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Default 'Dump your plump bio's

i'm Diane, im 34 years old. i live on long island, ny with my mom and i have a 7 year old cat and i love animals and kids. im also on the ww plan.
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Hope I don't lose my butt
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Hi, my name is Alice and I am 25 years old. I have three children, ages four, one, and one. I am in school full time and I work full time. Sometimes it's amazing that I am not I am not currently on any real system, but a good friend of mine is sending me the WW books, so that may be the plan of action that I will take. I have right at 100 pounds to lose, and I have planned and replanned and planned again about how I am going to get this weight off, but no more!!! THis time it must be for real!

I look forward to doing this!
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i'm 39 years old and live in New Zealand with my 2 dogs and cat.

i am doing my own system and working on increasing exercise and decreasing food. i drink lots of water so that's going to be easy but i need to move up my exercise and also cut back on snacks and sugar. my exercise is basically walking the dogs and some dancing

i work from home writing books altho i am taking a break from work until I get on top of my insomnia
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Want them Muscles!
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Default i'd like to join!

Hey all my name is Dana. I am 25, currently on hiatus from teacher's college. I am 5' 2 1/2 and weigh 135. I would like to lose 10 to 15 pounds!

Good luck!
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Hi, I'm Lori I'm 43 a single Mom of teenage boy (15) and live in Kelowna British Columbia Canada. I work fulltime night shift on a dementia unit and have a part time job as a cook. I have been going it alone since Jan one but joined WW sat. I am currently at 199 and my goal is 140. This time is my time.
Wendy I am going to win
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Hi everyone! My name is Stacy. I'm 20, married, and live in Carlsbad, Ca. My husband and I rent are renting a *tiny* apartment right now about 2 blocks from the beach. We have one dog and four guinea pigs. I'm a full time student eventually going to UCSD for primatology. I'm 5'5 and weigh 202. I started at 234 and am not sure about my goal. Probably anywhere between 125 and 150 depending on the the amount of muscle I end up with. I'd like more a fitness model or athlete look than just skinny. Anyway that's me, and I look forward to playing this with all of you!
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Hello! I'm 24 and a full time student....and what with holidays and finals, I've been completely AWOL the past month (or, erm, two) and now officially getting back into eating right and exercising. I'm a South Beacher (although I also try to stay aware of calories, etc., and am a firm believer in moderate cheating....).
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This time for good!
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Default Hi!

I'm Jaynee, from Roseburg Oregon in Lookingglass Valley. I am the married mother of 5 (or 6, if you count our grown foster son), grandmother of 4. MMMmy dh and I are retired (early! I'm 48, he is 56). Our youngest still lives at home, as she is only 15. Molly is homeschooled.

Lori & Wendy...I hate to break it to you, but when I make my mind up, I don't lose!!!!
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Hellooooo girls!!!

My name is Monica, I am 32 years old. I have been married for 8 years to Ryan my sometimes wonderful and sometimes not so husband. We have 4 gorgeous children whom I homeschool, Ainsley-7, Makenna-6, Grace-3 and Joseph-17mths. Most of my weight gain came with my last two pregnancies and quiting smoking, so it was a happy weight gain as the things I accomplished during gaining it were great.

However I am now ready to get rid of it......I am 5'9" and weigh 193lbs as of this morning. I can't wait to get down to my goal of 140 and start to feel sexy again instead of frumpy.

Good luck everyone, lookin' forward to winning the prize
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Mommy to two beast-ettes
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hello, my name's Julie, 25 years old. been married for 5 years this march and have 2 beautiful daughters ages 3 and 4. i'm a stay at home mom. my husband is in iraq for a year as a civillian contractor.

before pregnancies i weighed 135. got up to 260 with my first daughter, 2 months after her birth, i was pregnant again. some time after my second daughter was born, i lost some weight and got down to 215. i was content there for a little bit, but then i really wanted to get healthy and look good like i used to. it's been a 4 year battle, but i'm going to win it this year. i'm
5'8" and my goal weight is 140. i'm using ww online and working out with turbo jam, tae bo, an exercise ball, and whatever i can find on fit tv.
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Hey everyone, figured it was time to jump in here. I'm Liz, age 23, born and raised as a "New England-ah" now considered a damn Yankee in my Texas town. I am 5'8'' and my goal is to be 140. I was at 144 before the holidays and gained some poundage which I am NOT happy about.

Oh and there's a reason my boyfriend and I no longer play board games... I ALWAYS WIN!

Can't wait to "meet" you all.
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Hi My name is Lynda, I weigh 194 would like to get down 150 or less. Married for 20 years, with an 18 year old daughter. I love animals we have 3 dogs. I have always been some overweight but the last few years things have really crept up on me. I am living in Ontario, Canada.
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I'm Leslie, I am 39, and have come so far only to stall out around 165-170 for the last year. I really really want to get to 150 for my 40th birthday, I am 5'9" and considered "borderline fat" on the weight charts.

I have a 16 yr old and a 5 year old, all time highest weight was right after my daughter was born at 219. I am tall and have never had weight issues until my 30's. So, I have been struggling for the past 10 years. See my profile for my virtual model, it is a neat tool for visualization.

My biggest stumbling block is I hate exercise. But, I have been working out since January 1st.

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Default hello

Hi my name is Tammy and I am 37, happily married and have 2 boys (12&13). I have gone to WW for the past 4 years (almost May) started at 227lbs down ro 171 by June 02 have been between 171-186 for the past years. This Christmas went up to 194 yikes. Have decided that this time i'm getting to goal!!!!! 145-150. I am glad to have found this site!!!! cheers
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Hello! I'm Melissa from beautiful Montana, married 13 years to my HS sweetheart and we have 2 girls (age 11 and 7). I'm a fulltime student and a fulltime mom. My goal is to lose 85 lbs, 8 of those are already gone never to be seen again!! In June we are planning a family vacation to Disneyworld so I'd love for a big chunk of that weight to be gone by then! Can't wait to kick all your butts at this challenge! LOL! Good luck everyone!
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