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Come on Spring!
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Default Thursday Chat - September 7

Starting us up and then slipping into a relaxing tub. Yesterday was pretty darn stressful!

Harry came through the operation OK but sure was not great when I picked him up at the hospital around four. It took two people to get him in and out of the car. He went right to sleep as soon as we got to the nursing home and is still sleeping this morning. I called to check, of course. I'll go in to see him later today.

The good news is that I got a call from Maple View, the nursing home that's only 15 minutes away, and they finally have a room for H. there. We've been waiting for over a year now. That will be so good as it's where Hersh and I do our TheraPaws work so I know the staff. Monday is moving day.

Today I have a dental appointment in Kingston at 10 and then will drive to Perth to see Harry. Just call me Ruthie Roadrunner! It'll be just three hours of driving rather than yesterday's four.

Have an excellent day, Beach Babes.
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Hi, Ruth, it looks like it's going to be a busy day on the road for you, be careful driving. I'm so glad that you'll finally have Harry in a home closer to you, and happy that he made it through his operation okay, too. Enjoy your bath, there's nothing like a long soak in a warm tub of bubbles to chase the stress away.

I'm up earlier than usual today, I have to take Audrey to school this morning. Her daddy usually does a good job of making sure she's dressed properly, but he's hopeless with her long hair, so I want to get to their house in time to see that her hair is done right. After school yesterday, we went to the park for a quick picnic lunch, then went to Barnes & Noble to shop for a birthday present for one of Audrey's friends. That made for a very pleasant afternoon for all of us. I treated the girls to an ice cream afterwards, and I didn't have one! That's a MAJOR achievement for me! I've been doing pretty good this week, staying OP, but I haven't been to Curves all week, just haven't felt like going. I will definitely start back regularly on Monday, though. I'm planning to make a chicken stir-fry for supper, and for lunch today I still have that leftover chili that I didn't get to eat yesterday.

Kiko, how are you? You didn't post yesterday, and the last I heard, you weren't feeling very well. I hope you are OK, and your little ones, too!
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Thumbs up

Ruth: I am so glad that everything went ok with Harry and that is awesome that there will be a home closer to you - that sure has to take a lot strees out of your sails. I am sure that he will be feeling better today when you go see him.

Mad the chili last night and it was awesome - I ended up not needing the tomatoe paste - with all of the different beans that I used, it thickened itself - thanks for your help - I ended up buying the spices and making my own seasoning mix - my hubby said it was the best he ever ate. Now this am I feel sooooo bloated and just yucky - I guess I am holding a lot of water from the chili - I didn't cheat at all and ate really good yesterday all Phase 1 but the chili and the dessert (double chocolate pie from Phase 2 dessert section) and only had a tiny piece - so this am drinking a lot of water and hot water w/ lemon - hopefully that will help.

Well I must get to work now.

Good Morning to the rest of you beach babies - hope you all have a sunny day
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Good morning everyone! Looks like the easterners are all ready up and going and us middle country folks are still dragging our feet a bit. I am still in jammies that are obscene because they are so thin, but I love them so much! I still have to unload the dishwasher and put the breakfast dishes in, but then the daily chores are finished. It is upstairs to clean bathrooms and do the dusting today though. Jack has to go to the regular doctor at 3:30 so he can get that darn referral so dinner will be later than usual.

Ruth: That is so cool about Harry getting to be closer to you. On top of that, he will get to see your doggies once in awhile now too, huh? Hope he heals up quickly and gets to feeling better. I know it takes time for them to come around and feel like themselves no matter what they have done. You need to get you some books on tape or cds for all the driving you do. I always get them when we travel to Indiana as it takes up time.

RMT: I want to make a batch of chili and freeze it into individual servings for me. Jack won't eat chili with beans or tomato pieces in it. He grew up in New Mexico and they make chili without beans so he thinks it is disgusting to have chili with beans in it. I make him a very good tasting chili using tomato soup, ground sirloin and spices. He likes it so everyone is happy. Chili is seriously one of those comfort foods, though with the temps here it is too hot for it yet.

