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happy2bme 07-01-2019 10:27 AM

2019 - Pt 3 - Worldlie Chicks Halfway Through the Year
Greetings ladies,

Hard to believe half the year is done with. Time to start another thread I suppose.

If you want to go and check on the tail end of the last thread - Click on this please for Part 2 of our journey

It's July which means a knock in the head to me that our brief summer is in full swing. Go enjoy it. Saturday I had an evaluation for a study I am participating in through the University. They want to study aging in rural populations. Oh boy - now I'm aged :rofl: It was a rather intense, 3 and a half hour evaluation. Much longer than I thought it would take. They video'd you doing walking (wonky walking with old knees) going fast, slow, backwards, walking while trying to subtract 3s from random numbers. I was tired when it was done. It was in the upper 80's outside. Afterwards I went to the grocery store to pick up some fresh stuff. Gads the people in town for the upcoming holiday. Could not wait to get out of there. Got home and unloaded the groceries and carried them up the stairs and into the house, with the "heat" (yeah Shad, I know that's comfy for you) I was tuckered out. Garden is starting to perk up. DH cut some tree branches back to get more sun. We feasted on our first bounty - 2 sugar snap peas. DH said now that it turned hot and the bell peppers and tomatoes are happy, my peas that have just started to bloom will probably give us one bowl of peas before the wither in the heat. All the flowers on the deck are doing well as are my herbs. I wasn't sure about the landscaping that we put in 2 years ago but like everything this year, all things were behind schedule. Everything popped and is blooming nicely. My garden friend said first year the plants, "sleep" and get used to the new digs, second year they "creep" - if they are happy with their location they settle in and fill out a bit and the third year - this year for us, they LEAP. And that's what they did. Everything filled out nicely and is blooming and is almost in need of a support of some sort as they open up and get top heavy. So the yard looks nice. DH said the tomato plants are growing too and we have bell peppers on all the plants. The veg garden is DH's this year. He has always told me I'm doing it wrong so we're giving him a chance to show me better. :rolleyes: Of course gardening in far northern Wisconsin in 2019 is probably wayyyyy different than gardening in Rhode Island in 1957 but :shrug: let him give a try. I'm thinking if we are more successful this year, part has to do with the plants we got at the Agricultural Plant Sale that were bred for our coller conditions up this way.

We sold our boat. Check in hand. I told DH NO MORE BOATS. :no: He wants a small one so he can go out on the lake and take photos. I told him he's going to have to find one that is super cheap AND he won't be happy in a small rowboat - too choppy of a ride for someone who's camera is so sensitive to the slightest movement. In fact, one day last week we stopped along the road so DH could take some pictures of a momma duck with her baby. I was straining in my seat to see also because between DH, his big honking camera lens that is the length of his arm, the big honking truck mirror that obliterates most of my view out the side windows, etc it is almost impossible to see out anything but the front windshield. I asked him how the duck pictures came out and he said my shifting in the seat was enough to shake the truck and blur the photos... So a rowboat on the water is even more shaky. At least the pontoon was more stable although it rocked in a good wind. DH was lucky at the casino yesterday so I think he is starting a fund to get him a boat anyway. We will use the check from the big boat to purchase the land next door. DH is stopping to see the owners todayto see why they are dragging their feet on the paperwork so we can complete the purchase. I don't think they are hesitant to sell, just a bit lackadaisical about the whole thing...

My neck is still in a great deal of pain. Can't say physical therapy is helping much at all. I have an appointment today with the better therapist who does not pound me and make me hurt even more. I will give it 2 more sessions. I can't help but wonder how much this will cost me. DH sailed through Medicare the last 4 years not paying for a thing and I have the exact same coverage he does and they are either rejecting or paying a most minimal amount. I saw the dentist last week. He gave me pros and cons about having the 4 front teeth crowned or done as implants. I am waiting for a consult appointment with the oral surgeon to weigh in on his opinion which might take a couple of weeks before I get in to see him. I have a busy July coming up next week - starting a 4 week watercolor painting class, am going to a chronic pain workshop. start the chair yoga study twice a week. It is nice having more time to myself. I am hoping the dreaded tree pollen season has ended. Everything is covered in yellow powder, it bothers my throat. We are in a period of rain now so I hope it all washes off.

