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happy2bme 10-23-2019 01:17 PM

ok, had to post that to see if the picture would show up. We need an emoji update here with some new choices.

So the surgery went well yesterday. I thought they were going to put the posts in (step one of the implants) after they yanked the teeth but he said step one is actually building bone material in the empty socket. Think of it like you are putting a fence post into a hole in the ground. You dig the hole (remove the tooth) and then you fill the hole with a core of cement so that the fence post will hold more sturdy. That will take a few months or so to heal up and then they will do step 2 and put the initial posts in. So it looks like my mouth will be quiet between Thanksgiving and Christmas as it's healing so I can enjoy a few treats and the traditional holiday meals. They are doing the bone graft because it's my front teeth that take a great amount of force and pressure since they are the main biters and rippers as you go to chew. This means I won't have to live a life of cutting food into teeny, tiny pieces although I think my days of eating an apple or fresh corn on the cob right off the item may be over. I don't mind cutting them as long as I can still eat tender bbq ribs! LOL

It did not seem like I was out (under anesthesia) I swear I was awake the entire time - even when they said "time to wake up Donna" I was aware of what was going on for at least what seemed like 5 minutes and said "I never fell asleep". I was aware of them bustling all around me. But I don't remember them yanking my teeth out so I guess in some way I was oblivious to it. They said the anethesia / pain relief would last for a few hours but they lied. By the time I got to the dentist down the street 30 minutes later I was really hurting and throbbing. The oral surgeon gave me no pain meds but the dentist did. I was also very, very cold. DH put his jacket over me and I was shivering. Could not wait to get home in front of my heater. They put the partial denture in with the 4 front teeth. He said this is pretty much what my permanent teeth will look like and I was really, really happy. For the first time in my life I can smile wide showing my teeth. I was a bit disappointed with the bottom crowns. I have gaps in my teeth - the "eye" tooth and the one directly below it on the bottom on the left side of my mouth were substantially smaller than the same teeth on the opposite side which gave me a noticeable gap in my smile and allowed the other teeth to keep shifting and moving. When they did the crowns on the bottom, I was hoping they could close that gap but he said it was too big. They made it a bit smaller but it's still noticeable. I thought the same would be true of the top but since they were doing all 4 upper teeth, they were able to modify them and close that gap. It looks really nice (with the teeth in) and kind of Halloween horror story with the teeth out right now. :lol: This morning the pain is minimal, my mouth is tender and my upper jaw above the tooth line is sore where they injected the Novocaine when they pulled the teeth. Nothing some ice and Motrin won't take care of. They did say to take it easy for a few days - don't want the heart rate up because that can increase the bleeding risk. I had cleared my calendar anticipating this anyway. The partial denture / flipper is annoying - I am glad I am going with 2 crowns and 2 implants for the final result. The denture is horseshoe shaped around the roof of my mouth and hooks into my end molars. It makes me talk funny - like my tongue is swollen. Doc said as your tongue gets used to something different in your mouth, your talking will get more clear. He suggested reading out loud to help the speech. It also gets food trapped under it. He suggested Polident denture cream to fill in the gap but not right now - have to let the sockets heal first - don't want that junk getting in there. The 2 most important things are keeping the wound clean and ensuring that the clots don't come out of the sockets so you don't get the painful dry socket. Having the denture in there helps protect the sockets too which I like. But I would not be happy with this denture if this was permanent. So I feel it was worth the money to do things the way I chose.

I tried to prepare for this - have a bunch of soft foods to tide me over for a week or so - rice and gravy, mac and cheese, cottage cheese, pureed fruit, baked potatoes, eggs, soups. DH made himself a pot of spicy chili and I picked up a few easy to warm up things for him also so there is minimal stuff for me to deal with. I am anticipating being very cold this winter - they are talking about a very cold winter too - so I bought several Cuddl Duds fleecewear tops and bottoms (like leggings to wear under my slacks). I HATE that they break the orders into a bunch of shipments. 2 orders came in about 6 deliveries. DH was whining yesterday - you have to stop buying all these clothes - you have enough already. I thought to myself - and you need to stop the thousands of dollars you spend on photography stuff and 3 trips you have planned already for next year! He sees a bunch of clothes I have in piles on the floor in the bedroom but the reality is that I have them separated - used to have all seasons in my closet until it got to the bursting point. Now I am in the process of separating things - stuff that is summer, stuff that is seasonal now that will go into the closet, things to donate and I have some stuff that is one size too snug that I hope I can get back into if I lose 15 pounds or so. After I had my knee surgery I lost about 25 pounds and was encouraged that I could finally lose some weight so I went and bought a bunch of jeans and sweaters one size down. Then I went on the Contrave diet pill and when I had to go off of it, I gained back everything I had lost. So those jinxed clothes sit in the wrappers waiting for me to get my act together again. I promised myself that I am REALLY going to focus on things this winter. No volunteering, no excuse to be distracted from the 3 goals I most need to focus on for myself.