Cottage: My dd had long blond hair that straight as a board when she was little (she will be 29 in NOV.) I used to put it in braids a lot because I was not too good at anything else. My sister taught me how to do fishtail I think it is called and that was kind of cute, but I am glad I have a grandson because I sure don't remember anything. Funny thing is, when Kelly left for college she cut her hair short and I know you think this is a fib, but that kid's hair grew back red and curly. She has a mass of curly red hair now and she was a little tow head when she was little.

As for me today, same o same o. Get the cleaning done and read another book.

have a wonderful day gals!

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Talking Day Three

Good Morning Chicks,

I slept so good last night, but I had the weirdest dreams and I am still getting up in the night to pee. Actually though, when I was on Weight Watchers, I would have to pee, but it was different. I remember the last time I did SBD it was just way different. I think we really actually flush more fat. Lovely thought, huh?

Last night I made the best dinner. I had roasted chicken legs (skin off, of course) and I seasoned it with cajun seasing, parsley and pepper (delicious) My side dishes were southern seasoned collard greens and mashed cauliflower. I made the cauliflower with my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and used the whip. It made them so tasty. I flavored them with a little butter (2 tbsp), low fat cream cheese (2 tbsp), reduced fat sour cream (2 tbsp) and salt and pepper. I swear they were so good I think I could eat them every night

Ruth: I am really glad that Harry's surgery went well and I am happy that you get to move him closer to you. Try to relax a little today.

Cottage: When I was little my hair was so long and thick and I remember crying when my Mom would brush it. It tangled so bad.

RMT: I am glad your chili turned out good I love chili and can't imagine it without beans...I guess it would be like hotdog chili. So that's not that bad.

gma2zone: I can relate to the pj's. I have this hideous night shirt that is red and white striped that my MIL bought me for christmas one year. It has these little cartoon characters on them call "The Wacoons", that I have never heard of. My DH and I made such fun of them about 6 years ago, but they have become my fav thing in the world. You can almost see through it now and it has holes. Too funny

Well ladies, have a wonderful day on the beach
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More rain: Today! .. This morning we're off to meet the dog sitter.. We're going on a long weekend away in a few weeks and thankfully a collegue of DH's watch dogs.. They have an acre fenced in with a doggie door and will walk the girls every day too.

Ruth: Sooo glad to hear the H came through ok..and yippppeee that Maple View finally has a room for him.. it will be so much less stressful for you

WOW everyone is making such delicious sounding dinners! I made a big batch of "carolina caviar" last night for dinner as DH had a work party to attend.. It's made with chopped tomato,onion,olives and Black Eyed Peas and homemade Italian dressing... So Yummy and filling! Tonight is Baked Ziti, WW pasta, LF mozzarella..and tomato sauce.. I'll make garlic bread using toasted sour dough, OO and rubbing garlic on it...

Ok time to get ready for the doggie run! Have a Great day chicks!
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Ruthie, I'm so glad you're slipping into a tub. Those flies in Delta must be getting restless...still ain't no flies on you! I'm glad the operation went well...and sleep is so healing, so that's good too. You take special care of yourself, wonderful you have a relaxing evening planned with just you, the pups, and a good book or a nap? I'll be keeping you in prayer.

Cottage, for you with the ice cream!!! I'm so happy for you! What a major thing to do...I know I'd find that super hard! Your darling GD is so lucky to have you in her life and so nearby! Have fun today!

RMT, did you add a lot of salt to the chili? There's a lot of salt in canned beans (but I love 'em and use 'em anyway! ) so that might be why. Do lots of water and stay near a bathroom! Glad it was enjoyable though!

Gma, I envy you all that reading! But not the cleaning... Hope it's a good day for you! I do books on tape too...makes driving so much more fun! I hear you on those PJs...I have several of them like that...or funny ones that aren't worn through yet. PJs and nighties are my downfall...especially if tthey're soft! I love soft clothes so much that a couple of my girlfriends go out of my way to point out things that are soft but totally ugly to me just for a laugh. You should have seen this leopard print number they found last summer. It was really soft though...

Schatzi, that sounds like doggie heaven!!! Wish I could find a place like that or Ruth's 4 Paws Inn around here. Last time we left our pup at the kennel she came home full of terrible separation anxiety, so we haven't gone much of anywhere since. Your dinners sound yummy! Got room for one more tonight?

