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Gail -- on losing .6# this week! I'm sorry but I really had the out loud chuckles while reading about your FIL! He reminds me of my "crusty" German grandfather that wouldn't let anyone tell him what to do nor when to do it. Is Wayne an only child? I hope Marvin gets along ok, follows doctor's orders so that he can return home, and dances to his hearts content! Is your medicine helping your eye? I remember having a stye when I was a kid -- not fun.

Maggie -- on losing 3#s this week! I'm sure with 70#s gone you can tell a big difference! I'll bet Beanie is so cute. Animals definitely have their own routines; it makes me mad when people say they are just a dumb animal. I hope your allergies aren't too bad.

Susan -- The sun is still shining and it's 51 degrees -- 70 would be better. There's a breeze so it is still a jacket/sweater kind of day. I'm glad you were able to do your water aerobics this morning. Water Zumba sounds like it would be fun.
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Good morning to you all! I got up early because Fortune wanted out and it was still pouring down rain. So I just stayed up, balanced my checkbook and decided to come in and post. I am going back to bed when I am done here.

Jack should be home in a couple hours and will probably grab a quick breakfast and head off to bed. I hope to get down some downstairs cleaning done today. I went upstairs last evening after he left for work and dusted and cleaned bathrooms. It is so humid here that it can get quite sticky even doing something like cleaning bathrooms.

Gail: Wow, you really had a wild weekend. I am kind of like Susan. If he gets through with his rehab and wants to dance then he should dance. I mean, if the leg isn't going to hold him, then he won't be able to do it in the first place to do any dancing. It is tough to deal with characters as old as your fil. They have lived a long life and are very set in their ways. I don't think they even consider it rude when they boss people around and such. I just hope it doesn't effect Wayne and his job. I know you don't want that in jeopardy. There is only so much the two of you can do and Wayne can't kill himself just to keep the lawn mowed at the house. Dad isn't going to be there so if the darn lawn isn't edged too dang bad! Congrats on the loss too that is great!

Jean: It is quite cool here this morning I noticed when I went and opened the door. I just wish it would quit raining. Fortune had eaten yesterday morning about 1/3 of what I put out and I noticed last night he was sniffing around where I set his food so I hurried and took it back out of the fridge and put it down and he scarfed it right down so he is eating now. He kind of turned his nose up at the offering this morning, but he didn't eat the stuff last night until about 8 pm. I have to take him back to the vet today and get that flu shot and pick up the yogurt powder.

Maggie: Big congrats on your loss as well. I know you are grateful for the losses coming your way. That is funny about Beanie. Dogs are creatures of habits and they do learn things on their own and sometimes they can be hilarious.

Susan: Sounds like you got a nice workout. The Flagyl made me so sick when I had to take it I lost 25 lbs in a week just from vomiting and not eating anything. Like you said, it does work though. I hope you are not getting all the rain we have been getting or you will float right into the ocean.

Well gals, I am going to get in the recliner and go back to sleep until Jack gets home. Have a great Tuesday all. Oh, here is the first sock for my girlfriend. It isn't too spiffy yet as I haven't washed or blocked it, but you get an idea what it looks like anyway. Faye
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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining but it is cold outside again this morning. The birds and squirrels are going to have to wait for a drink of water as the bird bath is frozen. Today is my morning to work in the gift shop, and I have a pile of magazines that I haven't even looked at. The volunteer director usually has something for me to do so I rarely get through my magazines and leave them anyway. The hospital administrator is no longer in charge, whether he was fired or resigned is a mystery to some. Rumor has it that he got caught with an employee playing house in a vacant room at the hospital. I know he and his wife have been apart for quite a while. It's too bad this didn't happen before he downsized the gift shop!

"Gma" -- I'm glad that Fortune is eating again. We do worry about our furry children that's for sure. I hope you were able to get a nap in before Jack got home. Do you mind being alone at night? I like the sock! I'm sure your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I need to finish getting dressed and head out. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy whatever you are doing today!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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Good morning, ladies! It's already in the 70s today.

I have work today, then my weights and treadmill at the Y, and after that nothing is planned. I'm trying to talk myself out of starting another quilt until I finish the one I'm on (only half way through and I'm a bit tired of it). I've drawn up some Art Deco looking blocks in Electric Quilt 7 and am itching to start stitching.

