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annie175 11-04-2019 01:50 PM

Well it actually posted. Go figure.

Cindy is doing ok. Slow recovery. At her pulmonary appt last week they found a bit of fluid in the bad lung and a bit of pneumonia in the other lung. Doc did find she has a hiatal hernia which is pushing fluid down in her lungs so she is to go back to surgery to have that fixed. Maybe just maybe she will be on the final road to recovery. That surgery has not been scheduled as yet they are trying to get her a little more healthy and stronger.

Curtis is doing remarkably well with his eating. So far staying away from sugar and most carbs. He can have 30-50 carbs per meal and does real good with sticking to about 35 per meal. I keep telling him how proud of him I am. He has stayed OP for about 6 weeks now. The most he ever stay OP was 2 weeks. I think take metforim for the diabetes 4x a day keeps it fresh in his mind. Plus he feels so much better.

Jacob turned 8 on Oct 19. We had a little party for him at the house as that is all he wanted. Thank you Jesus, no Chuckie Cheese. lol. Both boys have been fighting allergies for the past couple of months now I think both have a full fledge cold. I am staying far, far away from them.

Cindy, Eddie, Sam and I went to see Maleficent 2. It was as good as the first one. Definitely go see it or rent it. But see the first one first which I guess is not really necessary.

Tomorrow is Sam's 34th birthday, geez I guess I will have to start telling people I am 49 rather than 39. Haha. I remember going from 29 to 39. Sheesh. We are going to Murphy's Pub for birthday dinner. They have really great food. I usually get blackened salmon spinach salad with hot bacon dressing. Very yummy.

Dec. 7th is the Polar Express with the boys and Samantha. I look forward to it every year but then on the other hand it gets boring on the way back from the north pole. :) Thanksgiving will be at Cindy and Eddie's unless Cindy's health or surgery takes priority. Then I guess I will have it. Either way my son and his SO,Morgan will not be attending, They are going to her mom's house. Morgan's dad died a couple of weeks ago so it is kind of sad around their house.

I know there are other things I wanted to tell you but my mind is a blank. GO figure.

Love you ladies...

Shad 11-04-2019 05:19 PM

Morning all,
It seems I am not getting all the notifications of posts anymore. There was a whole lot there that I hadn't read today when I went in to check. Such is life, service is non-existent, the so-called NBN fastnet is slower than fishing for Barramundi, weather sucks and the Probus club I joined sucks as well. Not rejoining that next year. Stop whinging Shad. This is life as it is in todays world.

Not much else going on. Still prepping and painting. Not too much more to go and hopefully I might be able to get this end of the house finished this week - with a bit of luck anyway and no procrastinating.
Dog is not here today as DS2 worked last night. Still in a just over a weeks time I will have him for 13 days full time. I should be tired of him by then. He really is full on.
I've picked and pulled out the last of the tomatoes and will be starting to get the garden beds ready for summer shortly - ie, not growing anything much and digging over and fertilising then thick mulch over the lot - all ready for next February to start planting once more. There's been little to no rain and so everything is very dry. Dreading my next water bill.
Today is Melbourne Cup day so the good and the great will be gathering in Melbourne to watch the race. That is all the politicians who are still in the country (many of them are taking their overseas jaunts at the moment as per normal), those celebrities that come for the freebies and the fashion - oh yes and some of them will watch the race as well, many will be too drunk. Geez I am cynical,

I've been trying to find Christmas presents for the granddaughter and great nieces and nephews - not an easy task and I never seem to catch up on what the latest thing is. One is very arty and so usually gets art stuff but I've done that for the past couple of years. Time for a change. Anyway, I think I have a few clues that they might be happy with. Let's hope.
Annie - good to hear you back and posting. Good that you had a nice meet up with Susie and her DH. Great when you get to put a face to the name isn't

Happy - hope those teeth are coming right. Must be horrible to have spikes in your mouth awaiting the implant tops. I know I felt uncomfortable with just one. DH might be better tempered when he gets to hear properly. It's frustrating to only catch some of the things people say and sometimes they talk so fast you just nod or shake you head not understanding too much. Hearing aids are expensive, my last pair cost me $8K and they are just that - aids to hearing. They do not restore full hearing. However they do help with the ringing in the ears and they do have several different programs on them these days so you can have them on tv mode or restaurant mode - just take some getting used to. At least they have stopped the squealing effect at last. My first pair were shockers at that.
Cats are crazy critturs. On the days that the dog is not here, Romeo thinks he should follow me around the yard to check on my well being and my work. Gets a bit excited if I turn the hose on though.

