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Default sugar intake and hair loss

hi everyone,
I am new here. I have recently convinced myself that sugar is not a happy natural substance and that i should cut it out of my diet as much as possible, so i wonder if this forum is for me.

the thing is ,i am probably addicted to sugar. For instance, after a long day, i would rather stop at the grocery store and pick up a bag of m&ms and eat the whole thing, as some people might go out to a bar and drink. Of course i do it at home where no one can watch me.

but after engaging in this unhealthy behaviour for probably a couple of years i have been experiencing my hair thinning. ( and i am female. )
i wondered if anyone out there has had a similar experience.
My nutritionist said that high sugar and high salt diets may be linked to this.

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Hi there! Sugar can definitely be kind of addictive. It raises your insulin levels and can cause insulin resistance. Insulin levels dropping signals your brain to tell your body to eat, even if you don't really NEED to. It is a vicious cycle, but if you fight it, and get over it, it only takes a bit of time. I have never read anything that links hair loss to sugar intake. There are other health issues that I do know can cause is thyroid problems. I think I would consult a doctor on that. I know I had terrible hair loss last year, and it was linked to my thyroid and diabetes problems. Its lots better now that I have both more under control.

The Sugarbusters diet is a great way to kick sugar to the curb. Check it out! And please feel free to join us on the monthly thread. That is where most of the regulars post. They are a great group and very helpful and supportive!
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