South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Default Wednesday Beach Babble June 21st!

It's the First day of Summer!!! and it's a furnace here in Nerth Caroliner!!!!! I got off to a slow start this morn... one of those insomnia nights....

Oh here's something to remember: Shredded coconut looks suspiciously alot like shredded mozzarella...I was making the Taco Chicken last night and had left over mozzarella... as well as coconut.... Yep, you guessed it! Most interesting taste
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Wow, the 2nd post!! I don't think that has ever happened!

Just a quick post, I have to get back to work.

I know I haven't posted in awhile, I've been busy at work (no internet @ home) but I have been reading all the dailys.

I'm doing well. Eating okay, but trying to be better. Trying not to eat my weight in almonds everyday

Schatzi - that is too funny. That's why I always triple check the ingredients and measurments before I cook now, I have ruined too many meals!!

I'll check back in later.

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Hi all! I'm on Day 3 of Phase I and am surprised at how easy it has been so far. Someone brought in chocolate banana cake with walnuts yesterday... but I had just finished eating celery sticks with natural peanut butter, and wasn't hungry. Better yet, I wasn't even tempted! Life on the beach is good!
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Come on Spring!
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I was all set to post this morning when the server went down. See Suzanne's announcement up top. Anyhow, I had my post saved! I'm smartening up, at last!

Here it is:
Feeling great today as I have the whole day with absolutely no commitments except to myself. The Girls and I spent a good hour out on the deck watching the sunrise and just enjoying the official start of summer. The loons did their commute and the robins are singing loudly. My only concern is that I've not seen a hummer at my feeder for a few days. I hope they are OK.

In a few minutes, I'm going to go over to the Fairgrounds and water in some of the new plants. Would you believe I planted some Habanero peppers in the big planters along with the flowers? Well, we ARE an agricultural Fair! They were going to be pitched at the greenhouse so I rescued them. Maybe this will start a trend for subsequent Fairs. We do know there are people who have never seen a carrot growing!

Enjoy Midsummer Day!

i did water in the plants and went up to the Farm for strawberries, asparagus and eggs. Lunch is going to be an asparagus, radish, onion and HB egg salad on romaine and Swiss chard! Nummy! I'll have strawberries and plain yoghurt too! It's nice to feel enthused about food. For a while there I didn't have much appetite - not that it kept me from gaining weight!

Keep on enjoying and controlling your day!
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Default Hello, I am new here and taking suggestions

Hello all I am new to 3FC and I am very interested in what everyone has to say, I am 27 and I have hypothyroidism, and in the past year I have gained 50 lbs. I have a nutrionist who I thinks just takes my money and laughs, he put me on a 1000 cal a day diet and I walk 2 miles a day, no luck. I have heard that for women in my situation the South Beach Diet is good. So I am open for any help you may offer.

Thanks in advance!:
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I can do this!
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Glad to see everyone up, bright, and cheerful today!

Hippy, it was wonderful to hear that you're liking it on the beach. Might I assume that it's not just the feeling of being full but the cute cabana boys that you find so enjoyable?

I did my first 'totally pumped' workout class at the gym since my injury. It totally kicked my a$$! I feel like a newborn kitten or a baby...even the six pound weights were too heavy. I hate being so weak, but know there's only one way to fix that!

Spending the afternoon making icing for my cake dec. class tomorrow, scrapbooking, making dinner, and then going to my 'food and mood' group. Should be a nice day.

Went back to OA was good to be back there.

Have a great day, Beachies!
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This my saved entry..................Looks like rain!

A good sleep.Hubby is home til 8:30 while waiting for a foundation to be backfilled. Kid are still snoozin. Having a coffee.

BIG stuff today. Might be getting my rocks from the farm. Sometimes hubby thinks my ideas are bunk but he was excited about this. My new friend the pro organizer is coming for an hour freebee in my office to give me ideas to keep things in check. And there is supposed to be a video segment being filmed here for the school conflict resolution program at our school later this aft BUT........ no one returns my calls about the details. That bugs me.

I also was asked and agreed to do the make up( makeover) for the cover woman of my business Magazine. Ordered the product thru one of my reps. I think we are doing it next Wed evening.

Had a few chips last night wiht hubby but not a entire 3 course meal. Still focused on losing weight.................................

Rocks arrived at 8:30. I have 11 over 300lbs ea and a bunch of smaller ones.
Lovin it!!!!!!!

2 calls and 2 things cancelled for this aft!! Steady rain all day. Lovin that too.

Not lovin the turkey sandwich I ate. I aimed for 1 slice of caraway rye....had 2. Desperately want more, drinking water.Avioding the kitchen. Time for a wee nap while I listen to my soap. Kids are playing house in DD's room.
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Afternoon gals!