Susie - what is going on at work - just general busy or is the big guy giving you a hassle? Any word on other options?

Shad - happy birthday to your sister. I hear you on the comment about aging - if I'm feeling this way at 65, I can't fathom wanting to hang around into my 90's. I talked to my Mom yesterday and all she did was talk about how homebound she is. Her knees are too bad to walk, her shoulder and arm are very sore due to rotator cuff problems, she can't go outside in the heat and humidity because her weakened heart makes her sick. So what's the point??? She is like my cat who can't go in the 3 season room until the pollen dies down - just bored of the 4 walls and almost on edge. I wish Mom was strong enough for an extended visit up here - she needs a distraction. Doesn't even go to my sister's any more unless it's a doctor's appointment. I'm sorry to hear you are still have residual effects with that darned cellulitis. Geez what a hassle. Especially to not be able to travel. BUT you certainly don't want to risk getting a clot. Have DS come to you this year with Little Miss. And now that you have had a taste of the madness that is volunteering, you can hold your head high that you gave it a good attempt and then walk away. The world is mad nowadays it seems. Keep to your garden and cats. Hopefully the neighbors are not constantly ringing you up for help.

Hope your week has eased up also Laura. Are you taking a long weekend with the holiday?

How's the job coming along Annie?

Did you get the air conditioning fixed Ceejay as you face the warm, humid July? How is the piano playing coming along?

With that I think I will post this if I can. Probably timed out my login and messed up setting up the new thread.. :blah:

happy2bme 07-01-2019 10:34 AM

I also realized AFTER I set up the thread I forgot to set email notifications ON so I hope you can find us.

ceejay52 07-01-2019 03:06 PM

I'm depressed right now with my nephew and his wife. I told sis that I didn't want him living here but changed my mind after I talked with him last night. Yes, he messed up last Tuesday by getting drunk but his wife hounds on him constantly. I hate it and am beginning to dislike her attitude. I've blocked her on my phone cause I'm not having her call me every time he doesn't answer his phone. My nerves are to bad for this stuff.
My bil had a talk with the congregation yesterday morning about his discovery of cancer. He was supposed to have a second chemo session today but his white count was down to low and his potassium was low.
Piano practicing is going good. I am having the opportunity to play at the opening for 4 weeks. I have played twice at church.
Ate my feelings last night and what I ate didn't taste good. Hope that is a good sign that my body is changing. I'm almost to the 10 pounds mark. It has taking me awhile to get the right mindset but now if sis's family will leave me alone I will get this done. My time runs out July 20th but I'm buying some more time. I have to. My sis says I can do it at home but I'd rather have the coaching. I checked the WW store in Springfield but to me that was more expensive.

MyChoice2bfit 07-03-2019 06:16 AM

Thank you Happy for setting up the new thread. I need to go back and read the last of the old one.

It is finally announced that I will be moving on to a new role! It will be effective Aug 1. I am very happy that I made the decision to get out of where I am. I am the 5th person to leave the department since in less than 4 weeks. If that doesnt tell upper management something then their heads are in the sand.

I will still be at my current location just in a different building.

I will have a lot to learn but I am looking forward to it.

Ceejay: your brother in-law is in my prayers. As are all of you. It is hard to watch someone you love deal with cancer.

I need to catch up on while your nephew is living with you again. It sounds like he comes to you because you are a grounded person for him and he seeks that. I hope he can overcome his alcohol addiction. It is a lot like when we eat our feelings. So I can emphasize with him.

It sounds like you are making progress with getting to a 10 lb loss...keep it up!

Happy, busy as always but it isnt like when you were doing all the volunteer work. You are busy about doing your life....that is much better.

I am glad to read the boat sold, how nice that it sold just as you were buying the land.

Your produce and plants seem to be thriving. You should have DH take pictures of the yard in bloom and put them Facebook. I love seeing his pictures.

I hope your physical therapy session was one that helped you to feel better. If you have a therapist that isnt leaving you feel better after a session you need to let them know. Yes there is some discomfort from working out bodies when we have weak areas but it shouldnt be painful.

Hello to Laura, Shad and Annie.

My 30 min on the bike is finished and I need to get showered and ready for work.

Laura705 07-03-2019 12:37 PM

Morning all. Been a busy week. Today the office closes at 1. Iím not taking a lunch break, but Iím taking a short break right now to catch up here.