Maggie, you have worked hard and are reaping the rewards. What a great feeling.

Faye, I love the sock you have finished. She will be thrilled. I know its a relieve to have Fortune eating again.

Jean, Water Zumba is lots of fun - great music and it really gets you moving. Just ask my legs today.

Have a great day, I need to get back to work.

HW 356 pounds - CW 135 - GW 137

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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Talking Titilating Tuesday


It is a nice morning in the high 50's due to get to 69 this day in the Heartland. I have stopped sneezing and the wind has stopped blowing so we are both having a breather. Anyway I am going to put a roast in the crock pot and have a nice dinner ready for tonights meal. Will is going to have to go to a biger city soon for some shopping at a leather shop since there was a gentleman over here yesterday wanting him to make him a belt and a couple holsters. I think he has the leather already but will need some dye since the man wants black. He made me a real nice set with bullet loops in the belt ~ cowboy style. It is natural color and looks great. I like it a lot and have it hanging on the back of a chair here in my office. It is one of those things I want to shrink down to so I can buckle it on over a pair of jeans. Right now it would look funny on my body. Some ladies I know have gotten pretty dresses in smaller sizes to look forward to wearing when they have lost weight. Not me, I have a holster and belt set. I am going to continue to be a looser.

DONNA FAYE Girlfriend you are an early riser for sure. So if Jack eats breakfast before going to bed when does he have dinner? Does he take his dinner to work? I remember when I first started working I was on a midnight shift and would take like a hoagie sandwich wrapped in foil and put it in the top of a huge coffee maker where the grounds go and the bottom was filled with hot water so my sandwich would stay hot till I wanted to eat it. Things we go through ~ amazing how we adapt. I am so glad that Fortune is finally coming around and eating. Beanie hasn't bothered his stitches any and gets them out on Friday I believe. OH, the money we spend on our furry little children. If push comes to shove I would give up something else before I give them up. I love the sox, you do such nice work.

JEAN Doing it on company time is totally nuts. I wonder if this behavior is reported in his records or does he just go to another hospital to work. I only have subs for two magazines ~ Cooking Light and Weight Watchers. Each time I get one I read it and then glean from it what I want out of it and toss it and wait for the next one to come. Now that is a learned behavior I was forced to learn while living in a motorhome. So now I still do it that way. Hope your day at work went well and you sold lots of stuff.

SUSAN I know the feeling when you want to start another project and haven't finished the one you are working on. I have been tempted but really do have to finish what I am working on because of the process. Finish it up and get it out of the way. Now, your quilting is a totally different story...Hope you stick to your guns and finish what you have started first.

GAIL Girlfriend what are you up to this day? Staying OP through all this trauma that is going on around you? Hopefully your eye is getting better. Hang in there and know we are all behind you.

I am off to put a roast in the crock pot. This one will not be turned into burritos though. Just a nice dinner tonight and maybe sandwiches tomorrow. I am going to go slice my fresh pineapple now. Type at y'all later.



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Hi! Yep, I'm a little disoriented. The ointment I have for my eye makes me a little unsure on my feet but this side effect should wear off. I'm grateful it's not the other side effects that are listed! Anyway, I'm fine.

My FIL is being transferred to a rehab facility at 3pm this afternoon. I received a phone call this morning from the rehab facility and talked with a lovely lady there, explaining exactly what is happening, what will most likely happen and what will most likely happen after he's been signed off from their place. Wayne and I are going to have a visitor--my FIL! I'm already thinking of exactly which room I'm putting him and I think for his time with us the best place would be to move him into our bedroom. It's the largest, the sunniest, we can move the recliner into that room and he would have a large screen tv. He will not be able to put any weight onto his leg for at least 5-6 weeks. He will be in the rehabilitation facility (and yes, he's going where he want to go!) for 2-3 weeks.

Then about an hour ago, I received another phone call from a hospital staff person. Another lovely lady. Very patient. She's telling me that my FIL is very upset. I guess he didn't remember what we told him on Sunday afternoon or yesterday for that matter--that he would be transferred to rehab in 3-4 days from the time he had surgery which was late Saturday afternoon. After speaking with him, he said he did remember but thought it was too soon. After explaining the doctors would not sign off on releasing him to rehab if they thought it was too soon. I told him not to worry, relax, and just go with the flow. We'll see him soon.

