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Default My little success!

This may not seem like a big deal, but I made a decision on Monday to change my ways...its now Wednesday. And I am doing A.O.K. I have been walking ...yes walking!! I never walked. I walked for 20 minutes yesterday, and then a friend and myself decided to go to a movie. The theatre is probably 15/20 minutes away and we decided to walk there and back. And we did it! 2 walks in one day. I actually feel great. A success for me. And my second success is that I have been filling my body with water. I never ever drank water. I have a water bottle and I have been drinking, drinking and drinking. And all I can do is pee. I hope that is a good thing. But I feel good since I started walking and drinking water. I feel more energetic. I am going to continue this and hopefully it will become a habbit.
Thanks for listening
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thats the spirit!! I have been trying to drink ALOT of water myself....I find that I feel very full when I do. And I have been doing exercises at nite while I watch my fav shows. Now hopefully the weight will shed. wish me luck. and good luck to you.

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Sounds like you guys are doing great! I made that decision to change my life a year ago and i lost 80lbs since. SO once you make up your mind and do can do anything! I really believe that because before the decision to change i didnt think i could do until i realized i really wanted to. So good job people.
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good on you scoobysnacks!!

well done on the 80lbs loss. a great loss!! keep it goin.

islandgirl, to think that walkin is so good for you yet soooo easy to do!! like scoobysnacks says, once you set your mind to it, your invincible, so to speak!! i do power walkin pushin the pushchair every day i take my eldest daughter to school, and shes great she really does encourage me and shes only 4!!! great gal!! keep up the good work and take care


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This is what I have been doing lately as well. I've been getting outside and biking around, rollerblading, etc. I've been sacrificing pop (I used to drink 3-4 cans a day, ouch!) for lots of water, although i'm not sure what to eat. Alot of people will say "eat healthy vegetables!" but I hate veggies, making this much harder for me
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