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Old 03-13-2006, 06:16 AM   #1
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Default Monday March 13th

Sorry Ladies,

I've been experiencing technical difficulties at home and haven't been able to get on line for more than a few minutes.

I will keep this post short because I might get kicked off any second.

HappY Monday everyone!!!
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Good Morning Freaky, we've all been wondering where you've been! I hope you get things straightened out fast!

It's a "pea soup" foggy morning here! It's supposed to be around 80* today, but cloudy with thunderstorms. Today is Audrey's 5th birthday, and we were hoping to have her party outside this afternoon, but it's doubtfull. There should be about 15 kids there, including my granddaughter, Amber, so chaos is bound to reign!

I'm adjusting my ticker to my new weight, the loss held overnight, so it's official, yahoo! See ya again after Curves.
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot
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Default Good Morning

WElcome back Freaky- sorry about the pc problems, hope it gets fixed soon!
Cottage- Congrats on the weight loss. Good for you!
I need you will power, I truly messed up this weekend and the scale was evidence of that this am. I am hoping that is not my ture weight becuase I was 5 lbs less yesterday.
So can anyone tell me am I really up 5 lbs overnight? Or is my body adjusting or water retention. Well whatever it is I am going to do great today! Already have my meals and calories planned.
I am feeling better today and I exercised the first time in a week! But I am starting to breathe again so I am happy about that.
Ruth- hope you come back soon. I miss you!
Wezzle- how did your interveiw go?
HAve to run, have a great OP day everyone!
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Good morning!

Back to the world of the working, so this will be quick! I have enjoyed being around more on the boards this past week.

Beach I am so sorry to hear about your DH. Continues thoughts and prayers are headed your way!!

Cottage Yeah!! WTG on pushing through a stall and seeing great progress.

Freaky We were worried about you! Glad to see you back!

Mama Water, water, water.........

My daughter's baptism was very sweet yesterday- she was a gem and charmed everyone. Today is her first day at a new daycare. Please send up a prayer for her that it is a better, more positive environment than were she has been. I need peace when I take her in the mornings. I was very impressed with the couple when I interviewed them and have several good references, so I am hoping this is a good placement for her.

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Morning Chicklets!

BB: to you and DH.. We'll be pulling for you both.

Freaky: Welcome back hon! You were missed!

Morning Chores are done and I'm off to Curves! I'll pop back in later.
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Come on Spring!
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I'm back from my mini-vacance and seem to have picked up 5 pounds! I did have a ball, however, and am sure I burned off at least two pounds from laughing. I'm pretty sure I avoided trans-fats and Franlenfoods but that's all I avoided! My ticker is lying this morning for sure.

My neighbour, Liz, needs a drive to work shortly so I'm outta here. I certainly owe her because her man, Moel, checked the house when I was away and discovered the roof was leaking! And he FIXED it! Great neighbours!

Back later.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Freaky: Glad you are back!

Ruth: Wonderful to have such great neighbors. Glad you got to laugh so much and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Cottage: Congrats on the Loss! That is GREAT! Today is my son's 12 b-day!

Schatzi: Good Morning!

Mama: I ate so bad this Friday and Saturday. Saturday night I was out of control and I hated it. It felt so good to be back on plan Sunday. I was hungry Sunday night tho. Lets drink LOTS of water today!!!

Kiko: I bet that was really special (baptism).

Wheezle: I heard that Springfield lost electricity. I hope you are okay and if yours is gone that you get it back soon!!! The storms are headed my way now!

Today we are expecting storms and winds. My good friend wants to get together and let the kids just play and do whatever while we scrapbook! I knew there was a reason I did all the laundry on Saturday!
I usually work on Monday evenings but took it off for my sons b-day. Putting a roast in the crock pot so that is easy and I can enjoy the day!
HOpe you all have a great one!
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Morning ladies - I had such a great time camping this weekend and feel sad that it's back to the daily grind again.. Have a training session in 20 mins and then actually going to help a friend move this morning. One of my closest girlies who's been married for less than a year, moving out while her husband is at work. She has been living in such a volatile situation, luckily it hasn't gotten physically abusive.

Anyways I REALLY need to get my weekend eating under control so that I am still losing not just maintaining. Just need to remember "the weekends are not a vacation from SB." Seems like there is always a "good" excuse to cheat!

Debbie - Enjoy your Monday evening off! I think I'd go crazy if I had to work Monday evenings. Monday evenings are for relaxing and congratulating yourself on going back to work if you ask me!

Ruth - Glad you had a great time on your mini-vac. I had a great mini-vac in the woods myself!

Schatzi - Good morning!

Kiko - I bet that was a sweet ceremony! Will definitely say a prayer that the new daycare is a nurturing, loving environment!

Mamahulk - I bet you will see the weight drop in the next couple of days due to water weight and elimination.

Cottage - Congrats on the loss! Could you blow some willpower dust my way?

And last but certainly not least Freaky - Welcome back! I think I'd be going insane if I didn't have a reliable internet connection!

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Good morning all!

Freaky -- sorry to hear about your 'puter issues.

