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Who needs sleep?
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Talking Saturday's Child - Weekend Chatter

Hey all - thought I'd get a headstart on the earlybirds on the east coast (it's still technically Friday in my timezone). I'm going to have a busy day, and I don't know when I'll get to pop in to say "Heya"!

DH and DS are going to visit DS's grandparents for a while today, so I'm staying behind to do housework. Oy, a toddler can make a mess fast! And thouroughly! So I'll be vacuuming, scrubbing the tub and toilet, doing dishes; all those chores everyone loves so well . Oh yeah, and laundry - LOADS! If it's nice out, I can hang it out to dry, though - mmm! I love the smell of clothes dried outdoors! Even in town they smell good (although not nearly as good as dried in the fresh country air).

I heard from my brother's kids' daycare provider yesterday - she's going to have an opening 2 days a week! So starting in September, DS will be going to daycare with his cousins 2 days a week, which means time to do homework and housework WITHOUT him underfoot ! Yay! Plus he needs more time with other kids near his age, so it'll be good for him. And I'll still have him most of the week !

That's all for now - I'll check back when I can!

Everyone have a terrific day!
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Heather.... I totally sympathise with having a messy toddler - I have a whirlwind for a daughter (she is lucky she is so cute )

Today we finally got around to clearing some of the boxes since we moved... we are almost totally unpacked - which is great!

I have been going really well with exercise lately, but over the last few days my foot injury from Cambodia has been playing up and is severely restricting my movement - which is a real shame. I may have to bust out the exercise bike. I am missing my walks through the park though.

We are having a cold snap here in sunny Queensland... well it is winter but it has pretty much stayed in the 20 degrees for the last few months which has been very toasty, so I suppose we can't complain!

Hope your weekend on the beach is great!
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Come on Spring!
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Quick good morning!

Cousin Cathy is still sleeping away and I've just discovered the milk is sour so I'm off to the market to get some more. We have had a wonderful visit! She is such a fun person and I've laughed until my stomach muscles hurt! She'll be leaving before noon and it will be so strange to be alone again after the past four days of so much company and entertaining.

I'll pop in again this afternoon.
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cranky & determined
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Good Mornin' Chicas!

I'm just back from walking the Casper (who again, half way out, didn't want to continue) and I['m officially protessting this heatwave! We haven't had a drop of rain in nyc for far too long and, everytime the weather gurus predict some, it bypasses us.

Well, it's always something... I'm looking forward to the cooler weather - the only time I enjoy summer is when I'm near or on the water and can take a nice long walk on the beach, going in and out of cool water.

I'm making a coffee run before the temperature gets any higher.. talk to y'all later and have a glorious day on the beach,Chicas!
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gotta lose it!
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Morning everyone!! Ruth, I'm so glad you are having fun! Heather & Marianna....I too know about messy toddlers.....thank goodness I'm just an aunt! I took Kloe to the county fair....she wore me out! I was sore afterwards...she passed out on the way to the camper (her mom was thankful!) I took her through the barns with the sheep & goats...she kept saying "ahhh, puppies!" She's a crazy one!
Well I'm off to work - yuck! Have a good day!
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Good morning, lovies!

I slept in until 8:30 this morning. No pill this time, although it took a while to get to sleep.

Heather, isn't it funny how when we get some time alone in the house, there's a real urge to clean? That's wonderful that you'll have a few days alone in the fall! I agree... it's so much easier to get things done when everyone else is out of the house.

Marianna, it IS a good thing they're cute!
A friend of mine has two little boys, and he said to me once, "You know, I wouldn't sell them for any money, but I wouldn't give you a loonie (a dollar) for the pair of them."
Good luck with the unpacking! 20 degrees sounds HEAVENLY!!

Ruth, I'm so glad you had a good visit with Cathy. I'll bet you've got some new stomach muscles.

Anna, I am so with you re: the weather. This has been the worst summer for heat and humidity. I hate winter, but for the first time in my life, I'm looking forward to it. Looking forward to turning on the furnace, bundling up in sweaters and a blanket, and getting cozy in my chilly house.