Susie - well done on the loss for October. A loss is a loss and worth celebrating. See above for my take on hearing aids. If I can help in anyway let me know. Hope you feel better soon.

Ceejay - think I would be highly brassed off if I travelled to some place where the host only texted me. Good that you came home early to miss the weather. Hope the nephew is not thinking you are the housemaid/ cook for the household now that you are back.

Laura - good luck with the surgery this week. Not sure what date it was, but I know it is soon. Hope the weather clears somewhat - the DS2 will be there in just over a week and he will not be prepared for snow I bet.

Okay, better get on with the jobs around the place. I am taking some friends to the station at 9.30 to get a train into town so they can go to their Melbourne Cup lunch at the Casino. Then I guess I will be picking them up in a rather more jovial state when they come home again. Such good friends, I'm lucky to have them. Catch you later.

Laura705 11-05-2019 02:14 PM

Hello all. Eating lunch at my desk, hoping I don’t have too much more to fit in before I’m out on leave. My co-worker is supposed to be reviewing something I gave her last Thursday so we can finalize it and of course and as always, she probably hasn’t even gotten to it yet.

I’m awaiting the phone call from the orthopedic dr to tell me my surgery time.

Ceejay – I’m glad you got home and didn’t have to deal with the weather. Sounds like an odd visit with your bff, but it’s nice you got to also see your uncle and cousin. Did you get your nephew to remove the bachelor mess from your home?

Shad – When I’m sitting at home recovering, I’ll have to dig up a photo from my long ago trip to Aus that features a jacaranda tree. Otherwise, I will tell you that one of the people we were working with on assignment there told me there was a saying of some sort like “Miranda on the veranda under the jacaranda.” Is that common or was it just something his family said?? It’ll be nice to have French doors – not just for moving large pieces of furniture, but also to let more light into the spaces. I’d love to have giant windows that let in a lot of light…. Ah yes, my online pal from FL came to town last year around this time shortly after we’d moved into the Tower, so he came up and took some photos. Too bad I won’t be in the office during your son’s visit – I’d have invited him up to take a look. Bad timing. Though it probably wouldn’t be like visiting the SkyDeck and stepping out over the “Ledge”. I’ve never been to the SkyDeck. I’ve been to the observation floor of the (former) John Hancock building, but even that was many, many years ago. Good luck with the present shopping – hey - I thought we didn’t use the C word so early!!! :D

Susie – Glad you’re feeling better! Good job with the weight loss for October and the 5K. Wow, that’s a lot of clothing you’re getting rid of! More room to shop for new stuff now! :) I did take a couple photos of the Halloween décor – I’ll try to remember to post them at some point. I hope the hearing aids help your DH with the ringing in his ear. Does he work in a loud environment? Thanks for the prayers, my surgery is scheduled for tomorrow!

Happy – Sorry about the photos and the “friends” giving you crap for posting on FB about the photos and photographer. Yes, distance yourself form people like that!!ello Oh boy, sorry you are going through all that stuff with the teeth. I hope your visit to the oral surgeon (today??) gets you some relief!! Sad to hear that there are so few people willing to step up to the bingo duties. Do they make announcements at the bingo sessions to seek volunteers? Maybe if they hear that the bingo is at risk of being discontinued, someone will step up. Congrats on the new kitties! They look so cute. Kittens can be so active – maybe Tarzan is just going through that phase and will calm down a bit after a while. How is Shiloh doing? I hope they all play nice together (get along) when they are introduced, because it sounds impossible to keep them separated when T is raring to go! I hope you enjoy the craft fairs – so nice of you to get your friend out so she can ward off the SAD. Thanks for the well wishes. I did get to the library for some books, and I did a little bit in the yard, but I can’t say I’m totally prepared. Bf will be in the hot seat now! I wanted to get the patio furniture put away…sick of the covers blowing off and the furniture getting dirty in spite of our best efforts.