I do admit, the more I am away from the volunteering, the easier it is to ignore all the drama going on. I still get emails but I can look at them "distanced". I went with a friend to see a play on Sunday in Duluth. "Menopause the Musical". Everyone in the theater thought it was hysterical except me. I thought it was dumb. I would have liked it better if there had been an actual story line and some dialogue but it was just a bunch of women set at Bloomingdale's Department Store singing one song after another about the things you go through in menopause - hot flashes, memory loss, etc. It was like having an overly sugary dessert - too many sprinkles make it over the top yucky. Monday we had to go back to Duluth to get DH a pain shot in his neck. The weather was horrendous - driving rains and 50 mile per hour wind gusts. You have to drive over this huge long open bridge over Lake Superior between Wisconsin and the Minnesota state lines. It's a nice view but a scary bridge - I won't drive over it and so won't many of my friends. But you add blowing rain and 50 mph winds and it's :censored: frightening. I think even DH was a big nervous. We were going to do a little shopping and have lunch there but with the weather as bad as it was, we couldn't get out of there fast enough. It did a lot of water damage we saw on the news later that night. DH said the violent whitecaps on the water reminded him of the ocean in a storm.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I slid on the deck. My knee is getting a tiny bit better - stick locks up and gives me pain when I hit the right or is it wrong spot but my hip is absolutely no better pain wise than when I first slid. I don't think I fractured the hip since other than the pain walking, I don't have any other symptoms. I will try and see if I can get in to see my doctor next week. When we went to the hospital for DH Monday, it's a huge medical complex. I brought my cane with me but I was having a really hard time keeping up. I should have brought the rolling walker with me. The pain was getting more severe in my hip as we moved along and the more I walked, the more my knee started giving out which didn't help things. DH grabbed a wheelchair for me but when he got done with his shot, no way was I going to allow him to push me and possibly aggravate what they just did. So I pushed the wheelchair which helped. We had to go up, down, over and about so when we got to the main level of the doctor's building across from the parking lot, DH left me at the front entrance and went and pulled the car around. I am lucky that even with his aches and pains and problems, he can still get along quite well. I do fret about how I am going to be in another couple of years. I may have to move into a swimming pool and float my way around! :rofl: Also getting most tired of there ALWAYS being something that is breaking down. :(

Oh well. I have several things to do around the house today - most involve minimal controllable movement so that's good. I can resume the pool next week. I also need to cook up my apples. I went through the box I had picked up a couple of weeks ago. Did not realize that one variety was a soft apple and they were no good. The others are still fine for sauce and I need to make cranberry sauce too although with the tiny seeds they don't recommend eating that until the open wounds heal up some.

Just got the pictures from the photo shoot they did 2 weeks ago. I am so disappointed. It was really windy out there - my hair was blowing all over in the wind. Also she didn't pose us - just snapped pictures and of the 3 shots with the both of us - I have weird faces because we were talking and she didn't say "ok smile - and click" so she just clicked while we were talking. The single picture of DH came out nice and he looks nice in the pictures of both of us. I look a wreck. I did write back to her and said I realized she gave us a discount but wished she had posed us. I wanted to say more along the lines of a professional photographer but I didn't. Sigh. The only good picture I might get is when I'm in the coffin... And I promised DH I would never make him do this again so I'm screwed.

I wasted a whole lot of money this month - $40 on pictures that were ugly, $55 for a play that was dumb and $60 on concert tickets for a blues performer that was no where near what his You Tube performances were like and we walked out after 20 minutes. I guess all signs point to me living the hermit life...

Laura - it seems as if you are enjoying catching up with friends - perhaps you should do that more often. The diner dinner sounds like a fun place. I can imagine if it's a mostly outdoor thing how it would be quite popular. Now I am longing for the diner across the street from where I grew up - the kind with the best fountain Coca Cola in those white paper cups in the aluminum holders, yummy burgers and the first time I had french fries with the skins on them - with ketchup - YUM. I have the same problem drying bedding in those big commercial dryers in the laundromat. We have twin bedding and it still takes a long time to dry even though they get a lot of tumbling action. And you have to keep feeding the dryer for about 15 minutes of drying time. But outside of drying it outside - if you have the clothesline - not much else you can do. I can spread mine across the deck rails but have to secure with clothespins because the wind can whip them down into the dirt in the landscaping below. I pretty much use fleece blankets and I have very lightweight down comforters we use in the dead of winter instead of fluffy comforters. Will you still bike from the train once it gets darker when we turn the clocks back in 2 weeks? Actually you'll be having your surgery shortly after that, right? So bike season will come to an end for you after all.