Happy Ė Thanks for getting us set up on a new thread. I hope you get a better PT person to work with. When I had a rotator cuff issue many years ago, I did experience the pain becoming worse after doing some of the assigned home exercises. We eased up after that. Has any mention of chiropractic or therapeutic massage been made? Happy to hear that youíre spending time on yourself with the yoga and watercolor classes and the gardening!!! Good for you! I say now that the pontoon boat is physically gone, also let it be mentally gone, and stop feeling the regret over it. Enjoy the additional land you now have. I would suggest that DH rent boats for his photography jaunts, but then again I know the shutterbugs go out at the ďmagic hoursĒ when the lighting is good, so renting might not work out. But Iím sure there must be gadgets/tech solutions to address the rocking boat situation if a smaller boat is being consideredÖ Sorry to hear your mom is housebound due to her pain and mobility issues.

Susie Ė Glad youíre moving to a new role!! Congrats! I think the change will be revitalizing for you. Mostly I hope you will be working for a supportive, decent manager.

Shad Ė All that gardening is keeping you busy! I havenít done any gardening this year, just a minimum of weeding. Maybe this weekend Iíll at least buy a few flowers to plant. What kind of flooring did you choose? Iím sorry to hear that the cellulitis is still causing issues and that itís stopping you from air travel. Yup, like Happy said Ė have the family come to you!

Ceejay Ė I kind of want some sort of chair massage machine. We saw a very elaborate and expensive chair at the big electronics store near us a few months ago. Tempting, but the price! Have to do the math and see how many massages we could buy with those $$$$. The nail salons have massage chairs and I can never figure them out to get them set to my preference... but the chair we saw is like that, but on steroids. Sorry to hear of your nephewís marriage woes. I hope they work things out. Good to block the wifeís phone Ė you certainly donít need to be in the middle of that! Thinking healing thoughts for your BIL. Good job on the WL!!

Annie Ė How are you?? Howís the new job going. I like the baby duck photo on fb.

Iím not up to much lately. Just work. Busy time right now and I look forward to pushing through this and taking advantage of our new summer hours program my employer instituted.

As you may recall, Iíve been dithering over buying a new piece of cardio fitness equipment lately. Well, I did end up getting a brand new stationary bike. Bf re-posted the nordictrack bike I bought last year that was a total bust. If you remember, I got a total refund on it because the resistance didnít work properly. They told me I needed to dispose of it myself. Anyway, bf ended up selling it on craigslist and so there was room for the new bike. That arrived Monday and bf assembled it and all is good with it. Itís a Spirit Fitness brand bike and itís very quiet. Now to get into a morning routine with it!

Okay ladies, I have to get this posted and get back to work. I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of the week and for those of us in the States, a lovely holiday weekend!!

ceejay52 07-04-2019 12:57 PM

Nothing new
Enjoy the 4th

MyChoice2bfit 07-04-2019 05:08 PM

Making my way back here.

Shad, I think having the family come to you is an excellent idea. I hope that happens.

Laura: what is the summer program your company is doing?

How exciting you got a new bike. I like my bike and it is so nice to be able to get the exercise over before work.

Shad 07-04-2019 05:50 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Happy 4th of July to all my American friends. Sorry this is later than intended, but I had a very senior day yesterday and forgot to do quite a number of things. Seems that the idea of writing the list (as I always have done) of the things I need to do for the day got forgotten as well. I hope you all have a very happy day and that the excessive show of force in Washington has not upset too many people or maybe it would be a good thing if it did - not that anyone will take too much notice of opposition to his plans.

I have a dogless day today. He comes back tonight to stay for the weekend since his 'parents' are off to the Gold Coast for the weekend to participate in a 5K and a marathon race down there. I said they should have taken the dog since he would probably be the only one capable of the marathon much less the 5K. But then I am getting to be a snarky old lady these days.
So I need to fill my day with things that I can only do when the dog isn't here and that means I have to get cracking on the indoor jobs since it is a bit wet out there again. We've had some good overnight rain and it is most welcome - should make the veges and flowers grow.
The new flooring arrived yesterday - 10 boxes of the stuff currently stacked in the living room. Each box is 2.4metres long and weighs around 15kg. That's 7.8 feet long and 33pounds give or take a few grams. It'll be my weight lifting exercise for the day. Then I have the leftovers from the original floors stacked in a bedroom and that will also get shifted to the spare room as well. Muscles may be a bit sore tomorrow.