Annie – Yeh, hated that snow on Halloween! Didn’t get any kids after I got home. Hope Cindy gets the surgery soon, and as you said – will be on the final road to recovery! Good for C keeping OP!! Hope you will soon be past the Chuckie Cheese birthday party phase, LOL. Happy birthday to S! Nah, stay at 39. S will be going down to 29 now anyway, right?? :lol: Too bad your son won’t be around for TG. Are you going to have a mini TG dinner when he can come by? I’m going to milk this foot surgery for all it’s worth to avoid the holiday hoopla…just sit and watch some of those H’Mark movies. Oh, and Lifetime does them too.

Okay, better get this posted and back to the grind. I have to get the budget update finalized and a couple administrative things done today. Hope I'm not here late. Bleh. TTFN.

Laura705 11-05-2019 02:26 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Hope it's not too small! Used the halloween treat buckets on the carriage post light and the sconce by our front door.

happy2bme 11-05-2019 05:34 PM

Sending you good thoughts and wishes for a successful surgery tomorrow Laura. Rest up and I hope whatever discomfort there may be will be minimal. Tell BF to take good care of you!

And the Halloween light is just adorable!!!

ceejay52 11-05-2019 06:27 PM

I had an orthopedic doctor's appointment this afternoon in Ozark, just a little ways down the road. They made x-rays of my thumb. I have arthritis in it joint where it connects to the wrist. The arthritis is to the point that the joint has almost closed. She barely had enough room to give me an injection, which hurt like the dickens. After this I had to go to therapy to be fitted for a brace. I'm to wear it for a month and then go back to the doctor. I'm going back to therapy next week so she can see that I'm doing the exercises correctly.

Sending you good vibes for the surgery tomorrow. Hope all goes well.
Your Halloween decorations are adorable.

I'm glad the weather predictions were for bad weather. Gave me a chance to leave without upsetting anyone. I would have been bored to tears if I had stayed the extra two days that I had planned. This is who she is.

Glad that C is doing well on his diet. Tell Sam happy birthday.

Shad 11-05-2019 06:48 PM

Good luck Laura. Hope everything goes well. I told the DS that he wouldn't be able to meet up with any of my friends over there. He's okay with that too and is busy getting warm gear together to keep body and soul warm. According to your weather report, it doesn't look too warm over there for the week he is there. He's pretty resourceful so will find some things to do while the other person is on the seminar or whatever it is.
Loved the decorations.

Ceejay - wish we had predictions for bad weather, just blasted wind around here at the moment and soaring temperatures again.

Annie - good to know the sister-in-law is on the improve. Hiatus hernia are painful so the sooner that is fixed the better.

Okay, back to the paint pot. This room will be finished this week. Then it is on to the floors. So much to do before the worst of the heat hits and I still have some C shopping to do. Sorry if I mentioned the full word Laura. Must be getting old and mellow.

annie175 11-06-2019 01:56 PM

Good Afternoon, nuttin much going on here.

Went to Murphy's pub for Sam's birthday. The food was good altho I had a bowl of ham and beans. Passed on the cornbread. Wasn't too awful hungry in the first place. Had a huge salad with grilled chicken on it for lunch.

SHADDIE...we are in need of inside painting too. Probably won't happen any time too soon. Got other things that need attention first. Flooring, new door to replace sliding door to back, just to name a few. COme on over and get to work. haha

LAURA...hope the surgery goes well. I feel for you and my heiney is puckering in pain.

CEEG....yikes on the thumb. That can be very painful.

HAPPY...how are the kitties doing...all four of them? How are you feeling? Boy the whole teeth escapade is crazy. Hey to DH.

HEY SUSIE....come up for air my friend. You are such a busy person. I would not

My broken arm and tendons are finally healed and was released from ortho last Friday. He is very optimistic the pain and inflammation of the tendon will not come back. If it does it will be another cortisone shot or surgery.

