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Hi all,

Bob-Yup have internet at home now. Just need a car we are looking at. We are supposed to know at 10 am tomorrow whether or not we get the financeing for it. Say a prayer for us. We have 2 and one the transmission is going out and the other one water pump is going out. Either one of them takes over a 1,000 to fix and they are so old they are just not worth it.
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Hi all,

Just checking in. Doing laundry and I have to sit a spell. Those stairs kill me. Hopefully if I lose weight it will be a little easier.

MELF: You were missed. Glad you are okay, just busy.

THUNDER: Good luck getting the car.

Okay sat enough.

May good things happen, Shirley

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Good Morning....

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning.....I got up at 5 to go to Curves, but didn't go. It was snowing so hard that we couldn't even see the shop. The local news here is making it sound like we have never had snow before. Wake up.....we live in the Pacific Northwest!! We have snow all the time and lots of it at times. Look at all the ski resorts we have around us!!

Just going to hang around the house today and get some chores done. Laundry is going, and will try to vacuum and dust if I can get around dh. I like cleaning house better when he is gone. Then I don't have to move him from room to room.

Sef-- Take it easy on those stairs. Rest when you have to, and try not to over do.

Melf-- Hello, nice to see you again.l

Thunder-- Good luck on your new car!

Will try and check back in later.

yesterdays menu--

B-- Pria Carb Select bar (after blood work)
L-- Salad, 1/2 ground beef patty with cheese
D-- Bowl of granola with 1% milk
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Hi everyone

The scale was a little kinder to me this morning but still hasn't reached the number on the sticker yet. I should really change it back as that was a fluke a couple of weeks ago but can't be bothered. I'm hoping it gets down there again soon. My eating was good yesterday. I was planning on having spaghetti squash with meat sauce but after I cooked the squash in the microwave it didn't taste very nice so I ditched it. A little while later I had an after taste from the kippers that I'd had for lunch and I thought maybe that was making the squash taste weird. Anyway by that time it was gone so I had just the meat sauce with a salad and it really was enough. All I had later in the evening was a cup of tea and a couple of small cookies. I had brown rice ceral for bf this morning and lunch was the same as dinner yesterday. I've just finished chopping up some veggies for tonite. Planning on having stir fried veggies with shrimp with some Asian seasoning.

It's a beautiful day to-day, the sun is shining again and the temperature is about 32F. Will be going out soon as I have finished here to do a bit of grocery shopping and afterwards if there is time may take a walk to the mall to take advantage of the good weather. The forecast for tomorrow is not very good, either snow or icy rain I'm not sure which so should make the most of the good weather to-day. I got up on time for my mall walk this morning and did my usual 40 minutes. Will probably play badminton this evening.

Teensy - Sounds like a good day to stay home and get some chores done or just to relax.

Thunder - Did you get the financing for your car.

Sef - I used to be like you, not able to go to bed too early. I would often be up until midnight or 1 a.m. and sometimes later. I new if I went to bed too early, even if I was very tired I would be awake by mn and then be up nearly all night. I must say it's a little better since I have been getting up early to walk. At least now I can go to bed between 11 and 11.30 and usually can sleep. Mind you I still wake up two or three times a night but at least I can usually go back to sleep again.

Monet - I'm sure your young friend appreciated the baby gift and the lunch even if it was late. I hope your perseverance pays off and your next casserole dish is successful. That must be very frustrating for you after putting so much effort into it.

Hi to BOB, Thin, Solly, Heartmom, Country, Tech and Melf. Hope I haven't missed anyone.
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Hi everyone,

Yipppeeee got my car. I was a nervous wreck waiting for them to I got a used car but a great new used car. A Mercury Grand Marquis 97 Model. Navy Blue. Got the get up and go my other 2 lost...heehee. The girls are so excited they told their teachers this Still on track with my eating I haven't been on the scales in 3 days. I am trying to wait for Friday instead of doing what I used to weighing every day. Everyone take care and have a great evening!!!!
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Just flying by. I was supposed to go to north Georgia tomorrow to work and catch up with my friend up there, do some glaze stuff, etc. Looks like I will not be able to go for the most bizarre reason. The little hatch door over my gas cap will not open! I only have a 1/3 of a tank of gas, which is not enough to drive up there and back, and I can't put more gas in until the little door is open. Tom has done everything he can think of save ripping the door off and he can't get it to open. He will probably have to take it in to the shop to get it fixed. grrrr.

THUNDER: Congrats on the new to you car! Enjoy!
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Morning ladies.

I really don't have the time to be here, but missed your girls. Still crazy here. I don't think it is every going to slow down. I'm too old for all this stress and late hours.

I'm dragging today, Sure hope my get-up gets up soon. It is raining like cats and dogs here. Speaking of dogs, Sorry Monet about the Cats beating your dogs last nite. We were just getting even and we were desperate for a win.

I wish I had time for replies, but must run.

Have a great day.
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Good Morning from a very cloudy & humid corner of our world! Looks like a stormy day ahead but I'm trying to get down to the church before it all hits to see about a water leak problem. SIL coming with me to see what's needed to fix it. It's hard to get someone to do plumbing etc way down there. Our members are still busy trying to get their own lives in order & the community has suffered so much that many people have not returned after Rita. Also because it's 30 miles from the nearest town.

Anyway, looks like another busy day. This afternoon I have to bring GS to the eye doctor & go grocery shopping. Have NO legal snacks or fresh fruit/veggies so I find myself snacking on other stuff the past few days. Eating has not been great this week & the scale is showing it.

SEF, thanks, I've missed being here too. Hope your achy-ness has improved. My right thumb is still giving me fits. Of course you don't realize how often you use something until it hurts!! lol

Thunder, glad to see you got your new car. It's hard to be on foot. Enjoy!

Solly, hope you get to feeling better really soon. Sounds REALLY busy around work. Maybe if things there slow down a bit you might get rested up?

Well got to go.
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