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Default What is your idea of an ideal body?

I decided to start losing weight at the beginning of the month. Since then I have found one way to stay motivated is to describe where I want to end up. I imagine the ideal body looks different to different people. Even at the same weight a person's body composition can vary. So this gave me the idea to start a new thread on the topic: what is your idea of an ideal body? The phrase I keep repeating to myself is "fit and lean". When making food choices I ask myself if it is consistent with that mental image.
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In a few words, mine would be "no excess". I don't like bulging muscles or fat rolls. Too much of either is unattractive to me.
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I would like to be between 150 and 160 but I want to be muscular and curvy, too. Fitness model type. We will see.
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Striving for that "ideal" body, might not be the best choice.

I'd love to look like Cindy Crawford. But dang, I'm to short!

At my current weight, that I have maintained for several years, I still have a bit of a pot belly, due to having huge twin babies, and being genetically destined to have a pot belly, and I have big boobs.

I've had the big boobs forever. I really hoped that at this weight they would shrink. No such luck. I'm top heavy.

However, all of that is ok! I have fantastic strong arms, I have great muscular thighs, I also have not butt! Flat as a pancake.

I've come to terms with all of it. I will always be top heavy, but that's ok. I will always have big ole "man" arms, I love them! I will never have *booty*. That's ok!

I chose to love the body I have, and not fret over some unrealistic, photoshop dream of the "ideal" body!
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