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I am so happy that you got a new key board. And that your clothes are fitting better is a great feeling isn't it?
DH and I are going to a turkey function again. We are spending the night and gota jacuzzi room. Hopefully I won't fall asleep in my food. Or drown LOL.

Finding that I have no time to eat or drinkl water or pee for that matter. This week I hope the pace slows next week.

DH and I hope to do a little garage work sat. The ground is still too wet to do much else.

Hello to everyone else..
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I am in Illinois. I arrived on the 20th and 11 hours later my second father passed away with the ease of the angels. The funeral is over and forgive me for asking you to refer to the hundred pond club but I posted a thread thread there of length.
I am weary and ask you to read the posting there. I am doing so well you wouldn't believe it.......I am shocked!!! My health is returning like crazy. Oh by the way I now have a really great exercise machine at home and look forward to it's use by me!!!!
Don't worry I am here in Illinois and will be home April 5th so you shall all hear from me shortly after my return if not before. Love you all.
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I'm sorry you guys I have been quite busy with life. I didn't mean to stay for so long.

Today was my induction to the Alpha Betta Gamma Honor Society. It was wonderful and I had to keep myself from getting all teary eyed. But of course as soon as I looked at my mom and saw how proud she was of me I started to cry. What a baby! I tried to keep myself from getting all emotional throughout the whole thing but once I saw mom I knew that was the end of it.

I also dropped one of my classes, which is the online course. It was so stressful and it was keeping me from concentrating on my other classes and was bringing my grades down. So I dropped it without any damage to my GPA.

Pam I am glad to see that things went well considering the situation. Chin up honey!

Pat I hope you are enjoying the jacuzzi...oow lah lah! *wink wink*

Sue you are the one with the new keyboard...right? Is working out?

Melody how are you doing? You know a few weeks back when we hadn't heard from you (don't think I am a nutcase) but I was so worried and I started reading your journal here. I was like reading it backwards and then at some point I went all the way to the first post you had posted. I have to honestly say I was crying most of the time and aching in my heart for you. I felt so close to your pain and yet so far. I thought that by reading your journal I would feel better about your absence but only felt worse. Even as I type this I recal some of the entries I read and I start to tear up. I swear I am such an emotional person. I guess you could say I have a heart as big as the universe. Take care my friend and always know that you are loved.

Okay I am out of here. Hugs & Smiles to you all.
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Good morning all
Home again.
DH and I ahd a great time at teh turkey function. We stayed at the Bonnie Castle resort and I must say that it was probably a great place in it's day. But the 80's decor had it looking like a high class brothel. LOL.
I will be very busy today. Have to get groceries, clothes, go to work for a little while and cook. WIll be very sorry that I blew off yesterday. I am also sad that I have to buy some clothes now.

Wasn't OP, but didn't plan to be. Picked up some romaine lettuce and will see if I can commit to some salads for lunch. Got 3 w/o's in last week and I am trying to shoot for that as a minimum. Water is way out of whack.

Pam I am glad you were able to get there "in time" It seems that you have been able to stay and reconnect with family I know that you will give them strength and get replenished by that experience. Take care my friend we eagerly await your return.

Kina congrats on teh high honor you have just recieved. It's alot of work and well deserved.

Hey Sue how goes it with you. Try and post those pictures of DD. It white here again and supposed to be in the 30's for the beginning of the week. I know that I am anxiously awaiting warmer dryer weather.

Melsody how are you? Check in when you can
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