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Default Positive Tuesday CHAT 4/12

As you wake up put this to mind. Today I am going to be positive.

I need to think positive to be positive.

I will be positive about what I choose to eat.

I will be positive about my actions.

I will positively be positive.

I am goijg to put this to the test today as I eat out.
I have made a plan.
I have good choices in mind.
Now, I shall be positive and stick to this.

I know I can and will.

Hope you all are well, happy and after reading this positive.

Lady (I like how you call me this so Lady it is)
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Ready to Change
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Morning Lady, thanks for the great thoughts for the day. Hope you have a great day
It is snowing here this morning, grrr. I will return in a bit I have to feed the baby.
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Working for the Cruise!
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Morning Ladies, and Lady!

Well, my weekend, which I am just catching up on now, was fairly crazy. Friday night Bry and I took Shelby to meet the original Shelby (the one with cancer). The original Shelby hasn't moved much since being put on meds, but when she saw our baby she started trotting and even played tug of war! It was really great. We stayed in and watched Flight of the Phoenix on PPV. Nice relaxing evening.

Saturday we had our auction at Hornell. We bought enough hots dogs, donuts, coffee, and chips for 200 people. We ended up having 20 bidders and 5 crockpots full of chili at the end of the day! We made out ok though, they bought all of the junk on auction so I'm happy!

However, I ended up bringing home 3 dozen Dunkin Donuts, a crockpot of chili, homemade brownies and chocolate chips cookies, and tons of soda. Didn't have ANY of it. Very proud. I weighed myself Saturday morning and noted the 9 pounds lost and I think that's what kept me from eating that stuff all weekend.

Sunday was a gorgeous day, absolutely GORGEOUS. I slept in til noon blissfully and then put on a coat of cream in the kitchen for the trim, spray painted some old cabinet knobs and other hardware chrome, took out storm windows, and scraped paint off the outside of the window seams so we could get some fresh air. Afterwards I stretched out in the grass and watched the boys play basketball and caught up with college friends. Just a lazy day after the house work.

Today I have a ton to do, but I do want to wish everyone a Happy Tuesday and a positive day as well!
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Working for the Cruise!
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Morning Little chick, sorry for the snow!
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Thank you Lady for the positive remarks! I know they'll help me through the day. Have a good one.
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A Lily from my yard!
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Good Morning! It seems it will be a rainy day here. Hopefully it will wash all the pollen away. Everything is covered in yellow dust! I need to back my car out of the garage and let it rinse it off as well. I washed it twice over the weekend and by the time I got home Sunday afternoon it was covered again. Lot's of catching up to do around the house today. I am hitting phase 1 wide open today. We have a soccer game tonight and I am hoping it does not get rained out.

Lady...Thanks for the positive thoughts this morning. I hope you have a great day.

Lil Chick....SNOW! Oh my goodness. Well I won't tell ya that it is supposed to be 75 here today. lol

Adia....Good for you staying away from all the junk! Glad everything sold. Atleast the chili will freeze and junk food is usually pretty easy to give away. lol

Tar675...Good Morning to ya!

Well I am off to fix my breakfast. Something I always struggle with eating early. I know I have to or it throws my whole day off. Have a Blessed day all!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning! My brother David is here and we are going out to breakfast shortly. We had a fabulous roast of beef last night and I don't feel a bit guilty! I drank lots of water flavoured with Scotch!
Catch you later.
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Good Morning all,

Just a quick fly by as I am in the middle of a huge project at work. I hope everyone has a great day.

little chick ~ No offense - but please keep the snow up there!!

Adia ~ Glad the auction went well - and good for you !!! Keep your eye on the prize

Bamie ~ Have you gotten any rest yet?? Don't wear yourself out. Take time for you.

Ruth ~ Have fun with Brother at breakfast (STAY AWAY FROM THE HOME FRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Scotch has sugar ya know!!!

Hope everyone has a great day. I'll check back in later.
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Morning ladies!

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Tuesday! Looks like it's going to be another day here...a bit windy, but as long as the suns out, I'm thrilled with that. Sorry little chick on your snow...hopefully it won't last long.

Fixed my ticker weigh in results since purchasing my new (correct ) scale. Hey, do you guys notice you have a ton more energy once the whole detox is done?? I swear I have a lot more energy now then I did before the SB's wonderful! I've been getting a ton done around here that I just never felt up to doing prior.

