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Michael Ann 1973
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Talking Naked Naked Naked


I had ya'll going there didn't I?!?!?! I would like to know what are your fav naked veggies?

I like: zucchini, squash, jicama, radishes, cauliflower, red & yellow peppers

How about you?
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Making changes!
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Red face

Must admit... I had to look!!

My favourite NAKED veggies are cucumber, zucchini and brocolli. Oh, and tomatoes!!!!
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Fat to PHAT!!
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It's funny how certain words just peak your attention, huh! Do you think it works if you just say it out loud all of a sudden!!

My fave nudies are carrots, cauliflower, and any type of peppers, especially jalapenos!!!
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Let's see: jicama, cucumber, red and yellow peppers,

Karen S.
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Come on Spring!
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Michael Ann 1973
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I love Jalapenos too!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You really caught my attention! Little disappointed to find out you were only talking about veggies!

My top favorite veggie is BROCCOLI, naked or not. Another favorite is zucchini, YUM!
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ONEderland here I come!
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peppers both red and green, baby carrots, green beans cooked or fresh...

now if adding a touch of soy sauce and garlic does not count... then we can add onions and zucchini.
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I can do this!
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Peppers! I love them in hummus, but I can have them naked too!

Broccoli...but I like it steamed, first. I'm not a huge fan of it raw. I love cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots.

Great thread!
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Sheesh! You reeled me in I hate vegetables but yesterday I tried something new...zuchinni! And I actually like it...who woulda thought?
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Michael Ann 1973
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I forgot celery, which I am eating right now!

Ohhhh Hummus is so good on veggies beachgal
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I like raw cauliflower and zucchini as snack for work. I used to eat peppers with hummus but now I mostly eat the veggies plain. Sometimes I like raw red peppers but most of the time I prefer the cauliflower and zucchini.

For cooked veggies I LOVE asparagus. It's good just lightly cooked so it is still crunchy. I also like to fix it in the Soy Ginger Asparagus recipe out of the South Beach cookbook. Yum!

I love cooked broccoli and green beans. Cabbage is good too. Oh, I love taking some cabbage, red onion, mushroom and squash and sauteeing them with some Rotel tomatoes. And I love the pepper salad part of the pork and pepper salad recipe in the South Beach book. I fix that just so I can eat the veggies (but the pork is good too).

Oh, and brussel sprouts! I have a recipe where I cook some turkey bacon and then cook the brussel sprouts with some garlic and chicken broth and it gets sort of brown and tender.

I guess there are a lot of veggies I have come to love since starting SBD. Three bean salad too!
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kohlrabi. Anyone else here eat kohlrabi? nobody's mentioned it.
sugar snap peas!
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I have kind of a naked phobe so I would say definitely tomatoes if they are in season otherwise grape tomatoes or plum tomatoes, pickles, but I hate cucs as cucs, ice berg lettuce, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts celery is ok and that is about it.

I WILL however EAT, raw cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, spinach since they are good for me even if I am not a fan.

Naked, cooked, dressed for a party, I DO NOT eat squash, asparagus, lima beans, garbanzo beans, black beans and chick peas.
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Not Giving Up!
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I was wondering if there was anything naughty in here!

I like most veggies, especially zucchini, red peppers (also green, yellow and orange), asparagus, mushrooms, carrots. One of my favorite things to eat for supper is a plate of roasted veggies - yum!
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