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Default Gluten free, anyone?

My daughter has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease which means that we can't have any wheat, rye, or barley products. Is anyone else dealing with this?

Is anyone gluten free to lose weight? Or are you gluten free for other medical reasons?
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Hello N&Kmom-

I don't have celiac, but am intolerant to wheat. I never follow my program, which is a big surprise to all who know me (NOT). Anyway, when I don't follow my wheat-free diet I have some uncomfortable side effects, but nothing life threatening like a celiac person would. Have you looked at That's a great site for info. I know there are other online support groups, one of which mails me a newsletter each month, but I can't remember the name of that one. Google around awhile and you'll find lots of help. Also, for birthday cakes and pancakes and cookies and all that good stuff I am not supposed to have, I highly recommend Pamela's Products baking mix, pancake mix and packaged cookies. Yum for all the sugar that is also making life miserable. It's a difficult adjustment, best of luck to you in taking care of your child.

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I am also wheat intolerant and have followed the Atkins WOE for the past 2 1/2 years successfully! I don't have any of their low carb product that may contain wheat but most of their recipes are suitable.

It's not easy avoiding wheat but it can be done with a bit of forward planning...good luck, and if i can be of any me, i'll do my best!!
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