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Exclamation Reposting of someone suffering from a breakup looking to start over anew

A little about myself..I never know how to start these things because theres only so much you can say that will get someones attention. Im 24 and has recently blown up past my ‘worse point’ considerably. I am now 358lbs. And I need help! Ive began to look online in hopes to find others like me that can support me in my whole change. I plan to drop 150lbs. In 2005 I had dropped roughly 70 lbs after I finally found a scale that would accept my 315lb of pain. And It saddened me. I was able to get myself on the horse and drop the weight to be around 250. And I was THRILLED. Unfortunatly, besides loosing weight to make me happy.. I had a certin tall, dark and handsome insentive to drop the weight. I got with the guy.. Had after bout a year.. It started getting serious (atleast on my side) and the relationship took a turn for the worse. Because shoving gallons of ice cream down my throat instead of confronting my ex w the problems. That had started my downward spiral. And in the last 2 years, Ive gained SO much weight and im SO embarrased. I have a guy who I can genuinely say he likes me for me. I mean.. he doesnt run screaming from the room when we get into it. And hes stuck with me for the last 3 yrs as I blew up. But I want to lose weight to be more appealing to him as well. In my mind I see us as ‘the G.I. and the fat girl’ and it sucks. I know Im an emotional eater. And a boredom eater. When I move out and get myself AWAY from temptation. (6 types of soda and nothing but fastfood.) I mean.. I can be a reasonable eater. Ive tried starting a walking group… no takers yet. Also researched overeaters anonymous meetings. I need help and support to be the sexy/confident woman I once was. So if theres anyone who can give me hints.. mabey some advice that worked for them… IM ALL EARS.
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Welcome and good luck ! Check around the forums and see what appeals to you. There is a 300+ Club as well as 20-Somethings. You can check any forum., You need a diet and exercise plan, Weight Watchers is popular as well as South Beach and many others, I find counting calories works best for me.
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I totally sympathize with you, I too eat for boredom and emotional reasons. I know what needs to be done, eat right and exercise but it is so hard if you dont have a plan to follow. I do wieght watchers and it is very easy to make it fit in your lifestyle. you can still eat what you like but you are also learning to eat better and work in exercise too. You also need to be ready to make a lifetime commitment. I have lost 26.5 so far and that is the most I've lost till now because I really wasn't in the right mindset before. You can do this! don't get discouraged and do it for you, not any one else! I know you'll do great!
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