Well, the flooring guys should be here in the next 11 minutes...or they'll miss me as I head to yoga. I love that class...but I did a hard workout with weights on Tuesday and yesterday so I'm afraid I'll be shaking in my downward dogs!

Today I have my literacy tutor and a meeting with my psychiatrist. I'm hoping to fit in a little time to make some phone calls and to do some reading and bible study stuff in the afternoon before trying to assemble some kind of dinner around the kitchen floor guys. Wish mine were as cute as Ruth's window boys... They are nice, though. But it's funny having such 'boys' in my house...dirt and dust everywhere, the toilet seat left up ( ), and such. Oh well... Have a free night (no meetings), so I was hoping to get some stuff done for Theology on Tap and also do some scrapbooking on my sister-in-law's gift.

Have a great day, chickies! Stay dry!
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Morning ladies - Well I got back on the exercise wagon yesterday, jogged about 3 miles and walked 1 and it felt really good! It was a cool 90 here yesterday but it still felt really warm! Not used to this heat... So my new plan of attack is 1400 calories a day, exercise 5 days a week and stay binge free on the weekends... that's the really hard part for me! So sick and tired of diets, and really been paying attention to the 'thintuition idea' which really is just portion control, but if I could learn to know what full means, when full is and what hunger is then it might be do-able, doesn't help at all that my binges involve me eating until I'm uncomforable and obviously full... oh well one day at a time and lots of love for ourselves, that's all that can be expected?

Laurie - I'm a yoga fan too, wondering if it would help me to control eating choices better if I was doing it more often, have you found a correlation between the 2?

Schatzi - We envy your rain down here in Austin! Your dinner sounds delicious as well!

Sunnybunny - Your meal sounds delicious as well! Have a great one!

Faye - Sounds like you have a relaxing day planned out, I'm envious!

RMT - Mmmmm... chili! Flush that sodium!

Cottage - Congrats on your ice cream victory! Just remember how good it feels when you are leaving a workout, the easy part is the workout, the hard part is getting there...

Ruth - You and your Harry are in my prayers as well, lots of love and sweetness for yourself!
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Hi Ladies

Another morning that flew by without me noticing. Went down to the beach and walked for 25 mins. This afternoon going on my bike for an additional 25 m. I can't believe how quite it is up here ,all the tourist are gone and the kids are being back in school turns the area into serentiy living.

Ruth-Happy to here that the operation was an success.Your lucky to find a nursing home so close to your home.Some how after a door closes an other one opens.

RTM-That chili receipe looks good. Going to try it myself over the weekend.

Sunny- I like the surprise[collie]mashed potatoes recipe also. I use my food processor instead. Wish they would make large bags of frozen cauliflower,like they do with other veggies.

Sarah-Never heard of thinuitionIf its just {portion control}use a smaller plate than a dinner plate. Or use a 3 section plate and don't over fill sections.

Have go, Hugs BB
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day 3. Yesterday a friend came over bearing chocolate cake. I knew beforehand that she'd be bringing cake so I had a shake using yogurt and cottage cheese and splenda and cocoa powder and coffee powder shortly before she got here. Still not as strong as I'd like to be; had 3 bites. Doing well today, though, and eating delicious hummus and veggies right now.
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Ruth: It sounds like a bath is just what you needed. I'm glad to hear you have a closer home for Harry, and that the operation went well. Hang in there, and be sure to take a deep breath every now and again, seeing as you're so busy these days.

Cottage: "Weigh to go" on NOT having an ice cream with the girls!!! However... I might suggest you go to Curves BEFORE next Monday. Why wait?! It's harder when you don't feel like it, but I know you know you'll feel MUCH better afterwards. C'mon... go for it!

RMT: You're doing great staying OP! Chili sounds great right about now! It sounds like you're doing all you can to get rid of the bloating, which is always unpleasant.

Faye: I hope you enjoyed reading today, after doing all your chores. I absolutely HATE cleaning bathrooms... especially bathtubs. *ugh* Reading is definitely a great reward.

SunnyBunny: I love roasted chicken legs (minus the skin)... always so juicy and tender. I still haven't tried the mashed cauliflower, so I'll definitely have to give that a try. Sounds great with the ingredients you added.

Schatzi: That's great that you were able to get someone to watch your girls while you're out of town. Sounds ideal with all the space and even the doggy door!