Annie and Susie - glad you were able to meet up and decide you liked each other :rofl: Us chicks are all great ladies. ;) That would be fun if you can meet up again and spend a bit more time. At least we know we will all get along if we ever make it to the compound!

Hello to the rest of the chicks. Have blown away my morning helping DH look up cars and towing and all sorts of miscellaneous information. Still on the fence about what car should be the next one in our garage. Anyway I'm not getting anything valuable done just sitting here so - happy hump day kids - talk later.

Laura705 10-23-2019 02:42 PM

Happy - Hope you feel alright. How did it go? Enjoy some chocolate pudding for me, okay?;)

Shad 10-24-2019 05:31 AM

Evening all,
Sorry to be missing again. It seems that my days are just rolling along and life just gets busier. I've been decluttering the house somewhat and there is the council clean up going on right now. This means I can put out stuff I no longer need or use or are broken and/ or are no longer any use to me. Eventually the Rubbish trucks will come along and take it all away. Right now our streets look like junk yards. I had a fair amount to put out because I am clearing out the shed and there is a lot of DS2's junk in there and I made him go through it and we threw out a lot of it. Then when you get it all out there, the scavengers come along and take whatever they think they might be able to use or make money on. My big pile has dwindled to a broken umbrella, an old printer, a freezer door, and a few lumps of timber. Since the garbos haven't come by yet I keep putting bits and pieces out. One day I might get the shed clear of 'stuff'. I've also got the window refurbishing guys coming in on Sunday to do another couple of windows so I have had to clean and clear the lounge room and come Saturday will put paint drop sheets on the floor so they won't manage to get paint specks on the floor. And I shifted all the pot plants (potted plants off the verandah and then realised that they use the carport as well so it was silly putting them in there. So tomorrow I will be taking them round the back to the patio for the weekend.

I took a bunch of old paint cans to the paint recycling place this week as well. That got a bit of stuff out of the shed. And I also took some old but usable suitcases to the recycling market to be sold. The proceed goes to the Lady Mayoress' charity fund so I guess I am doing some good there. Not that we have a lady mayoress at the moment, nor a mayor either and the councillors got sacked as well. Seems their fingers were in the trough to far and the Local Council Commission have stood them down pending legal court appearances. That's the problem with sitting members, sometimes they sit too long and it becomes a tough decision to be honest. Our lot and the adjoining Ipswich City Council are all stood down and the sad thing about that is that we are still paying them. I am totally against this.

As well I have been out and about doing things for Probus club, however I don't know that I will be re-signing this year since things are happening that I am not too happy about and the rest of the committee is not too happy about my expressing that unhappiness. Politics rule.

The garden is nearly done. I'll pull out the tomatoes over the weekend or next week and the lettuce is going to seed so I'll wait for that to happen and sprinkle the seeds over the garden bed so I will get some in the next year. Only thing left is the beans, onions and shallots although I noticed that the capsicum (bell peppers) have sprouted in the compost so I will keep on with watering them. Nothing like free food. Beans will only give me one more feed. and out they will come. We are told today that our damns are down to crisis level and there will be water restrictions soon. It's going to be a long hot summer no doubt. No rain on the horizon for weeks. One of the outback towns has had to truck water in and another is drilling for bore water to try to keep their population hydrated. It's not good.

Got some new glasses today. One thing that really annoys me is that with the graduated bifocals I either have to tilt my head up to see to read or I need to take them off. Seems fairly stupid to have paid for these lenses and they are not exactly what I need. However in today's world of little customer service and everyone gets the norm, there is little I can do. It's a similar story with contact lenses. Mine are monocular - one for distance and one for reading and I can't read much with them. Have to take them out. But according to the optician there is an app for that and she sends the manufacturers the calculations she has worked out on my visit and they say I need this or that lens. It doesn't not always work.

I still have the dog most work days. He is a delight most of the time. Has a pretty interesting sense of humour too. I was repotting some orchids yesterday and I had the bark soil sitting in water and fertiliser while I sorted out the pots. Dog comes along to see what I am doing and drops his ball right into the mix making a fairly large splash - all over me and all over the neighbour who was over having a chat at the time. Nice one dog! I fished it out and threw it, only to have it come back at warp factor 5 speed and dropped back in the mix.

