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Good Evening! It was a chilly 50 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. I turned the furnace on for a few minutes! It warmed up to 72 this afternoon so was really nice. Today was my day to work in the gift shop, I even sold a few things which was good. I noticed several unopened boxes in th store room and thought the buyers might come to check in the merchandise but didn’t see them this morning. I will probably have the invoices waiting when I do the Friday paperwork. I ran a couple errands before I came home for the afternoon. Bob offered to go out for a sandwich tonight and so have no kitchen clean up to do. Nice! I’m still waiting for the oven guy to come back.

Ceejay, I hope your nephew will be able to stay in rehab for whatever length of time the professional people think is necessary. His wife sounds like she is a piece of work, pregnancy hormones or not! They have one or two little boys now? There is always two sides of every incident but you sure don’t need to be caught in the middle. I’m glad your “just done” eye is doing so well! 9/5 isn’t that far away! I need glasses for reading too. Hope your bil is doing better.You need a cat, but find someone to catsit if you go on vacation.

”Gma,” our town is split on garbage pick up. A section of town is separate with their own city council, rules and regs. They opted for mandatory garbage and recycle pick up, adding the cost to their water bill. They contracted with another town an hour away. We’ve had a local private service and our council voted to let it be up to the individual home owner and we are still billed privately. If one doesn’t use the service it is up to them to haul their own recyclables and garbage to the landfill. We all know who lets the garbage bags pile high before hauling them out. It really hasn’t solved the problem around town. Good luck with yours! Bob used the soda and vinegar which is what plugged up the one shower drain. He switched to bleach and it is working. The showers don’t have plugs, just open drain covers. I will get a couple of the vinyl drain covers for them. The flies are a nuisance!

I need to fold some towels that should be done drying, and put them away. Enjoy your evening!

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Good morning. It is a nice cool morning this morning and not even needing the AC on. I wanted to go out and get my nails done but I havenít had much sleep. First a cricket chirping kept me up, then next door started in with music until nearly 2 AM. We donít call the police or ask them to turn it off because frankly, there have been shootings where people have done this. So, we just put up with it. I donít even know who is over there. Itís been empty several months now.

I am making chicken cordon bleu for dinner. They come in cellophane packets, are only 6 WW pts too. You just cook them in the oven or in my case my little convection oven. Iíll make mash potato and gravy and salad. I found the best chicken gravy recipe when you donít have any kind of chicken drippings.

Jean: Glad you got the flies handled. I imagine theyíre a real nuisance. I saw the Farmerís Almanac is saying most of the country is going to have a brutal winter. Looks like FL is in for some hurricane trouble already. Glad weíre going in April and not the fall next year. The thing about the trash is this same company is who has the city contract so we wonít change just be charged through mlgw instead of part of our hoa fees. Thatís whatís going to make everyone angry about. Itís a mess here from years of mismanagement.

CeeJay: How far do you live from Branson? I hope your nephew can get the help he needs and get that demon off his back.

Well, better get to chores. Have a good one.
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