Still trying to figure out the sibling beach vacation in the spring. Actually just trying to find a good deal. Probably just find something and reserve it then tell sibs this is what it is like it or lump it. Truthfully they prob don't really care. lol

My weight is sucking at the moment. I have gone from 161 to 179 over the last year. Clothes fit awful and I am not happy or liking myself. I cannot stream more than 3 or 4 days together to even get close to having a week. Yes, I still don't like exercising. Nor plan on doing any or feeling quilty about it. I am a flabby fluffly mess.

Best get busy,

annie175 11-06-2019 01:57 PM

SUSIE...I would not be able to do all you do. Not I would not...lol

Laura705 11-08-2019 08:27 AM

Morning all. Quck note to report that.the surgery went fine. The knee scooter is a lifesaver, trying to use it as much as I can and not my crutches. I'm worried, however that my other foot is feeling like it's taking too much stress on top due to taking all my weight when i move around shifting between seated and the scooter and standing. Will need to stay off it and try to put the weight on the whole foot and not the front part. Do NOT want to have another problem!! Scheduled my follow up appointment for next Thursday. Not in much pain at all, but i can't move the foot much at all beyond wiggling my toes - I have a splint that runs along the bottom of the foot and up the back of my calf.

Okay, gonna post and I'll be back to catch up on personals later today or tomorrow. TTFN.

Laura705 11-10-2019 07:11 PM

Evening everyone.

Ceejay - Is the injection helping your thumb/wrist??

Shad - We're supposed to get snow one day and record cold (for this time of year) another day this week. I hope it's better by the time your son is here. I would be very surprised if he can't find anything interesting to do here...

Annie - Wow, you passed on cornbread? I'm impressed, LOL. I hope you find something good for the sibling trip. If you can't find a good deal, at least you'll have time to save for it...

Hellos to Susie & Happy!

Thanks for the well wishes for my surgery. I'm doing fine. Even showered yesterday. Shower bench, hand held shower head and waterproof cast cover. Bf is taking good care of me. My only complaint is that my heel feels like it's stuck to the heel part of the plastic splint and it's kind of driving me nuts. Can't wait to get the cast and splint off my foot on Thursday.

Nothing much to report. I'm watching tv, reading a book, doing a crossword puzzle, reading the paper, etc. Getting bored. Hope to make some headway with my various paper piles while I can.

Hope you've all had a good weekend! By for now. :wave:

happy2bme 11-11-2019 10:39 AM

Good morning ladies,

It's a cheery 14 degrees outside. Brrrrr. Next 3 days we are in the midst of an artic cold snap. All I can say is that at least we only have a tiny trace of snow on the ground. This is more like January weather. They were talking about it being an especially cold winter but they said that last year and we had a mild one. Perhaps they are right this year. I did stock up on fleece tops. I just can't seem to stay warm anymore which I don't understand because heaven knows I certainly have enough "insulation" on me :lol:

Friday went out with a friend - we went to a craft show at a local school. I thought it would be cheesy but they had some nice stuff. As I was getting dressed DH came into the room and said "remember, you don't need to buy anything". As I was walking out the door he said "why are you taking a bag, if you are not buying anything?". :shrug: After the craft show we went into several towns and she took me to her favorite stores. I got a pair of warm rag wool mittens, 2 winter knit hats for DH who needs them because his hair is really thinning :eek: , some wonderful almond scented sheep's milk hand soap (good for my super dry hands), and 2 tiny cups of this incredible handmade soft creamy fudge one vendor made that was absolutely divine. I told her my future pimples thank her and she really laughed hard. I also got a couple of funny greeting cards (getting more and more difficult to find). So not so bad considering the damage I once would have done. I did pass up several things I had my eye on. Really trying to be aware of what I am bringing into the house. And I had some pretty high credit card bills from buying some warmer winter clothes and boots - had to take money out of my investments to pay the bills off - need to take extra to cover the taxes so it always hurts to do that which is helpful to be mindful of what I spend. After our shopping trip we went to the movies and say "Last Christmas". It was given terrible reviews but my friend and I thought it was a cute movie - has a twist you don't see coming. Afterwards the husbands met us for dinner. All in all, it was a good day if not a long one.

