The Zen of Cowness and the Nothingness of Moo

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  • Ooooooohhhhhmmmmmmmoo

    Painty, yay on the slider movement.

    Double yay on the Sarah Mc concert. She is wonderful wonderful wonderful.

    The lake sounds like a good time, Wab. You guys have the right attitude. I need to work on that.

    Cowp, that is my favorite way to have spinach too. I like to let it sit on the burner with the lid on for a little bit so it gets a tad crunchy around the edges. Fiddleheads are fairly mild for a wild green. The consistency can be pretty mushy if you overcook them, but if they are steamed just enough they are fabulous. A bit like asparagus but milder tasting. I just came across a recipe for "Beer Batter Fried Asparagus". Sounds a little unnecessary, don't you think? But I might try it anyway.

    I had a beautiful/awful day. Funny thing is DD and I went to a big band concert last night at the high school--something the school music dept. had imported from the Big City--and we were both a little irritated with each other. Nothing extreme, mostly annoying each other and whining about it, then laughing at each other. Then I realized I had just started my period, and she had started hers the day before. So that all made a certain sense--2 PMS-ing broads in an enclosed space.... So today was gorgeous and sunny and DH had some medical tests he had to go have, then instead of going to work...he hasn't been to work since Friday and not for any very good reason--he's congested . I kid you not. Anyway, instead, he came home and when DD got home from school, he suggested we take the truck and drive up to where they were releasing flood water into the original riverbed of the Penobscot which they haven't done in many many years, and there is an impressive falls that has always been dry and would now be running. He assures DD that it will be no more than an hour. First thing I do as we're driving along is put my arm on the back of the seat. Then I discover I have some black tar on me. On my arm, my shirt, the seat-back, my pants AaAAAAAAAAAAAgggggggghh. It was some gunk from around the back window melting in the sun. Well, every time I moved I got it on something else. Meanwhile we're driving into the woods on a crummy road that gets worse and worse and we drove over a collapsed culvert and number of other ditchlike holes. Fortunately we have 4 wheel drive. Finally we stopped because we were not sure which way the falls were and we'd gotten to the river. We ended up walking through a stream and getting wet, and decided it's not that way, got back in the truck and went a little the other way, which just seemed to be getting further from the river. Plus there is another impassable stream across the road. So DH got out to walk down the road and see if that was the way to go. DD and I shut all the windows and sat in the truck and started sweating -- because outside were 497 million mosquitos and black flies looking for their first meal. When DH finally came back at least 20 minutes later, it was already 2 hours after we'd left home and there was at least an hour drive out. DD and I were not impressed and refused to explore any further, and we headed home. I had to find some way to get all the black crap off me and make some dinner because DD had to go to dance. Finally I got done with all that and got on here and then about 9:00 I remembered that I was supposed to go to a boosters meeting at 7:00 and not only that but I was going to spend the afternoon typing my minutes from last month's meeting. So I not only completely missed the meeting, but I didn't do the minutes. I am a complete idiot and I'm going to have to call people tomorrow and apologize profusely. And I'm planning to blame it all on DH's stupid one hour drive into the woods. So there. Then I stood up and leaked blood right through my pants. OH GOOD [email protected]!#%*&!

    So anyway, how was your day?

  • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! that is not a funny story,by any stretch,but the punchline at the end made me laugh!!!!---so you were lookinf for TOM GORDON in the woods-------your story sounds straight out of Steven King-----your dh is lucky you girls didn't take off and leave him there with the skeeters!!!!----------------THERE IS NOTHING I WOULD HATE MORE THAN DRIVING INTO WOODS WITHOUT A REAL ROAD!!!!---- i was on a school bus with 60 kids back when dd was in grade five---the "@^[email protected]" driver got lost in the woods looking for a Maple Sugar Camp we were going to----he took us an hour out of our way---those bus seats are AWFUL---hard and no springyness to them===the dirt road caused all kinds of bumping and the kids loved it,but i was 7 months pregnant,so i thought i would DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-----that was indeed quite a story my dear kiwonk!!!!!!---------------perhaps a "daytimer" would come in handy===i must get one of those myself!
  • I'm not going to tell you about my day. I was but I changed my mind. Instead, I'll tell you what I'm having for breakfast right now:

    Raspberries which sat out al night but didn't mold
    Vanilla extract
    Cranberry-white grape juice

    All blended. Good enough. I shall snack soon.
  • At first I thought it was going to be a happy story. Driving through the woods to find a waterfall sounded like a happy story. wrong. Sorry your day was so horrible, Kiwi, and I would definitely blame anything I could on the DH.

    Bagzie, good good that the weather turned sunny. I was worried about you. I yust go cwazy when it rains endlessly.
  • Yeah, Wab, nutty, huh? It did sound like a good idea at the time.

    Cowp, are you drinking the vanilla extract for the alcohol content? Did you go out and drive to work? I'm telling.