Anyways, have a wonderful one all!
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Thanks Lady, POSITIVE will be the word for the day

MrsC~~Thanks for posting the pics. You are just beautiful

Bamie~Can't wait t0 see pics of your kitchen decor (hint, hint)

Ellis~~Speaking of pics, I'M STILL WAITING.....

Adia~~Congrats on showing such strong willpower

Me~Yesterday I spent the afternoon grouting tile in the bathroom. A few months ago I layed some tile around the gardentub in the master bath, at the same time we were remodeling the kitchen. I finally got around to grouting it. I painted the walls and changed the light fixtures. I still need to find something to hang on one of the walls and then the BR will be done. I told my DH that I would like to change the faucets and flooring, too, and the look on his face said it all "You won't be satisfied until you have changed everything in this house". So, I guess that will be placed on the back burner.

Today I need to paint the baseboard molding so that DH can install those this weekend. Catch ya all later.
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Lady, that was a lovely post, thank you for the great words! Aida, WOW, you listed a million things you did, but still said you had a relaxing day afterwards! Wow, just reaffirms what us women consider "relaxing" We are so fabulous!!!

Good Morning to everyone else!!!

Found out I had pneumonia last week when each day I was "sure" that day was the worst of it and I'd feel even crappier the next. Got some really good antibiotics from the dr. and feeling much better, though still not 100%. Scared to do anything too strenuous for exercise to sticking to slower than brisk walks. Had to take a few full days off though, so I'm keeping that in mind when I do get on that TM - to keep it realistic and not push too hard.

Other than that, having a good day so far!
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I can do this!
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Have to go work on my paper. Keep your that I finish it in time for class tonight... I cannot wait for this term to be over!!!

Have a great day, chickies! I'm thinking of you (and sending a heat wave your way, LC! )
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Morning chickies

Hope all is well. I'm positively feeling a little better today. Even though TOM is due and I'm detoxing.

Bami - How's mom? Hope she is well. Get some rest.

Lady - Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

Ruth - Sounds like a great dinner.

Little Chick - Sorry about the snow.

Adia - Good job on the will power. You are an inspiration!

Raneysmom - Have a good day and don't work too hard.

Twiceblessed - I'm looking forward to that burst of energy at the end of three days. Yesterday I couldn't keep my peepers open after 3 pm.

Sil - You go girl! I despise grout work!

I'm feeling a little better today! I'm awake and that is a good thing. Work is so intense right now that I'm going to have to back off all my extra curricular activities. Hate that! I had V-8 and a cheese stick for breakfast. I have to get busy and make the mini quiches so I have something good to eat. I'm going to cut out anything that is prepackaged (including shakes) to accellerate (sp?) the weight loss. I think all the extra stuff was screwing up my Phase I last time I did it. I get more motivated by the day! I should have taken some girls in bikini pictures for motivation while in Florida. I will never wear a bikini again but I would like to not look like a root beer barrel. In a one piece.

Have a great day.
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Default Positively bad me!! LOL

I positively enjoyed PIZZA last night! HE HE! Pizza, breadsticks, cinnamon sticks and full fledged coke. LOL
I had SUCH a stressful weekend that I HAD to do it! LOL
(the devil made me do it )
And I don't even feel bad about it! I will go back to being good now, but sometimes you have to jump off the wagon to keep from going !

It is POSITIVELY raining here...but that is OKAY! Today is going to be a stress free day!

I wish that my room had a floor...I don't care so much for a door....but this walking around without touching the ground is getting to be quite a bore!
~emily dickenson
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Morning, everyone!
Lady - Beautiful words! I love starting the day with a positive attitude.
Little Chick - Sorry about the snow!

Adia - great job resisting the junk food. The chili might have been okay depending on how it is made. I have a crockpot-full cooking away for dinner tonight.

tar675, bamie, Ruth, Rayney's Mom, 2BFit - Have a great day!

twiceblessed - I definitely have lots more energy than I used to. Even when I work at night, I have more energy than I used to.

rochelle - Take it easy. I had to work back up with my exercise after being really sick with the flu in Feb.

beachgal - Good luck with the paper. I know you will be so relieved when it is done.

anchor - I'm not sure if bikini pictures would be motivating for me - or intimidating

Me - I managed to find World Market yesterday and got some new sugarfree syrups. The chocolate was yummy. Pain in the Butt class was a challenge but I'm glad I went. I even found time to pick up about 20 vegetable plants and get them planted last night.
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