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Default Hello...Newbie looking for some advice!

Hi, everyone! I am planning on starting SBD on Saturday, April 2. I know that planning is essential to be successful on SBD so I am asking some of you "experts" for some advice that will make my first two weeks as painless and temptation-free as possible. I am really looking for tips to make it as simple as possible while not feeling deprived. Thanks for all your help and I'm looking forward to hangin out on the beach with you all!

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These are some "diet rules" that have helped me...
1. Make some "emergency" meals and snacks up ahead of time, and don't let yourself run out of them. Something you can grab when you don't have time to cook like you had planned. I have always found that those are the times when I stray.
2. Similarly, Make large amounts of food and store for future meals. I like to make the "Fireside white bean and sausage soup" Then I divide it up into servings. I change up the things I eat with it so it doesn't get boring.
3. Don't let your menu get boring. You can't eat the same thing every day, day in and day out. Take advantage of the recipe thread and try something new.
4. Don't let food be a reward. I think we've all done it. "I lost 5 lbs, I can have this chocolate sundae." Don't rationalize like this. Choose non-food rewards.
5. If you have something that you can't give up- don't. You'll never stick to a diet that won't let you have your favorite food. Try to plan ahead and for all your other meals that day be especially good- lots of low cal veggies, etc. If you know you WILL have a piece of cake at that birthday party (or you think you will give into temptation) do the same.
6. Every pound you lose brings you one pound closer to your goal-don't get discouraged by small losses.

Good luck! I am just starting back after having a baby so I am right here with you!
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Hey AJ welcome aboard! Make sure ya join us in the daily chat! Looks like Jennie covered it!
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If you are addicted to coffee or sugar... start cutting back now! I gave up coffee my first time I started SBD, I was SO sick that I ended up quitting within a few days. I'd never give up coffee again.. hehe.. Good luck!

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Conquering with SBD
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Welcome. Great to have you at the beach. In addition to the other suggestions, here is mine.

Keep SBD snacks readily available. When you are wanting something to eat, reach for an OP snack, instead of the usual comfort foods.

Even carry one in your purse - like a cheese stick or a few nuts - so that you are not tempted beyond your own control.
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I am new here, and it is amazing how many websites there are for people like us. I am very overwhelmed by the support that you all give to each other. Had I had this support when I was younger, I might not be fat. But alas, I am and now that I have found this site, it might not be for much longer.

I started SB right before Thanksgiving and have lost 22 or so lbs. Have 'cheated' along the way, and gained back a couple, but went right back on. I have decided to start fresh again at phase 1 today. I dont really have any cravings yet, but it is only Tuesday. Will post daily and share my adventures with you.

Good luck to all


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Welcome to our lil sand lot! Look forward to chatin with ya!
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Welcome AJ and Lorigay!
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Hi AJ and welcome! I hope you find great ideas and daily support like I have! I started SB on 3/14. I guess what affected me most at first was not following "the rules" of snacking and eating on time. By the end of the first week, I was eating later than usual and did not snack...the result was nausea and dizziness! I felt sick! The 2nd week I stuck to the 3 meals/day w/snacks in between and I felt much better. Snacks are important! I like cheese sticks or yogurt.

I also absolutely cannot believe that my cravings for sweets and fast food have disappeared. This is unbelievably amazing to me! I can now go into the grocery store, completely skip the bakery aisle and I don't feel like I'm being cheated. I was such a sweet-a-holic! Now I enjoy SF Jello w/a dab of Cool Whip Lite and that does the trick!

Good luck! Keep visiting this site for tips and encouragement, and you'll make it! I love the recipes, too!

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Welcome Chicks! This is such an inspiring site! Come back often and you will be sure to suceed. I love the site and the advice, sharing, and laughs!
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Hi all! I am new too as of Monday, and I'm just looking to post and get to know everyone. I like this site a lot. It's great support. I find myself turning to it each night so I don't go into the kitchen and cheat. The first week is the hardest for me and after dinner is even harder. Good luck to all here!

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Default Wow!

Thank you all for the great welcome! And all the great advice! I guess I decided on SBD because it seemes so sensible and doable! I admit it...I am a sugar addict and I need help! That and I need to be taking better care of myself. So, I will be here as often as I can...and again, thank you all, and keep up all your hard work!

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