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Good morning everyone! Much cooler this morning then it has been, much less humidity too. Iím sitting here eating half a pb sandwich and drinking a sugar free orange gatorade.

Jack got ahold of the garage guy finally and he is coming Thursday to replace our springs with bigger ones. Hopefully that will help the door lift faster. Right now I could walk around our building and come back and itíd still be raising.

I was going out to get my nails done today, but having some gut issues so decided I best stay home until tomorrow. I will just work around the house, work on the shawl, and read.

I am going to try out a diffuser and see if I like it. I like fragrance in the house and thought these might work better than the type that sprays aerosol into the air. We shall see how it goes. I bought two for the living room and one for the bathroom.

Pollen must be wicked right now as my allergies are going crazy. I have been sneezing my head off and a runny nose and headache. I am out of allergy meds and need to get more this weekend.

Nothing else going on here. Have a good day.
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The weatherman said last night that since our rain Sunday/Monday our mold count has been higher. It sure has been nice outside. Don't blame you for staying inside today with the gut issue.

I've been to weigh in and have lost the 2 pounds I gained from fluid last week. I'm going to take the rest of this time and really work hard at this weight loss. I was doing better when I was taking their herbs and supplements. Think my body need those things. I'm going to try and break myself from drinking Cokes too. I'll need caffeine for a bit to keep the headaches at bay.
I will be going to Branson again this afternoon. I'll be taking BIL tomorrow to get his pump off and get more IV fluids and then again on Friday for fluids.

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Good Evening! Just checking in before I head to bed. We had another late (midnight) ball game night last night. Game was at 6 and we planned to be on the road home around 8. Ian’s team managed another miracle in the bottom of the 10th and he made the winning run home after a “walk” to first base. He was so tickled and his home town crowd went wild. They are playing the late game tonight at 8 and we haven’t heard anything yet. Win or lose they play again tomorrow night; it’s a win two - lose two tournament. The host school is made up of three small rural towns and the school was built out in the country, pretty much in the center of all three. I spent this afternoon researching airline tickets. One airline had tickets for $543 but no “perks” and paying extra for a carry on. I called the travel agent and she found an upgrade with the perks. With the grounded planes scheduling is a real trick; We will be going though Chicago which doesn’t thrill me but it is what it is. Tomorrow is my day to work in the gift shop, then will change clothes and go to the ball game if it is an early one.

Ceejay, the coloring app is happy color and it is addictive! I’m glad your bil felt well enough to preach Sunday. Do you have an associate pastor who could fill in if needed? We haven’t gotten any rain but the temperature has dropped and the humidity is down. Love it! We have some houses in town with green moss (??) growing on the siding. It’s gross looking and I don’t know why they don’t scrub it off. A lot are old houses with wood siding. Mold is bad for allergies and breathing in general. on losing 2#s! I like Coke too, and usually want one in the evening, which isn’t too smart. Have a safe trip to Branson, another jewel in your crown!

”Gma,” hope your back is feeling better by now. Gut too. Do you know how or what you did to hurt it? Good luck with the neighbor’s weeds. We’ve had more bugs and mosquitoes this year, maybe because of all the rain. I occasionally run a diffuser; if you go to Pinterest there are all kinds of suggestions. I didn’t realize the oils were used in early medicine. Peppermint clears my head pretty fast. I just put a drop in my hands and then breathe it in by cupping my hands together.

I am tired and heading in the direction of bed! Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!
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