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I can do this!
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Talking TGIF March 24

Happy Friday, Chicks!

I have mass and a 'soup and scripture' study at church today...will bring a taco salad made with vegetarian taco meat as the soup is rarely SBD safe, unfortunately. I have tons of dishes to do, want to make some healthy cookies (apples, nuts, prunes, unprocessed bran, and whole wheat flour...they look yummy and filling. Think they'll make great breakfast food for DH!), and have to roast tomatoes for tonight's amazing homemade mac n' cheese recipe from Cooking Light. We'll have that with some broccoli and cheese for a cheese-o-rrific meal tonight.

Watching a Shakira video today is making me want to go do a ton of ab work! I have to figure out how to do work on my abs without hurting my leg. I think I can do some of the exercises as long as I can keep my leg stable. Wish I could do yoga/pilates...sleeping with my leg up on pillows and trying to hold it rigid is making everything hurt! Not to mention the contortions I have to do to take a bath/shower without getting my leg wet.

DH and I are starting our bathroom reno this weekend...I'm not really looking forward to the work...but it'll be nice to spend time with him and to have a new bathtub that's much wider and deeper than the one we have now.

I started going to a new therapy group on food and's interesting!

Have another group therapy (this one just for regular craziness ) meeting tonight. Otherwise, it'll probably be snuggling on the couch and movies!

Have a great Friday, chicks! Stay warm!
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Morning Chicks!!!!!

Just a quick check in this a.m. then I'm off to dress kiddos and get them out the door. My ticker is down though!!!! The loss stuck from last w/i so Yeah!!

Laurie - Hope you're sleeping right now b/c it sounds like you'll have a busy day
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Happy, Happy Friday!

Laurie ~ Please, please, pretty please, post the recipe for that yummy sounding Mac & Cheese with roasted tomatoes that you are making tonight! It sounds like the ultimate comfort food to me, yum! I'm interested to hear what your new class on Mood Eating has to say, as I know I sometimes use food as a crutch.

I only have to babysit the girls from 8 - 10 this morning, then I have to come back home and get ready to go to DD's for the weekend. I'm taking the train since I'll be coming back here with them on Sunday. Holy Smokes! I just looked out the window and it's snowing! Is Spring ever going to get here???

I'll try to check back in later this AM if I get the chance. Time for Curves right now!
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gotta lose it!
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Morning everyone! This will be a quick post....gotta get to work -ugh! I'm tired! The scale hasn't been moving either - not gaining is good, but still. I lose control from 3pm until 6 or 7......any suggestions? Yesterday I had 2 at 5 when I got home because I was straving & another at 8 when DF came home....what's my problem?
Cottage - enjoy curves
Laurie & Kelly - morning!
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Mornin' all. Glad the week is almost over. I'm on vacation next week, but am just sticking around the house to do odds and ends. I'm sure more purging of "stuff" will be on the agenda. Missed out on the posts yesterday, so hopefully everyone is feeling better - seems like so many of us are either rundown or out and out sick! Time to head in to work. Have a great day everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Laurie, I never know if you post just before you finally go to bed or are up really early! I sure hope that pain alleviates soon as I know how you like to get on with life.

Kelly, it's great that your ticker is down! Mine is still lying but only by a tiny bit.

Cottage, enjoy your time with the girls. I wish my grandbabies lived closer.
It's snowing! WTF! Please keep it there, OK? We are cloudy and just at the freezing point so.....

Soon, I wait for your UGH every morning! Perhaps you could glug some V8 and have a cheese stick during your danger time? You are pretty stressed right now and your body is probably hanging onto the tiny bit of weight you still want to lose.

Jana, purging stuff is a great idea! I am slowly starting to do that although my kids are in a panic in case I throw out something they want. I pitched my son's baseball card collection back in 1975 and he still has not forgiven me.

Lucy got me up before five this morning. I know you have to pee more when you are preggers but she's not even halfway there yet! I suspect good ole boy Ralph is back at work and she hears his truck start up.

Anyhow, I'm up and at 'em. Candice comes early this morning to clean and I have to leave at 10:30 to work the Bingo for the rest of the day. As soon would say "Ugh"! I have a nice dinner planned but lunch will be sketchy. We are not allowed to bring "real" food into the Hall as they sell food - mostly crap. I usually just sneak some in and eat lunch when I'm locked in the little office with all the money.
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someday 145
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Feeling almost human today. I had really wanted to start using my new toy (home gym) this week, but, my since I like to breath, had to take care of my health first.
Has anyone else quit smoking. When I was put in the hospital Monday, of course you can't smoke. They gave me a patch for Monday and Tuesday, when I came home Tuesday, I wanted one, but didn't. So, as the cravings returned, I bought me some patches yesterday. I have smoke 3 cigarettes since going into the hospital at 9:30 am Monday to now. I still really want one I am not giving in, I am turning to food for it, don't want that either. I bought some sugar free mints and hard candies. But, how long does this craving take to get rid of? I am going nuts right now. I still can't do to much to keep me busy I run out of breath.
Wishing everyone a good day,
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Good Morning Ladies

Back to two Hopitals today, First to take a Cat Scan of his stomach area and than off the the other for another Cat Scan.This time there going to put tatoos[magic marker x's] on the spots were the cancers are,and than on Mon the ZAPPING will begin on those aweful C cells. We are very pleased with what the Oncologist told us yesterday.Your payers & good thought are really working keep them up.