Saturday I was minding my own business entering sales for the Thrift Shop and writing up how to documentation for the next person to take this over :yay: when I got a message on Facebook to call friends of ours who own a couple of restaurant/bars. They wanted to do bingo to bring in some business over the slow winter months. They found out you can't get a bingo license from the state Gaming Commission unless you are a non-profit or charity. They called to ask me questions and I suggested that IF they wanted to do this over the winter AND they were willing to give the proceeds to the Humane Society, I'd lead the way and run the show. They would also have to provide the helpers as I am not recruiting people. So for all the parties involved, this blew away my entire Saturday. And here I was thinking I had the whole weekend to myself. I was also left thinking - just like I did after bringing 2 kittens home - WHY did I do this???? *bonk* Turns out everyone is enthused about doing bingo for the Shelter - could be a good constant source of income for us over a slow winter when we don't do any fundraising. So the ball is in the works for that. I said I'd only limit it to winter and will not go beyond mid May which I think they also will agree to because they have a busy bar business in the summer since they are located on a popular lake. We are meeting later this week to hammer out the details. Yes, I did think I was crazy to impulsively offer to do this BUT, it's only a few hours a week and something I can limit my involvement in and the demand is consistent, unlike the thrift shop or other projects that take on a life of their own. Given my prior experience with this, we know exactly what to expect of all involved.

Kittens. OMG. I thought they were quiet and fun - turns out they were sick with colds. Now that they are all better - holy cow!!! It's good we have 2 as they play all the time (and play fight) so they burn off a lot of energy with each other. My other two cats are curious but still hissing. We have had to limit the time together because the kittens were contagious sick. DH and I think over time they will all come around although I am thinking that I'm not going to get much in the way of sleep eventually. Bimmy has been very active at night, I think closing off the basement makes for less room to run around for her - we are trying to give all the cats attention. Why did I think 4 cats was a good idea? :shrug: *bonk*

In between things I am trying to get some things done around the house. Have to because I sure notice neck pain if I am on the computer too much. I found a great website to help me pick a new prescription medication insurance plan for next year. Picked up some apples last week at an apple farm and saw a recipe from Ina Garten about roasted apple sauce I'd like to try. I had no idea I had so many boxes of papers stashed away to eventually file that I never did. Getting through that has taken the bulk of my clean up time so far. I am trying very hard to stay focused on small, manageable projects so I don't make an even bigger mess and get the satisfaction of making some headway.

This plastic partial denture is annoying. It still doesn't fit well and the teeth, while it looks good are not very functional - but they did say they are more cosmetic at this point. They are not sharp enough to bite simple things like a tomato slice so I have to give thought about what and how I eat. I'm not really all that comfortable dining out - simple things like a fresh spinach leaf can get stuck up top and I can't get it easily out and if it goes to the back of my throat I almost feel like choking. The remedy is to pop out my teeth and that's not something easily done at a restaurant! But I'm making it work.

Not much else going on...

Laura - glad your surgery went well. Probably would not hurt to have a session with a physical therapist to give you some tips on moving around in such a way that you don't screw up something else while you are making modifications. Nice that you were able to get in a shower - that's one of the things that is most welcome and difficult to figure out after surgery. They must have given you a good waterproof foot covering. Thursday and freedom will be here before you know it. Isn't it funny how you become bored so quickly? When I had my knee surgery I assembled a bunch of books, magazines, coloring books - all things I wanted to do but never had time for and then I just wasn't interested in doing any of them. It's easy to become restless quickly. Hopefully your recovery will be speedy.

Annie - remind me - WHEN DID YOU BREAK YOUR ARM? and how? Yikes woman! Do not beat yourself up about the weight gain. Just make a plan you can live with. I have gotten away from vegetables lately with this teeth thing, need to get back to cleaner eating even if it's doing a bunch of homemade clear soups. One can really notice the difference in how you feel. As for vacation, find a place you like within your budget and just tell them when to show up - they are brothers so it's not like they are full of attention to details :rofl: Hope you find something nice. How is Cindy doing? Glad Curtis is on board with the plan and working it. Happy Birthday Sam - don't waste that youth - it goes by in a flash :lol3:

Shad - once again wish we could trade a bit of the weather patterns. Hope DS does not think you have snooty friends who will have no part of him. Timing is just bad - hope he has a good time and does not meet up with a mugger. I guess parts of downtown are much different than I remember anyway. I need you to come visit since you like painting so much - I have a whole house that needs painting inside - I just can't seem to come up with a neutral color I like. :shrug: Oh well - one day. I'm sorry that you have experienced what we all seem to as far as social groups go - better to keep to yourself. :( As you say - the way of the world although I still hold hope that no all is lost... Thank you for your commentary on the hearing aids. I passed it along to DH.