Happy - pleased to hear that you are coping okay with this mammoth dental work. Your implants are being done totally differently from the way mine was done. I had two teeth pulled, and then the post for the new tooth was put in and I had to keep going back for x-rays to ensure the jaw bone was binding around the post. It took about 6 months to get the required amount of bone done and then they screwed in the new tooth (actually 2 teeth on one post) I still have to be careful that food does not get in the top of the tooth but generally I don't even know it is there and the dentist tells me it is doing good.
Sorry to hear of the other woes besetting you. It is not easy to accept that we are growing old. Hope the knee and hip come right soon. All we can do is to keep moving, try to get the weight down and eat sensibly. Not much else will work. Also sorry to hear that DH is not A1 any more either. Hope the treatment helps him.

Hi Laura. Great photo on Facebook today. I showed it to the DS2 along with some other things he could do in Chicago.
Hello to Susie, Annie and Ceejay. Gotta go and do some more furniture shifting and wall washing. A woman's work is never done.

Laura705 10-25-2019 03:53 PM

Afternoon all. Happy Friday/Saturday. The boss is working from home today, so it’s been quiet here today.

Happy – I guess you were sort of typing over my head the other day because I missed your full post and only saw your Great Pumpkin one. :D Or I simply neglected to refresh the page.:doh: Anyway…glad the surgery went well. You’ll have nice smile to look forward to! Maybe you can cajole your dh into another photo shoot to show it off after it’s all over and done with… Sorry the recent photo shoot was disappointing. I was disappointed in the formal portraits that my employer did a couple years ago, but I doubt there would be a photo of myself that I wasn’t disappointed in these days. Boo on the musical. Sometimes you’re just better off finding a tv show, movie, or book to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. BF and I don’t watch many of the same TV shows anymore, but we do enjoy watching some of the stand-up comedy specials. Recently we’ve watched ones with Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr and Sebastian Manoscalco (sp?). Yes, I wish I could spend more time with friends than I have lately. The amount of time we spend together varies. My widowed friend D now has a live-in bf, and his college-aged son and their dog also live in her house. D tends to take up the hobbies/interests of her bfs, so currently she’s “into” fishing and fantasy football. Ugh. As a result, we don’t see each other nearly as much as when she was sporadically dating/between men. Re the big down comforter – I would’ve gladly had it dry cleaned, but the care instructions didn’t call for that… One of these days I’ll replace it with one of those thinner/lighter ones. No, I will not cycle to/from the train after DST ends. I never do, and this year will be the same. Along with it being too dark and dangerous, my foot surgery falls on the Wednesday after the time change, so no more cycling for me this season.

Shad - You’re keeping yourself busy as usual. How many windows remain to be refurbished after the ones on Sunday are done? I feel like such a slacker when I read about your home improvement projects. BF and I went strong with that stuff for about the first 8-10 years after we moved into our house, but lately we haven’t done anything major. As time passes and knowing I’ll want to move elsewhere upon retirement, the less it seems wise to do renovations strictly for my/our own enjoyment. But I do hate the idea of making certain improvements for the sole purpose of selling the house…so what I’m thinking is…it’s now or never if I want to get any personal enjoyment out of kitchen and bath renos. Ugh re the politics in your council. Right now Chicago public schools are dealing with a teacher’s union strike. They’re on day 7 of no classes. I hear they finally made a bit of progress with the negotiations yesterday, but will they resolve enough issues to resume classes on Monday? We’ll see. I’m glad I don’t live in the city proper anymore. It’s bad enough living in a particularly corrupt & poorly run county and state, let alone Chicago. Not that my village is devoid of idiot & unworthy leaders… I’m with you on the graduated bifocals (mine are called “progressive”). They aren’t very good when I read in bed – my vision is at the wrong angle. And more and more frequently I find I take my glasses off and put my cell phone up to my eyeballs to get a good (I.E., CLEAR) look at something. And forget about looking down at the digital readout on my scale!!! But then again, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t see that clearly, hahaha. Oh, the doggy certainly makes life interesting, doesn’t he?? ;) Not sure what fb photo you are referring to in your comment to me…but if it gives your ds a better idea of how to spend his time when he’s here – you’re welcome.

Hellos to the rest of you! Hope you all had a good week.

Not much new with me. Phoned to set up the claim for my ST disability. Signed and returned a release form so those folks can get info from the surgeon so they can determine how much time off they will approve. Sent another form to the surgeon re FMLA. Have to phone my primary to confirm they sent the pre-op clearance to the surgeon’s office. They were supposed to get back to me at the beginning of the week. Sigh. All this [email protected]#$% paperwork.