Soon, I hope you have a good day, hon! Sounds like you had lots of fun with little Kloe. Did you have a "chat" with your Dad?

We've got mice already!! Shouldn't those little buggers be outside instead of rustling around in my pantry!?
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Good morning!!

K-Ho and Marianna How old are your little ones? Mine are 3 1/2 and 2 months. I cannot believe the mess my 3 1/2 yer old can make. I feel like that is all I do is pick up around here. Aren't girls supposed to be neater?? (Check my profule pic to see these adorable wonders!!)

Barb I have good news for you! There is a Ruby Tuesday in McKinney- right at 75 and Eldorado Pkwy. I know that is a bit of a trek from Richardson, but they have such an SBD friendly menu. There is a Texas Roadhouse in the same vicinity where you can get a good SBD meal as well.

Ellis Yeah for sleep! Baby Meg slept until 6:00 today and then went right back to sleep after her bottle. I slept until 8:00!!

Ruth Glad to hear you are enjoying your visit!!

Me- We actually go to Ohio next weekend, but SIL and nieces are here this week. My DD was so excited to see them last night, she is anxiously awaiting their phone call today. I think we are going to go check out the new IKEA that just opened two weeks ago. I think it will be an absolute madhouse, but I have been dying to see it. Should be comical with 5 children, but what the heck!!

I am down 3 pounds this week!!!!!! I finally got to change my ticker. I cheated a bit last night with a glass of wine, but it tasted divine!!

Hope you all have a super Saturday!
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Kiko, your little ones are so beautiful.
I remember the first time our DD slept right through the night. She was an "every four hours" nurser, and DH and I woke up at 8 one morning, PANIC STRICKEN because she hadn't woken in the night. We both went RUNNING to her room, convinced that she was dead.
I love IKEA. We got our red kitchen cabinets from there. (not to mention a shipload of other thingys. heh heh)
Congratulations on the 3 pounds, girl!!
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicklets~~

I've been and come back from doing two STAT calls. On opposite sides of the city. Wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had to take a detour through downtown Atlanta b/c of roadwork on the perimeter highway, but sheesh, can it get anymore out of the way???

Dh and I are headed out to the Farmers Market for some fresh veggies and meat/chicken. I'm also getting some of my beloved Greek style yogurt. Yum! If you haven't tried it, you oughta, it's great. I use it spread on pita bread with red pepper dip, as well as in my smoothies.

Not much else going on around here. I'm hoping these popcorn T storms will stay away long enough to get in a hike. I was going to go to Jones Bridge Park, but a guy drown there (fishing in the river, slipped and his waders filled with water) He still hasn't been found and I sure as heck don't want to be the one to find him!

You all have a great day on the Beach!
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Kiko - That is wonderful news about the Ruby Tuesday. That isn't TOO much farther than the restaurants in north Plano that we used to go to a lot. And Brian did love the penne pasta on the kids menu (plus I let him have some of my broccoli). Oh, I want to check out IKEA! I'm waiting until the crowds die down and I have a little more time. Congrats on the weight loss and your daughter sleeping more. That will really help you with school starting.

Me - I'm back down two of the 3 pounds I gained in South Carolina. I'm prepared for the Scout's pool party this afternoon. Our den is to bring chips but I also am bringing a 3 bean salad and overnight slaw. I've got the SF WW hot dog buns and plan to limit myself to one hot dog since the sodium always causes me to retain water.
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Ready to Change
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Morning chicks, not much going on here, of course it is another quickie for me. Just finished tidying up the house and have laundry on the go. Need to get dd ready for her golfing not sure how much fun she will have as it is raining here. Other than that it is off to pay some bills and get some food before we all starve to death. I also need to pick up a few more school supplies, then back to pick up dd,then home to do???? Not sure. We were out late last night with friends for a bonfire and dh is feeling a little under the weather today. So it may just be cuddles in front of the tube. :wink: Must dash need to get a shower and dash off. Have a great day chicks.
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Hi Chicks

Yikes People everywhere up here,no place to park and its too hot to walk. We're having our road race tomorrow and the participence are practicing along our beachs.

