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Good Morning! The sun is shining but it is “cold” outside. Our Dollar Tree store has Hallmark cards, 2 for $1.00 so I stopped there this morning then the grocery store. Bob went to the farm to load his tractor for the ride tomorrow. Yesterday when I went down to the basement I noticed a wet area by the water softener. I just figured with all the rain we’ve had it was finally trickling in in a different place. This morning the area was much wetter! Fortunately Bob hadn’t left for work yet; verdict is the water softener has died. The date on the instruction book is 2006 so guess it is time for a new one. The problem being no one in town sells them. ​ Next plan is to stop in Sioux City on our way to the football game and pick one up. Meanwhile, no soft water at this house.

“Gma,” let me know how you like the air fryer. Will’s parents gave Beth one for Christmas and she likes it, but says they don’t use it all that often. We didn’t do anything special for our anniversary except delivered the last box of my grandma’s china to the gentleman who took the first three boxes earlier this summer. Beth forgot she had this box and gave it to me when we were there for Maddy’s birthday. Since Jason’s Birthday is the same day we got out of the habit of celebrating when he came along. I don’t know if I mentioned this but when I took the laptop to the computer store the guy asked if the printer was wireless. He said they cause more problems for the tech guys to fix. Mine could be wireless but I plug it in. It sounds like the lady at your church could be a worse cook than I am! Whatever I take to potlucks is always gone. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve been to a potluck other than family dinners.

I need to put groceries away and dream up something for lunch. Soup sounds good! Enjoy a fantastic Friday!
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