We typically have one lighted plastic jack-o-lantern as our only outdoor Halloween decoration, but this year I thought it would be fun to try and create DIY jack-o-lantern light covers for our carriage/post light and the light sconce next to our stoop. We bought the old-fashioned trick-or-treat buckets in the shape of jack-o-lanterns and bf cut them so they could be placed over the light fixtures. They look cute. I’ll have to take a photo tonight when they’re lit up.

No big plans this weekend. Will probably take my mother grocery shopping. There is a pill take-back event at the shopping plaza we shop at. Bf & I purged all our old rx and otc meds a few weeks back and they’ve just been sitting there waiting for one of us to drop them off somewhere. This event is very convenient as to location and timing, so yay for that. I will not tell my mom about it because I don’t want her disposing of any meds “by mistake”. Apparently after her neuropsych eval a couple months ago, they recommended she go start taking a drug for her memory, but my sister says mom isn’t on board with it…

Hoping the weekend weather is pleasant enough to go for a jaunt on my bike.

Debating if I will take a vacation day on Monday.

That’s about it for me. Have a great weekend everyone.

ceejay52 10-25-2019 05:01 PM

Hello to all
I'm in Arkansas after a rainy drive yesterday. Staying with bff for a week. She has her routine I have my mine so it's like I'm just here. We did go out to eat last night and this afternoon. And we've been grocery shopping. I've had a nap and now playing on the computer. Kinda like being at home just in a different state. At least I'm out of my routine. I did get to go to the new Sketchers shoe store and bought a couple of much needed shoes.

Glad your dental work is progressing.

Shad 10-27-2019 05:31 PM

Morning all,
Short and sweet today as there is much to do before the heat gets here. The windows got refurbished yesterday and now I can clean up, wash the walls around them and get them ready for painting. Also change the bed day and washing day. As well I have to get a few things from the store.
It's grey and overcast today - Weather forecast is predicting a storm this afternoon so I'd better get the washing out before I do anything else if I want to get my clothes dry. Since there is only me here now I only do my personal laundry about once a week. So today I put on the last pair of clean knickers - sorry TMI. Washing is now paramount. :rofl:
Dog is here, DS2 is at work and we have been for our walk and snapped a few photos of local Jacaranda trees for Happy's DH. You might be all gold and red and brown over there, we are blooming yellow, red and purple. I'm putting them on facebook when I finish here.

Ceejay - have a great break with your friend. Everyone does things differently so just roll with it Going home you will be able to do your own thing again.

Laura - there is one more big window and 2 screen doors to be done and it is finished. Then it is a matter of getting French doors for the bedroom and dining room. The sliders currently there are past their best and besides which they only big enough for one sliding door and one fixed pane. I want to be able to open the house wide and to get things like tables and furniture in and out without turning and twisting.
The photo I was referring to was taken from the Sears Tower and probably by a friend but since you were tagged, I got the photo too. I thought I had stopped all the secondary stuff but maybe not.

Happy - Hope the teeth are getting better and not too painful. Lots of mouthwash - although I suppose they told you that as well. Salty water gargle also helps. Sorry to hear that the photographs didn't turn out well. Maybe you will have to invite a professional photographer into your home and pose with the deer and turkeys. That should cheer up the DH.

Annie - Susie . Great that you two met up. Good stuff.

Okay I am off before the grey turns to black or worse green (hail) and get this washing out. Don't want to have to use the dryer.

MyChoice2bfit 10-28-2019 08:16 AM

Hello! I am still alive and kicking....well sort of...I'm home today due to illness. I felt really awful yesterday so at 2 pm. I took myself to Urgent Care. Turns out I have strep.

So, I'm on antibodics (and starting to feel better) and off work today as I was told at Urgent Care to stay home and away from people for at least 24 hrs from when I started the antibodics.

Life has been busy. It was so much fun to meet up with Annie and her family; we are already looking forward to when they come back to Kings Island in the spirng/summer and meeting them there. Annie's daughter is just so very lovely...I think she gets it for her mom! And Annie's grandsons are well behaved and engaging little boys,

I did a 5k at work on Friday. I got it done in 54 min. I didn' t think that was too bad for walking. I did it with a bunch of co-workers and it was fun to walk and chat.

I am down 3 lbs fo the month of October, not a big loss but a loss and I'm happy about that.

Laura: What is the surgery date again? It sounds like you are getting everything in place. I would love to see pictures of of your DIY Jack-o-lantern carriage light covers. They sound so cute.

Happy: I think you are so brave for having all this done to your mouth. I'm praying that as you keep working this processes things go smoothly and you come out very "Happy" about it.