Well I knew it was too good to be true my 149 is up slightly,but I'm not changing my ticker as its not my offical W-I. It has to be the humidity thats being on water retention. Have to wear my slip on as my regular shoes don't fit.I Hate Summer, give me the S-N-O-W anytime.

My poor tomato plants are suffering from the heat(humidity) also, they have brown rot on the bottom of the tomatoes.

H-ko-Yikes I hate cleaning,my dh bought me athe new Swifter by Dirt Devil and does it work. on my hardboard floors. I'm really happy about owning one.

Marianna-Sorry to hear about your foot. I guess the humidity doesn't help either. Thats my passion to walk along the beachs and than my is my second.

Ruth- have a great weekend with your cousin, Yikes sour milk,we're buying smaller cartions just for that reason.

Over-I don't like the summer months either (look above) We use to have beautiful summers in the '50's(giving my ago away) They blame it on Global Warming but to me thats nuts. Its the way the weather cycle goes,earlier than the '50 we also had this draught. We have to live with it.TG for A/C.

Soon-Kids can wear you out I know from my dgc the older we got the harding to control them.

Ellis-Yikes Don't say that 4 letter word "MICE" we had them its winter and I don't want to see them again. I just got rid of the tiny brown ants on my kitchen. Why Oh Why, do those crutters have to come in the house. Get some traps.Glad that you got your ZZZZZ's

Kiko- on your 3 lb weight loss Big, congrats to you

And to a the rest have a nice day Hugs BB

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Mamacita- Never heard of Greek style yogurt. Sound delish...............

Barb-Big Congrat on your 2 lb weight loss

Little Chick- have fun with house work,Thats what I'm going to attempt to do. Wish I had a gene with wishes he could grant me a maid to clean this house.

Hugs BB.
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Default Hey!

How's ya all doing this AM? Me? I wish I were still in bed. Having to get up on a Saturday morning at 0430 smacks of abuse (unless it's to get up and watch cartoons)

I totally melted down yesterday and pretty much inhaled everything in my path.............not sure what that was all about . I did gain 4 pounds after my trek from the first of the week. I think I was a little bummed out about that, but I felt so awful from eating the way I did yesterday, that maybe I'll decide I need to behave and not let a 4 pound weight gain get to me.

It's been cool here, a bit chilly last night. Sorry to all of those of you who are melting.

beach bum, I couldn't see your ticker. Hope you have some relief from humidity today.

little chick, enjoy the snuggle day. Let yourself be "sick" for a minute and enjoy it!

Barb, hope I can lose the increase in pounds like you did. You are my hero!

Mama, where in Atlanta do you live? My oldest lives in Swanee. I can't remember the name of the hospital she works at though.

Ellis, red kitchen cabinets? I bet that's beautiful. Glad you slept better. Mice again? You need a dozen cats.

Kiko, congrats on the 3 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna be like you!!!

soon2b, have a great day at work.

operadog, I hope your protest works!

Ruth, sounds like you've had a great time! Hope you can stand the quiet when it comes. Give Harry a hug from us!

Marianna, glad you are able to see light at the "unpacking" tunnel. I don't like to move.

Hko, glad you found a babysitter, bonus that it's family! Are returning to college? Hope you get all your laundry done today, when you finish can you come over????

Well, off to get busy. It's a nice enough day that the ER will be busy in the next couple of hours. Sigh, I wish I were in my garden...............
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I vant to draw your blood
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RN, I live in Snellville. Same county as Suwanee, Gwinnett. The closest hospitals are Gwinnett Medical, Joan Glancy, and Emory Eastside(my neck of the woods, I work just down the street from it).

Okay, no hike today, (Rain, gee whiz, what a surprise!! ) Ended up walking around and around and around the mall. I think we did about 3 miles. So, at least I got some exercise in.

Bought some mussels from Maine today at the farmers market. For $1.24 a pound, I couldn't resist. Tomorrow, we're having mussels in garlic sauce, zucchini, and whole grain Italian bread. Yummy!!

Okay, gotta fix a "plate" for our supper. (goat cheese, olives, celery sticks, baby carrots, and no sugar/low fat lunch meat)

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