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Talking A Marvelous Vacation!!

Hello ladies--

I must say, that we had a wonderful time in SF and it was NOT enough time!! We are planning to go again next year and plan and explore more that we know what's there. Here is what we did.

Tuesday: Arrived to SF around 6:00 am. Couldn't get our hotel room until 3:00pm so we pretty much had ALL day to roam and walk around to see some sites. We walked to Chinatown and window shopped all through it. Didn't realize how BIG it was!! Many many streets of stores and bakerys and stuff.

Then we walked to the Coif Tower
we decided that since we didn't have our camera on us (we left it in the car!!) that we would go ahead and come back the next day and take pictures. Absolutely beautiful view up there!

The next place we walked was in the middle of the city. Not even sure what the names of the street was but it was so cool for us little towners to be in the center of the big city. We roamed around everywhere else before it was finally time to check in to the hotel. My poor feet were killing me because I didn't think to change into walking shoes!! So I was walking for eight hours in clunky boots!! (my suggestion....don't even pack those! ) Got our room, took a nap then went out to dinner and went back to our room and slept!

Wednesday: Put on my walking shoes! We walked up a few blocks from our hotel and talked to a man in a coffee shop about how the bus system works. Well....sure wish we had talked to someone the day before! We went back to all the places we visited before. I cannot believe the streets!! Everything is either down hill or up. And my feet had blisters from the day before and my calf and thighs were working double duty! Talk about a great workout!

We walked to the Fisherman Warf and walked around there. That was my favorite area. Had so much fun taking tours of the some of the boats and ships and ferries. Found a cool little area where people can shop and eat and have fun. Was amazing. That was at Pier 39.
Ghirardelli Square was nearby so we walked there to roam and stroll.

Thursday: Our last day there. We went shopping. Went back to chinatown and bought some cool things to take home. Bought some swords for James and bought Jhanai a porcelain doll. Bought Two dozen steamed bbq pork rolls....mmmmmm so good! Bought some tea.

Then we took what we bought to the hotel and then went to The fishermans wharf again. Spent most our day in that area. Bought some chocolates at Ghirardelli square. There were some St. Patricks day celebrations going on. That was fun to see. James took me on a horse driven carriage ride!! That was so sweet! I loved it.

One of the most entertaining things we seen were these men who were on a corner of a street w/a bunch of spray paint cans and stuff. I thought at first maybe they were making grafitti art. OMG!! The pictures that they created w/just spray paint was amazing! They were GOOD! I will have to take a photo of what we bought from them. You'll love it.

There was soooo much we did and seen that it's just hard to put it into words what my experience was. I do know that it was a memorable vacation and the most wonderful way for us to celebrate our One Year Anniversary. We plan on making that our anniversary get away place....until we find some other fun and exciting city that we can afford to go to. But that is our plans. No exchanging gifts on our anniversary....just going away for a yearly "honeymoon" And next time we'll make it five days instead of only three.

Ok....I wrote my book about my adventures. Although there is so much more to talk about. So why don't you all just come here for coffee one morning and I'll tell you all about it!

Here is some photos that we took while we were there. Can you believe that we didn't take many? We were so busy looking and exploring that getting pictures was the last thing we thought of. But we did.

See you all at ChitChat!
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Oh Marti! What a vacation!! I just love your pictures, and you and James both look great in them - so happy!! You mentioned being a small town girl in the big city. That's the way Katie and I are going to feel in Chicago this week! I have never had a horse carriage ride (although they are offered in Indy) and think that would be so romantic! Thank you so much for sharing, Marti!!
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That is really sweet Marti, thanks for sharing the pictures!

You & James look happy and you look great! Love all the pictures - darn guys didn't get one together

It is a beautiful city. BC is a beautiful city as well - maybe the same distance? Not sure......anyway, need coffee

Thanks again!
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Here are the photos of the Spray Paint art. Sorry if they look too dark but when I used a flash it was too bright and you couldn't see it at all. I was impressed w/their talent and we just had to buy some pictures. All three for $25.
Would be worth going back just to watch them again!

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Marti~thank you so much for sharing your trip in pics with us. I love hearing about what everyone is doing especially their trips! I am glad that you and James had a happy anniversary trip to San Fran! The pics are GREAT! Well, except for the link to the Coit Tower-the one looking down! OMG!!! I would die being up that high. I am scared to death of heights. My cousin tried to get me in that revolving restaurant in Dallas once, umm no thank you! And while in Seattle my friend took us to the Needle-thank goodness it was closed for repairs! Didn't even want to get in that. I did have to go up to the 23rd floor in CA once but the guy was nice enough to close the blinds so I couldn't see out the window. Such a weinee! Anyway, glad you guys had a marvelous trip.
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