Happy - thanks for setting up the new thread. I had intended to do it, but as previously said, if I don't write it down, it tends not to get done these days. I'm pleased you sold the boat since it really did not get a lot of use. Hope you didn't have to take too much of a hit on it moneywise. Still I really do think the land will suit you both more. Are you going to fence it off and do some ATV trails in it? That should interest the deer. It's good to hear that your garden is doing well. Nothing like fresh vegetables picked straight out of the garden and eaten shortly afterwards.
Sorry to hear the neck is still playing up. Hope you can get some relief soon from all the pain of teeth, neck, knees etc. Getting older ain't easy.
Not being able to travel is a pain to me, but I will give it the six months suggested and go back for more ultrasounds. If no clots are present then all bets are off. Doc will have to suggest ways and means and there are great looking pressure socks and stockings around now for travel by air etc.
The volunteering is going okay. I put in some time once a week or so and then forget it until the following week. It's not arduous, just have to understand how the local newspapers work. And how they can be cajoled into doing things for free. I've said I will do it until end of Probus financial year (March) and then reassess whether I want to keep going with either it or the whole club thing. I've never been much of a joiner and prefer to have a select group of friends who I know and love rather than a huge group of acquaintances.

Susie - congratulations on the new job. Hope it works out a whole lot better than the AH you are currently working with. I doubt that the higher echelons will even notice that 4 others have moved on from the department - it's never managements fault.

Laura - well done on the new bike. Hope it gets you fit and healthy and to the place where you will feel good.

Ceejay - like Susie I am not sure why the nephew is back with you, but you have to be strong for yourself and lay down the house rules. It's you paying the rent after all. And you have a life of your own to get on with. Who needs the family interference.

Okay, so now I am off to get dressed, make the bed, get on with the day. Somehow the day never seems to go right if I don't make my bed. Does that make me sound old???

happy2bme 07-05-2019 11:08 AM

Good morning to you ladies,

I absolutely refused to watch that hideous waste of money that the fool on the hill spent to emulate his hero Kim Jung so instead we hopped in the car and took a ride north to Bayfield where all the apple orchards and berry farms are located. Picked up 4 boxes of fresh strawberries I need to eat/cook up/freeze rather quickly. Yum for berries that don't mold the day after you buy them. And no, rinsing them in vinegar/water/tar/whatever does not preserve the store bought ones at all. We had a nice drive - DH took a side road. Admired the wild flowers, looked for some elk, looked for ducks in ponds and watched the storm clouds gather. We hung around town for lunch for about an hour and then found the place we wanted to go for lunch was only open for breakfast and dinner :shrug: so we drove around to a place recommended by the shopkeepers but was closed for the holiday... Went to another place - parking was difficult because the place was busy - lots taking the ferry across the lake to the islands to enjoy the evening fireworks no doubt. The restaurant was owned by a Mediterranean woman so I was delighted to see gyros, chicken shawarma and falafel on the menu - haven't had shawarma or falafel since I left Memphis. I passed on my usual eggs benedict and the apple fritter french toast special and went for the falafel on pita. First 2 bites were delicious and THEN the HEAT hit the back of my mouth. Not sure what secret deadly spice they put in there but yowsa - even the tzatziki sauce didn't cool it down. Something so spicy was not recommended when taking a long drive (it was a 90 minute drive straight back home and we intended to do some meandering) so I had them pack it up in a takeout box and nibbled a bit on DH's eggs. We had a nice day but the place is has lots of inclines and it was 74 and even though we were on Lake Superior (which is so beautiful and big), it was still very hot and muggy. I had a difficult time of it. I swear DH is correct that I have a 2 degree tolerance of comfort. 70 degrees or below I am chilly, 72 I am happy and 74 I am sweating like I lived on the sun. :rofl: It was a nice day we spend together. I watched the fireworks on TV from New York City - not quite the same as seeing them live but I didn't miss the cloying smell of gunpowder and the show was beautiful - more than I'd ever see here. Today I am going to work the Thrift Shop in the afternoon - my lovely 83 year old friend is alone and it's been a busy weekend so I will go and help her because I like her. Afterwards we are going to the farm to pick up our CSA produce box and will stay for one of Matt's delicious wood fired pizzas. I am leaning to all veggie as the pork sausage last week was a bit too much on my stomach. In other news we joined a gym. It's a 25 minute drive from here down a windy road that is mostly no passing. I do not like the speeders who tailgate so it's not my favorite drive and there's only 1 way to get there but I persuaded DH to join too. It's not fancy although it's a new place. They have a nice walking track that is one level up and overlooks the gym floor below. They have a pool - kept at a blessed 86 degrees for my comfort!!! That's the attraction for me. They also have a room of fitness equipment, weights and they have classes too. I am mostly interested in water and walking and perhaps the treadmill. I ordered DH some swim trunks and he needs to go get himself a pair of walking shoes and we are ready to go. Was going to go today but he bruised the bottom of his foot so perhaps on Sunday we can go for a while. And I loved the watercolors painting class I went to this week. It is the basics, just what I needed because I was making some mistakes. I want to clean off my desk upstairs so I can start painting more and get better at it. Tuesday starts the Yoga study twice a week and I have a chronic pain management class that is new also and runs for 6 weeks. I am making progress with the back and neck - must keep up with exercises. I slept in the bed last night for the first time in a while and though it was heavenly to stretch out, it's hard to sleep without crunching up your back and shoulders and my back was not a happy thing this morning. I have accepted the fact that when something goes wonky on me, it will take a while to get it fixed again. So just deal with it. Oh and we have 15 turkey babies. 3 mommas with 5 chicks each. Still waiting to see the fawns we know are out there. Bears seem to have taken to other parts thank goodness.