BeachGal Are you taking your cake decorating class through a craft store? Our local Michael's offers the Wilton Cake classes. They look fun.

Schatzi So did you eat the chicken with the coconut??

Hippy The SBD way of eating is awesome and so healthy for you!! WTG on making it to Day 3.

Just finished up lunch (cukes with LC cheese and smoked turkey). DH and DD just took off to go see Cars- I have heard it is quite cute. One of my kids from school had given me a Cinemark gift card, so they are going to go enjoy. Works for me as I will get a few hours of quiet if the baby girl falls asleep. I am going to go curl up with a book right now. Later gals!
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Hi Ladies

I wondered what happend to the board. I Hate and Scared of thunder storms. We had one the other night,and I wouldn't go to sleep ,next day I felt like a zombie for lack of sleep.

I can believe how hot its got these last few days, we tend to go from cold to hot all to soon.Now it back to drinking extra water to flush out the water retention we all are going to go though the summer months.

Top of stove and grilling outside along with protein salads are going to be the main event of cooking during the hot summer months.I'm trying to keep my menus simple.

We love veggies,and thats our base, starting with a 1/2 plate veggies 1/4 plate protein 1/4 plate carbs,and now that its getting hot Leo & I are going for more salads[egg,tuna chicken]
Portion control is still want I'm doing to keep in control. I just EYE BALL everything.I did measuring & weighing like they do at WW,but I got sick of doing that.

Nothing new at my end,just wanted to report in.Walked along the beach this morn,& picking up my medicine and a pearl bracelet Leo got for me for my birthday tomorrow was the only thing on our agenda.To hot to do anything today.

Hugs BB

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hottie inside
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Hi Chicks!

Well, it's definitely not smoldering here in SD like you think it would...we've had a 'cold' spell and it's only about 75 today and windy. Did I mention that is ALWAYS windy here. Being a transplant, I'm not used to it and I can't stand it!! But, not to fret, I'll be heading to sunny Las Vegas in about a week in a half to do some gambling and sun worshipping

I've been staying OP pretty well, I have slipped a little and eaten some cereal that has too much sugar in it, but I was desperate and couldn't get to the store. (Yeah, yeah, I know, you've heard them all a million times )

Exercising is going well, especially since joining a sand volleyball team. We play once a week, but usually practice once too, so that's really helping my activities. Riding bike and doing pilates the rest of the time. I'm pretty pumped - I am more into this than I thought I'd be. Determination

If anyone has any good salad recipes to make for side dishes, please post them. We are doing the grilling out thing most of the summer too, and want easy side dishes to serve that can be prepared ahead of time. I especially love avocado and am looking for a southwestern type of salad.

Well Chickies, back to work. Have a great hump day.
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Hi everyone,
Was out of the office yesterday, just got back.

Ewwww coconut Taco???? I will eat just about anything, but that doesn't even sound good. Actually, how was it???

SB wise, I'm ok. Really hungry today for some reason. Had three slices of canadian bacon for breakfast, a Wendy's Spinach Chicken salad for lunch....had some celery too. Just down right hungry, and feeling like since this is my 7th day (started one week ago today) that I should be done by now. What's with my head???? Going to have a turkey burger for dinner with fresh tomatoe slices....I need a

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Losing never felt so good
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Default's summer! A teacher's favorite time of year!

I had a nice day today except my 8 1/2 month old DS hit me in the eye with a piece of paper. It is really red and painful. Oh well...that means I'll only see 1/2 the food I have in the kitchen~

Baby is sleeping now and I'm enjoying a little me time. But DH is on the way home so I won't be getting much!

Stayed OP today but I don't think I ate enough. SB is doing its job because I am not hungry at all! I'm down another 1.5 pounds~

Have a great night!

GAGIRL - my Mom has the same condition and lost 75 pounds on the beach. She didn't do any exercising due to a bum knee...not bad, eh?
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did better this aft when I was hungry had a couple oz of stewed beef from the soup cookies, sandwiches passed these lips!!

woohoo....hubby came home early and I went and got a trim!!!!! No more fuzzy ends!!!

packed 3 orders
did the stinkin dishes
put a soup bone on to boil, and just tossed in stuff(lots o vggies) to make stew
rain has stopped, sun is out, thinking I will go do some weeding and admire my rocks( my own little stone henge for solstice).

Hubby is thrilled. we have some beauties!!
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gotta lose it!
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Hello was my day off...been busy with laundry & errands. Making dinner now. It seems like I never get done & I don't even have children!
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