  • My day was refreshingly boring.
    A friend from Florida called and wished me well. I haven't talked to her since Christmas or so. I had a meeting about the retreat I'm facilitating Monday/Tuesday. I saw two (not enough) clients. Met a friend for early dinner... and discovered I was quite tired. Then when I got home a friend had mailed me a party in a box.... SO cool.
    I must remember to act on ALL my kind impulses... because receiving somebody else's kind impulse feels REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY GOOOOOOOOD.
    I am at one with the MOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Anyone miss me?? My computer broke LAST SUNDAY and the guy only came to fix it today. Pthhhhh on that! It was like being stranded on a desert island! And I can't seem to send email to any of yous cows now. Something about needing authorization. Let's hope that sorts itself out soon. Must go marinate something.
  • Hi!

    Kiwi, that's an awful story!

    Those are some yummy recipes y'all are throwing around. I'm pretty much relying on my Weight Watchers online meal plan ideas to hold my hand when it comes to making meals. They make sure I get all the fruits, veggies, and fiber I need. All I have to do is buy it and cook it. And I'm getting back on track with exercise.

    Of course, school starts on Monday, so it will be back to the struggle again.
  • Seventh year?/// BAGZIE, how long have we known each other (except Baby Sister Painty)?

    Sugar and I were disucssing swearing which I won't let her do anymore becuase I am a new Southern Baptist. You, however, may continue. You are an idol worshipper anyhow.

    painty is going to post a picture of a cat with a big 'roid.
  • Woohoo--Party in a Box!

    I just came back from a party. Of sorts. It was Class Day for the seniors at the high school. They put on skits and do music and dance performances; the public is invited. That's one of the nice things about a small town--you can go to most anything that's going on; almost nothing is too crowded to get into.

    The junior class, per tradition, made t-shirts for the occasion, to be ripped off on cue when the graduating class declares the juniors to be seniors (underneath most of them had a shirt that declared them a senior). And they sat all in a group up in the bleachers with noisemakers and made a ruckus. DD looked very fetching in her "after" shirt -- she decorated an old undershirt that is quite hideous, worn thin, stained and too small. It looked better with the painted slogans on it.

    In other news, almost the entire senior class, including at least 2 (out of 4--don't ask) valedictorians, were busted for drinking at 2 am the other night at a big party out of town. Someone called the police when some kids threw firecrackers into a bonfire and another kid started doing "donuts" in someone's front yard. Dumb sh**s. The party was in the next county over, so the cops who responded were from there and they didn't have an ounce of sympathy for the kids. They all got summonses and fines, they've been kicked off whatever sports teams they were still playing on (the baseball, softball and tennis teams are nearly defunct because of it), and the word is that the valedictorians involved will have to step down, but of course all this is hearsay. I only hope that the junior class is taking notes. It's been assumed by most kids that the cops look the other away on underaged drinking as long as they don't catch you drinking and driving, so maybe there will be some attitude changes after this.

    My darling innocent daughter is hard at work studying for her SAT IIs (Subject Tests) and preparing pieces for a coffeehouse performance tomorrow night. I take that back. She's watching King of the Hill.

    Later kids. Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing. I will be enjoying the sudden summer weather!

  • Quote: --your dh is lucky you girls didn't take off and leave him there with the skeeters!!!!-----
    Ain't that the truth? We did discuss it. DD actually thought that would be mean...

  • You may visit go here to see the party in a box. I'll post Puppy cat's photo with a balloon on her butt. She did NOT understand the static electricity stuff. But then, whose cat does physics? Except Shrodinger's... sorry... that's an in joke for anybody who married a physicist. Couldn't help myself.

    I dropped another pound this morning.
    THEY MADE ME DRINK BARIUM before a bone scan. NOBODY TOLD ME. Yeeeech. But at least I wasn't the 1 out of 40,000 who dies from the ink they use in the ct scan. That would NOT have been cool.

    I should go for a walk. It rained earlier and it may have de-humidified itself outside. Chicken with teriyaki sauce and sauteed veggies.... Before it gets any later.

    Sweet dreams all.
  • mmm barium

    Cherry, I can certainly see your point with WW. I hope that works for you. Most of the time, I don't really plan meals, I just do something with what I have on hand. It's not necessarily the best option. On the other hand, I don't take direction well either. What I need is someone else to decide what I can eat and then buy it and cook it for me. Yep, servants. That would work.

    Went out to dinner tonight. I was not too awful bad; I had a salad and then a very small (6") pizza). No dessert. 2 beers. Could've been worse.

    I have really nothing intelligent to say. Probably on account of the 2 beers.

  • OH I HAD TWO WINE SPRITZERS,SOME OF DH'S LOBSTER,A BIT OF DD'S STEAK,AND MY OWN SCALLOPS AT 'BILLY'S SEAFOOD RESTAURANT' AT THE MARKET----WAS GOOD BUT NOT SPECTACULAR-----------HARD TO FIND OUTSTANDING FOOD AROUND HERE.oh painty--that goody box looks yummy--------------- i love lavender too!!! just finished up a whole bottle of bubble bath meself. i also drank barium for a stomach x-ray----tasted like chalk . not as bad as i thought it would be though!----we will be thinking of you all week---when is the actual day for the surgery???HANG IN THERE!!!!!
  • OH,**** AND DAMNATION!!! I FORGOT I WAS ALLOWED TO SWEAR!!! THANKS COWPERNI-ARSE!!!i only worship ONE IDOL-=---and that's not a catholic statue---- it's KALAN PORTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!