Shad - your home seems to be in constant renovations. Be careful lugging that flooring about. It can be quite heavy. I laughed about your comment that the dog is the only one fit enough to finish the marathon (and probably head out for more!). We took a dink on the boat but live and learn. I will not remind DH that was a foolish purchase, but I will think that for a long time to come ;) No, I don't think it odd that you can't start your day without making the bed. Fly Lady had one end the day with a clean sink and start the day by putting on your shoes. Not a bad thing at all. I hope you get a lot done this weekend with the house to yourself. Are you in the throws of winter right now? Which means rain and less bugs? We have these HUGE deer flies that are the size of the first digit of your pointer finger. I cleaned out the 3 season room of pollen and had the door open and 5 made their way into the room where they got trapped in the window. They are evil creatures , the poor deer are constantly flinching and twitching because they bite - humans too. I do find myself favoring winter over summer too.

Ceejay - would be wise not to get in the middle of the nephew and his wife although if he has a drinking problem, make sure it doesn't become your problem. Hope you had a nice 4th.

Susie - congrats on the new job!! I hope you will be happy with it. I agree with Shad that management most probably will choose to ignore the situation. They protect their own. I hope the new boss sees and values you for the outstanding employee that you are. You are taking great charge of your life both with the food and exercise and life work balance. Much better than when you first came here and reluctantly let everyone burn you out. So proud of you. And happy anniversary - did you and DH do anything special?

Laura - I hope you find a mat you life for the massage. Our Ford truck has rollers in it and I don't like them but DH does. Our hot tub has jets that go up and down the back - all it does is push me away from the lounge chair :rofl: I guess you have to spend the big bucks and get one of those fancy massage chairs like they have in the mall stores. I hope you have better luck with the new bike and get lots of use from it. The lead physical therapy tech handed me off to a "lesser" individual but she was a former massage therapist so she is much better when it comes to finding sore muscles and such - I do like her much better.

Annie - time to check in - we miss you. Hope things are going well.

I need to get off the computer and get a few things done before I have to get ready for work. Hope you are having a long weekend and enjoying yourselves. Stay cool!

ceejay52 07-05-2019 07:12 PM

I told nephew that I was not going to be her go between and that I was going to block her. I'm staying out of it. If he didn't hear his phone or didn't answer on the second ring I was being called asking is A there? Not happening this time.

I haven't done well on the MRC program even though it is a great one. Just to much stress right now. I had thought about buying some more time but don't think I will. I can do it at home and will not have to travel across this big city weigh in.
Have a good week end.