The schedule today is working in my favor as I can have my 3 meals at home, without using any SB replacemnet bars.Must omit some of the bread/grain products at the 3 squares,because they seem to make me crave for SNACKS.Having 2 today.

my menu today

b-Sunny Parfait-[yogurtH/F Cereal,& berries]2 Herbed Teas
sn-LC Cheese on 2 tomato 1/2's.
l-Tomato/HB Egg Accordion Salad[recipe]dress
sn-6 dried apricots
d-salad w)dress,L/C salmon w) basalOzra Pasta,broc,collie
des-1c yogurt

Have to go will post later Hugs BB
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Morning ladies,
I am stopping in during my prep period to say hello! I hope everyone is well.

This weekend I plan on stepping it up at the gym and sticking hard to Phase I. Since I faltered so early I think I might just restart it for the full two weeks. That way I can make the best use of the 2 months before graduation. (May 25th is so close! I can't believe it. ) Anyway, I always do this to myself. I need to actually get through Phase I, I'm tired of the 4 to 5 day bursts than failing. .

Chipper, when my Grandfather quit smoking he said that what really helped him was drinking a ton of water. Whenver he wanted a smoke he just busied himself with getting a glass, ice, filling it up and drinking it. He'd been smoking for probably 40 years when he finally quit and while the patch helped he said, he mostly just tried to keep himself busy as **** while he was craving a fix. It must be really hard but you can do it! Be strong, .
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Well, I'm at work now, I've got my coffee and I'm ready to start the day ....NOT! Think I'll spend some quality time looking around 3FC and getting some new recipes to try. The black bean taco salad sounds really good (*drool*). I'm thinking of posting one of my new favorite dessert recipes but I'm not sure if I've got it refined enough yet. I took the lemon pie for breakfast recipe and changed it to chocolate. I make it in cupcake wrappers and enjoy one or two with a little cool whip and's so delish and makes me feel like I'm eating something that I shouldn't be Maybe I'll make another batch this weekend and really pay attention to the quanties I'm using.

Cottage - Enjoy the weekend with your DD!
Soon - sorry about the scale. Are you eating b/c you're hungry or b/c you're bored? This happens to me a lot on the weekends - if I'm hanging out at home I find myself constantly snacking b/c I'm bored. So I get up and try to find something to do or to distract myself. Another thing I do if I'm truely not hungry is to go and brush my one wants to eat with that toothpaste taste in their mouth, right?
Jana & Ruth - Have a great day!
Chipper - Good luck with quitting. I don't have any good advice, but know that you are doing it to better your health (you're right....breathing is good LOL)
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Morning Beach & Geek - we passed in posting.

Beach - As always I can't imagine how hard this is for you and DH but you really seem to be doing okay and have a great attitude.

Geek - for completing Phase 1 this time. Will you have time this weekend to sit down and do some planning? I know when my schedule gets crazy (as yours seems to be) the only way I'm successful is knowing what I'm going to eat and having it on hand. Good Luck!
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B: 1 eggs, 1 zucchini, sprinkle Parmesan, 1 mini quiche, coffee, diet cocoa
S: 1/2 cucumber, mint herb tea
L: black bean & chicken taco salad
S: bb brownie, sf Jell-O
D: hungry girl fredo, asparagus
S: diet rite, bb brownie

I liked the shiritaki noodles. I rinsed them REALLY well and made the sauce from Very tasty. The noodles are an odd consistency but I was fine with it. My boyfriend said they tasted like pasta flavored Jell-O. I supposed that's accurate. But hey, the whole Alfredo dish was like 100 calories, and who can argue with that?
Yesterday the zucchini pancakes didn't work out so well: they turned out more scrambled than like cakes. The secret is patience: I tried them again this morning with yellow squash and the secret is to put them in the heavily sprayed pan and do something else and let them cook longer than you think they need it. They were awesome! The perfect breakfast food: it was like a hash brown but better. I love squash. :-)

Chipper: I quit smoking a year ago on the first try, believe it or not. Get the book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. It made all the difference. Just do it. I know what you're thinking: a book can't help, she's crazy, etc, but hey, it's worked for me. And what do you have to lose? Twelve bucks?
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chick on the beach
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Smile good morning

good morning chicks
hope everyones day is going good so far yay its friday hubby gets paid i don't go back to work until next week so im still being lazy im going to get up soon and exercise for 30 minites and then watch court tv until 3 and then its to the grocery store and to pay some bill yay don't that sound exciting what is everyones plans for the weekend it still sort of cold here so im not sure well kisses everyone have a good day
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just a few more...
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I'll pop ack in later but Laurie you might want to try getting one of those stability exercise balls for your leg
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Good Morning all! Happy Friday. Took a personal day off work so I don't have to worry about 20 eight and nine year olds. I am loving it. Amazingly, I have been about to make it to day 13 of phase 1 with only one cheat last week. I am beside myself with joy because I am not the most self controlled person. Hope everyone else has a great day.
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