Shad: We have those cleanout days in our neighbor-hood as well and it is very helpful to have this; it makes the purging easier.

Ceejay: Have a nice vacation and visit with your friend. How are you liking the choir at church?

That's about it...other than my DH is in the processes of getting hearing aids. He has been dealing with ringing in his left ear. It's driving him crazy. We went to the ENT and Audiologist there and his hearing test showed major hearing loss in the left ear and moderate hearing loss in the right ear. They said that for the ringing in his ears the hearing aids typical help as they can put a "sound" in the ear that helps with that. We are doing on Thursday afternoon for him to look at different styles and try them on. It will be a few weeks before we settle on something and then he wears them for 2 weeks before we purchase them....let me assure you, that these cost an arm and a leg........

Have a great day my friends!

ceejay52 10-28-2019 10:29 AM

Waiting on a text from my cousin to see where we are going to meet for lunch today in Paragould.
Not much else is going on.
Visit with friend is kinda weird. We text room to room. I came to visit not text, I could do that at home. I have had a couple of visits with her niece and step daughter so that has broken the monotony.
Hope you feel better.

Laura705 10-31-2019 06:49 PM

Happy Halloween!
:stir: :haphal: :witch: :frank: :witch2: :bat:
:ghost: :badbat: :spid: :sklol:

From the train with nothing much to report, so I decided to load up on the emojis.

Snow/rain mix today - yuck. Too bad for the trick or treaters. :( Hope they had parties to wear their costumes to and to load up on sweets.

ceejay52 11-01-2019 06:55 PM

Been home since Tuesday due to the predictions of bad weather that didn't materialize but that's okay. Didn't like texting room to room either. I can do that from here to there. Oh well. That is who she is.
My house looked like a bachelor lived here when I got home. Nephew is still here for now.
Changing my diet pan to heart healthy. Need to raise my good cholesterol.
Nothing going on except for the daily routines of life.

happy2bme 11-03-2019 03:11 PM

Well guys I did not fall off the face of the earth but lots of things have happened.

Got the pictures, didn't like them. Sent an email to the photographer - chose email because I was able to take the emotion out of it and write a clear headed non judgmental critique. Never heard from her. A week later I posted something on my Facebook page, did not mention her by name and my page is locked down to private and friends only. Got lambasted by a couple of so called "friends" who told me I was wrong to blast her on FB - she is a nice girl. No one asked me MY side of the story or that I did try and contact her and is it my fault that she does not read her email messages, is it my fault that she is not more careful in how she takes photographs or reviews what she sends out ahead of time. Is this my best work? :no: well let's send it anyway. Things got ugly, I felt attacked. More reason to distance myself from the people at the Sr. Center and probably Facebook too. :mad:

Teeth - not very comfortable. The stitches feel like those plastic pot scrubbers you clean the pots with. I was swollen so they left the partial denture loose and as the swelling subsided it just rubs the roof of my mouth raw. I might have an infected stitch too as I have a really sore spot on my upper gum. It is uncomfortable to eat with my teeth in as food gets stuck up underneath it and since the denture is loose, the act of chewing makes the denture move too and fro which rubs on the other teeth. Eating without it is also wierd as I have no front teeth to bite - you'd be surprised how much you depend on those biters! LOL I see the oral surgeon on Tuesday - not soon enough. I am hoping he will remove the stitches - they are all hanging too and fro anyway - not doing much good and don't look at all like they are anywhere near dissolving. I am HATING this partial denture and glad I had and spent the extra money to do a more comfortable solution.

As we close out October I am trying very hard to rid myself of the last of my volunteer duties. I cannot call bingo in the state I am in and my partner refuses to call himself and swap jobs with me. So he got another guy to call but H does not want to do it all the time and S the same - I lisp with this denture and I am going to play this up. I truly do get a very irritated mouth if I talk too much and 18 games of bingo calling in one night constitutes too much talking. So I don't know what they are going to do because I told him last week it may be a long time if not out for the season before I can call. I am going to be stubborn about this - he could call 1 week a month and the other 2 could call a week each and we'd get by but he is digging his heels in not calling so then am I. :snooty: I don't really want to do this any more any way.