MyChoice2bfit 07-06-2019 09:31 AM

I took a vacation day from work yesterday and it was nice to be at home piddling around the house in peace and quiet.

I did some more puring of my closet and shreadding documents from my 2 drawer file cabinet.

DH and I went to Xenia for dinner last night and ate at Nicks, a local place and sat outside on the patio, which has trees and plants all around. They have a pergola and have ceiling fans that created a nice breeze. It was a lovely evening. Then we drove a little further and had a scoop of ice cream at Young Dairy Farm.

Today, I am dusting the living room, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. DH wants to go Beaver Creek (a 40 min drive) and see the movie Aladin and get something to eat for dinner. So with all that it will be a full day.

I will be back later to do personals

Shad 07-11-2019 05:34 AM

Evening all,
Week has gone past quickly. I can't remember what I have done, but I seem to have been busy. Weather has gone from warm and wet to cold and sunny and the wind has been ferocious.
Had to dissuade the dog from sitting on the cauliflower plants and they are recovering from the squashing and he is now sitting on the potatoes which fortunately have not yet sprouted Today I pulled out the broccoli. It got to be huge and went from small bud florets to flowering in two days. Nothing to eat from that. The darn stuff was taller than me. I've weeded and put down some weed mat around the vegetable patch and will get some gravel to put on top of that this week - or maybe next week. Don't feel like humping loads of gravel from front to back at the moment.

Tomorrow I am off to a Christmas in July lunch. It's in an historic house about 20k south of me. We had to pick our dinners last week and for the life of me I can't remember what I chose. Ah well, someone will have a list and will tell me where to go I guess.

Happy = Hope you managed to get all the strawberries processed. My plants have a lot of fruit on them right now. There were two big ones ripening, well now there is only one as I ate the other this morning while digging weeds out around the bed. It was so delicious.
Winter here is usually dry with cool nights and temperate day temps. Usually day time temps are around 21-25 (70 to 80 or thereabouts) Just lovely and the nights are cool for sleeping. The summer is supposed to be rainy season however the climate is stuffed up and you never know what you are going to get. We had more rain in June that we did all summer.
Hope you enjoy the gym and get a lot of satisfaction out of it. Don't overdo it at first, the pain of lactic acid immediately makes us want to give up.

Susie - hope you got all your planned stuff done. Sounds like a busy weekend. Hope the new job is going well.

Ceejay - sorry you didn't get all you wanted out of the MRC program. Hope you are getting along with the nephew and he is behaving.

That's about it for tonight. Time to get comfortable on the couch and watch some mindless tv. Then bed. DS2 has just informed me that he is to go to Stanthorpe next week to finish off a job. Can I have the dog overnights for the week. Okayyyyyyyyyyy well his partner won't do it, so guess who will.
Catch up soon.

ceejay52 07-14-2019 04:48 PM

I decided to go ahead with the MRC. I will do this

MyChoice2bfit 07-15-2019 05:48 AM

It seems we all are out doing other things. I know I think I will come and read the posts and then the day gets away from me.

However, I like it when we come her and check on each other. Facebook is to open and there are things I post here and share with each of you that I have no interest in putting it on Facebook. I will work on getting back here daily to read and post.

Ceejay: please remind me what MCR is.

Shad: It sounds like the garden is thriving and you have busy days with it.

I recall from your post that your current house project is laying new floors. How is that going?

Happy: Forgive me for not remembering all that you last posted. I am posting from my phone and I cant scroll back. I do remember you are as busy as ever with your dentist appointments, cleaning the 3 season room so your kitty can go in there and some volunteering that you seem to enjoy and doest require an ongoing commitment.

Laura: how do you like your new exercise bike.

Annie: I hope things are going well in the job and your summer is fun with all the things you are doing with Sam and the grandbabies.

I am still in my old role at work until Aug 1, 2019. Also learning me mew role. I usually do the AM doing my current role, then afer lunch I shadow from 1:30 to 3:30 for my new role and then the last hour of the day I try to organize myself for the next day.

I am holding steady with my weight, I am still doing my 30 min workouts 5 times a week. I plan this week to get back to being more diciplined with portions to start moving this weight down again.

Have a great day everyone!

ceejay52 07-17-2019 10:37 AM

MRC is for Metabolic Research Center.

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