Laurie: Good luck getting all those little things done today between appointments. Sounds like you'll have a very productive day.

Sarah: Good job getting back into exercise. I totally know what you mean about overstuffing... it takes time to break habits, but I think if you focus more on being comfortably satisfied as opposed to obviously hungry or full, it might work better. You should never feel serious hunger... instead feeding yourself smaller amounts on a regular (6x/day) basis. Food shouldn't be an obsession nor your nemesis. I agree, a smaller plate will definitely work for portion control. If you have a huge plate and put proper portions on it, it will look like you're barely eating anything and you'll feel deprived. If you have a small plate, the proper portions will fill it up perfectly and you'll feel satisfied. It's partially a mental trick, but also a learning process.

Beachbum: I only wish walking along the beach was an option for me. It sounds wonderful! I hope you have a great bike ride this afternoon.

Me: On day 11 of phase one and am doing really well. I lost 5 lbs last week, which was a pleasant surprise. I haven't caved in any way, and I feel great! I can't wait for phase two though, so I can have fruit again and more food options, but all in all... this program is working out great for me. Never in a million years did I expect milk to taste so decadent as it does now to me. *hehe*
I decided to start implementing exercise again. It's so much harder now that I'm totally out of shape and the heaviest I've ever been... but I know I'll get back into shape fairly quickly if I make exercise a regular part of my life, and I'll look and feel great as a result. I decided to start doing what did wonders for me in my previous major weightloss... Tae Bo. I didn't enter it lightly either... I did the entire 45 minute double-workout! It was difficult... BUT... not impossible! I did it, I feel a major sense of accomplishment, and am just happy I have the physical ability to do such a workout. I totally didn't feel like working out, but I know my body needs it, and there was absolutely no good reason not to.

Have a great day everyone... cya lighter!

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yeah I def feel obsessed, funny how I almost feel like I had a healthier self esteem when I was 30 pounds heavier...

The thintuition kind of retrains your brain so that you approach food as a naturally thin person would.. so that you eat when you are hungry, stop when you're full and eat what you want when you want... based solely on hunger and the foods your body is craving not emotional eating...

Blaaah what a day! Just feelin' depressed for some reason, need to snap out of it... oh well

Beach Bum - Sounds like a lovely day!

Chal - Great job on your weight loss! It's not an issue really of feeling hungry just eating more than I should... emotional binging...
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Come on Spring!
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Quick check-in, Chickies. I've done the dentist - in a manner of speaking - and have been in to visit Harry who is back to being his normal crotchety self again! I just finished an hour's nap and am going to focus on finishing a book before Book Club tonight. Where are Cole's notes when you need them!

Sorry I don't have time for personal mention of everyone but life is happening fast lately. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes. I do have two friends with a truck and strong backs lined up to help me move Harry's stuff on Monday!

Gotta finish making that pea soup so I can have one for supper. It burbled away in the crockpot since yesterday noon - should be cooked by now.
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Life's A Beach!
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Oopsie I haven't checked in yet today. I kept coming here & reading and getting ready to post and then snatched away by one of the kidlets. High drama day here today- we were all in bad moods and Daddy's out of town for work, so that doesn't help. All work and no breaks makes mommy CRAZY!

Anywho, still plugging away. Day 10 of phase 1. I was counting the days until phase 2, but I've been doing so well I'm kind of scared of phase 2 now I couldn't tell you the last time I had my eating so under control- I'm just not hungry like I used to be! There is no will power battle at all. I just love it

I also started taking a new multi-vitamin that also helps detox your body and it's great. Well, the detox symptoms are kind of icky, but it's even ickier to think that crap was in my body!! Eww....

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I'll say a quick goodnight before I shut down my laptop since I'm in the office tomorrow. I've been meaning to post all day (I have read everything) but I kept getting interrupted.

I did make it to the gym for an hour of stationary biking. Now I'm updating my book list with the books I got at the Half Price Books 20% off sale. Lots of bargains. Brian has his head buried in a book. He just found out that the public library has the sequel to the one he is reading so he wants to finish his Dragons of Lonely Island book and get it returned to the school library. I'm reading three books right now. Talk to everyone tomorrow.
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