Sarah -- I wish it was camping weather around here ... I love tromping around in the woods. Hopefully, I'll get to go sometime this summer.

Cottage -- like the new avatar! Pretty!

mamahulk -- I'll send some will power your way. Great that you've planned your meals. I'm not even sure I have any food in my apartment after being away all weekend.

Ruth -- my parents have neighbors that are more likely to POKE holes IN our roof, so yours do sound great!

Kiko, debbie, and Schatzi -- Hey there!

Et, pour moi, last week's weight loss of 2 pounds did indeed hold up and I lost another two pounds for this morning's weigh-in. Yay. I have been subjected to even more criticism due to my baggy clothes, though, from my younger sister. Unfortunately, I have always had the habit of buying pants and shirts that are too big anyway. So, now everything looks ridiculous, because I'm wearing stuff that's about 4 sizes too big. I'm seriously just going to have to buy some less tailored outfits, despite my distaste for elastic waistbands. Oh, well, it could certainly be worse, so I'm not complaining!
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MamaH. ~ I'm willing to bet that right now it's just water retention, check your weight again tomorrow and it should be more accurate. Glad you're feeling better.

Kiko ~ I'm glad it went well yesterday. I'll be thinking of your little one today in her new daycare, and hope it works out perfectly for you. I can relate to your concern, just keep your eyes and ears open and listen to your "mother's intuition".

Ruth ~ Welcome back! I'm so glad you had a great time, it was well-deserved! We sure did miss you, though!

Schatzi ~ So you've jumped onto the Curves wagon, too! Hurray!

Debbie ~ Stay safe through those awful storms your part of the country is having! Looks like we'll both be trying to avoid cake and ice cream today! Enjoy your day with the kids!

Sarahslacker ~ I hope everything turns out ok for your friend.

The sun is shining now, so I'm going to try to work in the yard a bit. I still haven't pruned back my Butterfly bushes and the rose bushes, so that's what's on my agenda for this morning.
Live simply
Laugh often
Wine alot

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Mornin' all. Freaky, glad to have you back. I hear you about the technical difficulties. I tried to log in from home this morning, but my internet connection wasn't working. Soooo, I'm doing this from work. Shhhhhh.

Sorry I can't reply to everyone, since I have to make this quick - the internet police are watching But, had to check in with Weezle. Did you make it through the storms okay? Sounds like your area got pounded this weekend like KC did. I didn't have any damage around my house, but there were LOTS of tornados yesterday afternoon and evening.

Everyone else, have a great day. Hope to check in when I get home from work.
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Morning Chicks - it's a dreary Monday here which pretty much fits my mood today. Hoping I snap out of it soon....I hate feeling so grumpy.
Not a lot of time to post to everyone but Beach I am so sorry about DH. You both are in my thoughts. And Kiko - I hope your DD does well at daycare today. I know how heart-wrenching those Mommy decisions are.
~ Kelly

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gotta lose it!
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Morning everyone.....lots of rain here! I was woke up a couple of times last night....the big storm made my older cat, Thunder a little nervous & he needed to be under the covers with his parents.
Cottage - not going to Curves this morning, sorry no stories to tell!
I'm feeling a littly yucky so I hope going back to bed for a few will help - I go to work at 4.
Have a safe, OP day!

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Swedish Proverb
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Good morning everyone! I've only been to work for about an hour because school started late due to fog. It was nice because I got to sleep in!

I had my first horrible day OP yesterday. I don't know what was wrong with me, I was feeling down and I turned to food. My stomach felt terrible this morning so I'm glad to be back OP today. I did manage to walk this weekend, the weather was wonderful. I'm trying to get back into walking 5 days a week again.

Kiko - Hope your daycare situation works out, there's nothing more important.

Well, I need to get some work done. I'll check back later.

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Good Morning Ladies

Thanks so much, Ladies for all the support and kindness for us.

My DH is feeling great today.We're going out to buy him a lounge chair so he can relax and nap while he down stairs.Instead of going upstairs all the time to bed.

Ate too many bread carbs yesterday. Going to cut those down today.Changed my dinner menu for yesterday,Silly me, saw an advertizement for Taco Bell and I just had to have one of those 2 wrapped burritos. So I made my own verison.[peppers,onions ground turkey with taco seasonings put in a cut WW pita than wrappped in a WW taco shell]YUMMM!!!

Today I'm going to take care, of my sloppy eating habits.

Exercising on the bike is going to be put on hold [as we are going to put the lounge chair there in its place]

Can use my exercising tape though,going to walk for 45 min.and than bring my step out and use that for a while.

Kiko-Thanks for your prayers & support,we will stay strong to fight this horrible disease. Sending prayers back to you,that your day care is better for your wee one.It must be hard to leave her behind,while your working or at school.

Thanks Schatzi and Kelly I really appriciate all you wonderful ladies on this thread. & board.

Have to go will post later

Hugs BB
Hugs Maryann

2010 lost 9 lbs.
2011 lost 2.5 lbs.
2012 lost 23 lbs.
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