We have 2 new additions to our family. The shelter got a batch of kittens in and they were looking for people to take them foster to adopt. They are about 7 weeks - too young for us to adopt outright. So they are hoping people will take them early to foster and then once they can get fixed, will permanently adopt them. DH and I talked about getting another kitten for Bimmy as a companion - she wants to play and Nina is 6 and old and tired and they are fighting a lot mostly because Bimmy pesters her to play and Nina wants no part of it. So we picked up 2 kittens on Friday - a brother and sister. The girl looks like our Meadow who passed in 2017 - a dilute calico and the boy looks like Boo, the gray and white cat we had in Memphis. We went round and round about names and settled on Shiloh for the girl since she is very shy and quiet and finally Tarzan for the boy because as DH said - Tarzan's family name before he left for the jungle was Grayson and this cat is gray and white. They are both very cute but Saturday Shiloh was limping. We called the emergency vet and the shelter - they said to monitor it for a few days unless she would not move or was very lethargic. She is active but likes to cuddle against my body warmth. We will take her in for a checkup tomorrow. I hope she did not hurt her back or leg roughhousing with Tarzan who is a handful and a half. So far we have tried to introduce these 2 to the other cats. Nina hissed but is curious. Bimmy is hiding under the bed. It will take a few days - DH is working to introduce them to Tarzan. We will wait with Shiloh until we figure out how she is doing. Tarzan got a taste of the rest of the house and is not happy staying in the basement any longer so these cats better learn to get along together soon. My sister said "what are you going to do with FOUR cats"? I said well twice as much as we'd do with 2. :rofl: I guess we had our kids later in life - I am hoping this is not a mistake. I am glad we got the pair of kittens - they are bonded and would be lost if they were separated since they started out as a litter of 8 and got snatched into foster homes quickly.

I am still having issues with my hip and knee from the slide on the deck 2 weeks ago. Healing slowly. I go back to the chiropractor this coming week and hopefully can book a massage with the good lady this week also. We got our first small snow yesterday. Just about a 1/2 inch - enough to cover everything. I am really NOT looking forward to winter this year.

I'm going to post this now, check on the kittens with DH downstairs (all I hear over and over is Tarzan - NO, no, no NO ) oops. Will come back later to catch up on personals.

MyChoice2bfit 11-04-2019 05:49 AM

It's Monday.....already!

I am finally feeling better from the strep throat last week. I didn't work out once last week, I didnt have energy or strength when I got home from work each evening last week and I slept in every morning instead of getting up and doing my work out for 45 min. I felt I needed to get well.

Did a good cleaning of the house this weekend as not much got done last week.

Still need to dust the our bedroom and my home office. This will have to be done tonight and tomorrow if I dont get both done tonight after work.

Finished getting all the fall & winter clothes sorted and in the closet, 8 bags of giveaway clothes to Goodwill! That is just the fall & winter things! Spring and summer will be the same.

I need to get my shopping under control!

Laura, I believe your surgery is soon? Praying for a full and easy recovery and for no more issues with that foot.

Happy, your new kitties look so sweet from their FB pictures.

I hope you get some things squared with your mouth when you go back to the oral surgeon this week, it sounds so awful what you are dealing with.

Ceejay: sorry your trip to see your friend had to end early (and it sounds like coming home was not in the shape you would like it to be). You have a lot more patience than I do.

Hello to Shad and Anne.

Workout finished.....rode the recumbent bike....now to the shower. I am trying to get on the road by 7 am so I can leave work at 5 and not have to drive home every night in darkness. I hate doing that.

Have a good day!

happy2bme 11-04-2019 09:09 AM

Good morning ladies,

Kitties will have to wait a bit, going to try and get a proper post in while I drink my still warm coffee.

Not liking this time change. Woke up at 6:10 - it's too cold and still a bit dark to be getting up that early when you are retired and it is not summer fun outside :rofl: Susie, I totally empathize with you about commuting in the dark - this time of year was always much more stressful to me when I was working because of that very reason. I also went to bed earlier because I was tired at my regular time which was an hour earlier. I warmed a blanket in the dryer for the kittens - Shiloh was just all about that - stretched out to sop up the warmth and went to sleep immediately but Tarzan - who I think is going to be a wild jungle man (ugh) was having no part of sleeping with his sister. He wanted to sit by me. I watched the evening news until the weather forecast and then attempted to put him to bed. They sleep on a recliner piled with blankets. As soon as I put him down, he jumped up to the top of the chair and started hollering. It's an open layout in the basement - 2 large rooms on either side of the stairs to enter the basement. We closed off the cat room with a piece of cardboard and a frame DH rigged together. It's about 3 feet high and as wide as the doorway. Tarzan is training to become a high jumper - did I say I think he is going to be a handful??? And was attempting to jump the cardboard. I was not happy about that - if he managed to get to the other side, it's storage with no heat on and he would have an extremely chilly and uncomfortable night. I am not up to sleeping in the basement with them - don't want to get in that habit and would not be comfortable for me anyway. So I had to go to bed myself as to not make any noise he could hear.