I think he's finally figured out what we had been trying to explain to him that he didn't just fracture his femur but pushed bones out of whack connected to his knee cap and that the recovery was going to be longer and he will not be able to be on his own for awhile. For now, he's resigned himself he's gotten himself into a sorry state of affairs. I know he's feeling sorry for himself and probably feels like he's being put on restriction but I assured him he will have his independence back as soon as possible. So, I'm going to transfer his mail to our house until he's fit to go home. I am thankful for the internet! What did we do without it?

I have not eaten well since....well, I have eaten well but too much of eating well, since I went down to Va. Beach on Saturday morning. From this moment forward I will be making better choices. For one thing I can't half see properly! But, I am fine.

Jean, I read your post of 5/1 and read the words "church" and "vacuum". I missed church on Sunday. That is something Wayne and I don't like to miss. Just doesn't start the week right....know what I mean. And then "vacuum". I will have to dust and vacuum my FIL's house at least twice to make sure it's clean. It's in a sorry state and because my husband did not want to insult his father about his housekeeping it's gotten terrible. The fact is my FIL will not pay for housekeeping.

Maggie, congrats on that loss! 70 lbs. total is awesome! We eat at home more also. In fact, I stay home more than I used to. If I go somewhere; doesn't matter where, I'm going to spend money...so I stay home. Also, eating at home is healthier even if I eat too much. Did I read correctly that you got your hair cut? The last photo I saw of you...which was...what...over 10 years ago...you had loooooong hair! Is it still red?

Susan, we have quite a few power plants in my area. Delaware is such little state tucked up into Maryland on the west and south...Pennsylvania on the north and New Jersey across the river to the east. The power plant across the river into NJ went off line also for a bit but is fine now. Ever since Japan had their tragedy, power plants have been a huge discussion in my newspaper.

Donna Faye, you knit beautifully. Love the sock. I'll need to figure out how to put photos here of my work. Right now, I'm knitting a baby blanket and I'm really getting sick of it. I like knitting socks. The project is transportable and is finished within a reasonable time. I wish you could see all the sock yarn I have in my stash! Are you registered at Ravelry? Have you gone to any of the Stitches events? There is the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival outside of Baltimore, MD this weekend. While Wayne will be in Va. Beach with his Dad, and since I have prepaid for my trip with my local yarn shop, a close friend and I going. I have to get my eye back to normal. I keep threatening Wayne I was going to buy a sheep and bring it home with me but have since thought perhaps an alpaca would be more exotic! Anyway, next Monday I'll tell you all about the festival.

Well, this is turning into another long post....and I need to at least do some chore around here....

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I just got home from donating blood and must say it went very well this time except the tech (I?) squirted blood on my white t-shirt. She told (and offered to do it) me to use peroxide on the spots and then soak it in cold water. I had a bad experience last time I donated so am not concerned about the shirt. It's taken me 8 months to talk myself into going back again.

Susan -- I admire you for going to the Y after a day at work. You are one dedicated lady! If you start on a new quilt would you be less likely to finish the first one? The reason I'm asking is because I have LOTS of unfinished projects tucked away.

Maggie -- I am guessing the hospital board gave the ex-administrator the choice of resigning. That way he has nothing to come back and sue them for. If a future employer would call for a reference all they have to say is that he was employed there for x amount of years, did a good job, and resigned to pursue other employment. It's for sure no one at the hospital is talking about it! Bob had that same experience with the nursing home administrator only that guy took on several of the female employees and intimidated them by threatening to fire them after he got bored with them. He ended up resigning and moved out of town while his wife stayed here and taught until she could retire. I often wonder what story he told her.

Gail -- You are one brave cookie to have your FIL move in with you. Maybe he will settle down with you, and enjoy being waited on! Bob always scratches Ernie's tummy before he leaves for work in the morning. This morning Ernie was in the sunlight and I could see the fur flying in every direction. Now I really need to vacuum again! I hope you enjoy your weekend at the Wool Festival! Bringing a sheep home reminds me think of feeding baby lambs on my grandpa's farm when I was a kid.
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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining right now but the weatherman says "wind and rain" for this afternoon. I need to take back some sample glass frames and decide which one to order. It would be so simple if they just had two to choose from! Otherwise today is mine to bond with the washer and ironing board. I thought about starting a new thread but figured we'd end up with two so didn't.

I'm not dressed so need to get moving. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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