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Good morning to you all. We had thunderboomers last night but no rain. It spit a bit early this morning when I let Fortune out, but didn't even wet the ground. It is supposed to be 80 degrees here today. I am sure ready for it.

Jack has to work late tonight more than likely. He said they are having problems with all the raw sewage pumps, one of which was sent out to be repaired and the mechanics have to put it back in today then Jack has to set the calibrations and electronic stuff back on it. So, we shall see. He said he would call later today and let me know whether or not he has to work late. He calls me when he leaves the plant so I can expect him.

Thomas came home yesterday with two girls phone numbers on his arm and told his mom he is a player now. He has a girlfriend so Kelly said she doesn't know what that's all about. He turns 13 in two months so the fun will really begin then I imagine.

Maggie: I notice my hands swell overnight then go back to normal during the day so I quit leaving my rings on. I put them on if we are leaving the house, otherwise I just leave them off. Hopefully, your gain if any is small. It is sure a rollercoaster to lose weight no matter what you do.

Jean: Do they have any time line for Sonny coming home? He at least lets you touch him and such. I imagine he sees the vet and vet techs as the enemy and not you so will probably cuddle right up to you when he is better and can come home. Oooh the oatmeal sounds tasty. I like "junk" in my oatmeal so it isn't so boring, ie fruit and such. I have some now that has tiny choc chips and it is pretty good. I don't put milk in my oatmeal, one, I like thick oatmeal and two, I hate milk. My favorite is sliced strawberries in the choc chip oatmeal. The biggest concern with doing surgery is this would be the 4th time to cut me open and they want to avoid that unless my uterus is unhealthy, which it isn't. I figure sooner or later it will quit this nonsense and it will be copacetic. Until then, I will just hang in there.

Guess I should go and unload and reload the dishwasher and fix Fortune's food. You all have a good Tuesday. Faye
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