Today DH will take Shiloh to the vet, when he called yesterday they said they will probably observe her for the day so that means I am going to have to deal with Tarzan hollering because he is left alone and will be planning his great escape. My adult cats are not ready to spend all their time with him yet. I kind of blew away my weekend spending a lot of time with the kittens but that is what fostering is about, they need to be socialized at this critical time in their young lives or they will become very leery and afraid of humans which makes them very hard to adopt out and does not help their chances for success - as people who are not committed will "let them out" if their behavior is not what they expect. And a free roaming outside cat, especially up here lives a very hard and often short life.

One of my friends up here suffers from seasonal depression and I vowed to drag her out of it and make her go to places. She loves to go shopping and to decorate and the season of craft fairs is upon us. Ugh. I don't need any more stuff in my house but I promised her I'd go along. That is what I'll be doing most Saturday's in November staring next weekend. I guess Christmas will come early - with 4 cats at least I won't have to decorate! :lol: I also need to get back into a routine with the swimming. They closed the pool for 3 weeks in September/October for the annual cleaning and maintenance. Then I had my teeth out and they recommended not swimming for 2 weeks - even now they said to water walk but not swim until the wounds are healed so I'll get an update on Tuesday when I see the oral surgeon. I have been catching sight of my backside in mirrors and I really REALLY need to get serious.

Like Susie. That's great that you have a morning routine you stick to. But does this mean you are up and working out at 4am or are you EST and it's really 5? I am looking at the time of your post. I'm glad you didn't push it while you had the strep - that can lead to complications. Glad you are feeling better. 6 bags of clothes! Holy smokes you are like me when it comes to being a clothes horse - just love having new things. At least you got rid of the excess. Congrats on doing the 5K - that's a great accomplishment!!!! Thank you so much for mentioning about DH and the buzz in his ears. DH is experiencing the same thing himself - he does have hearing loss and could benefit from hearing aids but does not want to spend so much money. I told him about your experience - he is open to make an appointment with an audiologist although he thinks his tinnitus is from "other things". :rolleyes:

Ceejay - LOL I guess the nephew "manned" up your house while you were gone? Nice pictures you had of the uncle. Hope you enjoyed your visit although your BFF sounds like a strange one, not sure I'd be comfortable staying the way she handles herself. Truly a woman who should live alone. Good thing you are open to doing things yourself.

Shad - hope you got the much needed rain and it fell to the ground and not on your laundry!! The Jacaranda trees are just gorgeous. Such a beautiful shade of purple. Glad the window situation is all taken care of, one thing down, 500 more to look into, right?

Laura - so this is your surgery week. Sending good wishes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. Did you spend the weekend getting everything planned ahead of time - food, showering, gather a bunch of good books to read while you are sitting around? Funny how the smallest of things we take for granted become big issues when we are compromised physically. A little planning helps. How did your Halloween decorations turn out? Did they look good in the snow? Guess you didn't get a bike ride in with the crummy weather.

Annie - how is Cindy doing? Is she finally stable? And DH - is he on still on board with the eating plan? How's the job?

Well I'd better get off the computer and get a few things done. First I have to head downstairs and feed and water the kitties. I want to make sure Shiloh is fed before DH takes her to the vet. Have a good week ladies.

ceejay52 11-04-2019 11:28 AM

The kittens are very cute.

More later.

annie175 11-04-2019 01:32 PM

November already. WOW how time flies. lol. I have been in this office for 6 mos now, 5+ at WF once I got all my service time back. Yeee.

HAPPY... the new kitties are so adorable. Guess we need to change your name to HAPPY CATWOMAN. Wish I weren't so allergic to cats. For the most part, unless they are stubborn, are soft and cuddly. and oh so cute! How are Nina and Bimmy adjusting? Your dental adventures sound so dang painful. I know what I went through with two root canals and that isn't even in comparison with your mess. Hugs to you my sister friend and hope you are feeling a bit better.

SUSIE...honestly don't want to wish the time away but cannot wait till spring and king's island with you and John. Hope work does not have you under the table with too much to do. Remember take care of you first.

LAURA...foot surgery sucks. Rates right up there with ankle surgery. Hard to get around. Hope all goes well and recovery is quick.

SHADDIE....summer coming up for you. Wish we could skip winter here. We had snow on Halloween (Oct 31st) which is way early for that crap, just saying. It was so cold, windy and snowy the kids went out trick or treating anyway. Can't even believe Jacob bothered as he doesn't even eat the stuff. He is still so picky.

CEEG...glad you had a good time on vacation. The new babe is adorable.

Posting this and doing more in a minute.

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