Ceejay - yikes on the shot - it's terribly painful when arthritis makes that gap close and they can't get the shot in where it needs to be. Hope you are feeling better now. Are you getting some of this unseasonable cold weather too?

Hi Susie :wave:

Need to get off the computer and get my shopping list ready. DH is coming with me to run errands and he likes to get out early. Have a great week all!

ceejay52 11-12-2019 01:53 PM

It's cold this morning at 11 degree's with a windchill of -2. Happy, I think we beat you temperature wise. We got freezing rain, sleet and a few snow flakes but it made for a slick commute last night and this morning. Nephew did go into to work. after missing all last week. He admitted to me that he was struggling which got the better of him and fell off the wagon.
I'm trying to wear the hand brace that the doctor gave me, but I will not let them give me another injection. That one through me for a loop.

Glad you are doing well and that BF is taking care of you.

More later.

MyChoice2bfit 11-13-2019 06:09 AM


Winter is upon us! The snow on Monday was pretty and now I want it to be Spring!

Laura, I hope each day you are feeling better. It is great you were able to take a shower.i am sure it made you feel better and more restful. When my DH dislocated his ankle a fee years ago, they put a waterproof cast on him and it was a lifesaver.

Happy, your shoping trip sounds like a wonderful day out. The kitty stories are so cute and entertaining.

I think it is going to be a very wintery winter. I love fleece tops, they are so warm and cozy.

Annie, if the family cant make up their mind about a beach vacation, just let them stay home and John and I will join you. I love the beach!

We are so looking forward to meeting up with you and your family and going to Kings Island with you all.

Ceejay, are you still with the choir and practicing for the Christmas Cantata?

Shad, you are the "handiest " woman I know! How is the painting going?

We are having our kitchen cabinets painted next week. My hubby could do it as he does this for a living, but he told me to hire a friend of his as he does it all day long and doesn't want to do it at home. It will take them 3 days to get it done. One day to spray the paint, one day to let it get all dry and the next day to but the doors and drawer fronts back on. They already have the the drawer fronts and have been painting them in his shop. I am emptying all the pots and pans, dishes, etc. I will leave the pantry cabinet last to empty. I have left out 2 plates, 4 glasses, 2 coffee cups and a few utensils and bowels, 1 skillet, and two glass bowels, so we can do some light meals.

We are checking into a hotel up by my work, since we are having them paint the vanity in the bathroom and wont be able to use the shower until Friday. We only have one bathroom.

That is it for me, time to hit the shower and get ready for work.

annie175 11-13-2019 11:33 AM

Hey Everyone.

Hope everyone is doing great. Cold and snowy here. Fighting a cold that is about to get the best of me.

Cindy was back in the hospital on Saturday thru Tuesday. The thing that made her go there went away and they could not find anything. Guess that is good news. She feels better than she has in a while.

Curtis is still doing great with everything. Amazes me actually.

I had to get brakes on SUV last week

HAPPY...broke arm last February. It never felt right and hurt all the time. Couldn't get into a ortho til this past August. New patient so had to wait 3 mos. to get in. I fell on a sidewalk outside a restaurant, tried to catch my fall with hand on a brick wall and broke that wrist. Anyway at that time I waited 6 weeks to go to doc for xray. By then it had almost completely healed. Thank God it was not displaced and healed ok. Continued pain and wore a brace all spring and summer till Ortho doc, It was actually an inflamed tendon causing the pain. The wrist was healed. He shot cortisone in tendon area. All is good now, Thank you for asking.

LAURA...how are you doing and healing? Let me know after you go to doc on Thursday.

CEEG...how is your healing coming along?

SUSIE...I get the "hire" someone else to do it. We have started that ourselves. I don't feel like doing updates, repairs, painting and such either.

SHADDIE...hope all your "stuff" you do is coming along nicely.

Hope this posts.

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