donor

Of course, my body parts are so old and fat encrusted that nobody would want them anyway. Sorry to hear of your young friend, Peachers. Have fun in CA, you could stop by Oregon on your way back east and see me.

Bagzie, I'm worried about you. You are actually working on the chubbo problem instead of just whining about it like me. Be careful or we might have to boot you outta here. Just kidding. Where would we be without you cheering Peachers on to plumpdom??

I ran into a friend at the grocery store yesterday. Last time I saw her she had just found out her 20 yr old dd was preggers and unmarried. When I asked her how the grandbaby was, she told me that her dd had given him up for adoption. What a heartbreaker! I told her that it was a very brave thing her dd did for the child, but oh, how hard for them all!! At least there are some very happy adoptive parents out there. Life is so hard sometimes.
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Default Howdy doooo

It does nothing but rain at my house lately. Thunderboomers and constant pouring rain. Oy. At least we had some good weather over the weekend down on the coast. The Blues Festival was awesome!!

We saw some great acts, got rained on a little, got hours and hours of hot sun, had a 40th birthday party for a friend (almost a sad occasion--he is the last person we can think of to break the 40 barrier who we would be inclined to have a party for ) on Sat. night, had 6 of us staying for the weekend on friends' boat, actually 18 at the party, on a 34 ft sailboat--that was interesting. Had a fab dinner out Sun. night.

DD stayed with her aunt all weekend. I brought her home yesterday and got her started on her Writing Tutorial online workshop course. It sounds like it will be very challenging and interesting. There are 8 kids in it from all over the US (except for the southeast--they all go to Kansas for these things).

Here were my favorites from the Blues Festival: Susan Tedesci, Marcia Ball, Shemekia Copeland, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials, Tab Benoit (pronounce that BenWah, s'il vous plait). Susan Tedesci was amazing amazing amazing!

I'm still waiting for James Taylor pics! Two of my friends went to see Eric Clapton in Boston a few weeks ago. I am jealous of everyone who gets to see these amazing guys I never get to see.

As soon as my sissie sends me some beach pics, I will upload my new look! Everyone thinks I look sensational of course, and they are still jealous of my hair.

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