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Default If it isn't nailed down...

it goes in my mouth. I don't know what is going on but I just cannot stick with program for more than a few hours, two days was the max. Or, let me rephrase that "I do not stick with program." I'm so frustrated with myself. I think the worst frustration is I don't understand what my problem is because I like the food on SBD, I like the program, I lose weight when I stick with it, I enjoy the company of other people who are doing SBD, and I see how much other people are making progress and here I sit bouncing between 265 and 269 because I won't stay with. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Cuss cuss!!!!

I am blaming it on stress with work and home right now but I still have to learn to function with stress because we are never completely free of it.

Okay I am done bit**ing, don't really know what I hope to accomplish except I just wanted to vent I guess. Thanks for listening.
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Hey, I'm having the exact same problem. I caught myself shoveling mini choco chips into my mouth last night I am so stressed out right now and it seems like I either have food or a cigarette in my mouth at all times these days. I suck
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buzz buzz buzzin along
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Thumbs up I'm with you....

All I can do is think about the C word... eek! Hang in there!

You can stay on program now. you don't have to wait till tomorrow. you can do it now...

Im with you.. though. today is tough for me too! eating a little more than normal for me... im blaming mine on stress too
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Oh, Bunna (and others), I am SO with you. I'm eating a chocolate bar right now. Is it the cold weather? All I want to do is curl up in bed with books, and c&c. (chips and chocolate) And if someone served me a turkey dinner right now, I wouldn't say no to seconds and thirds.
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someday 145
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I am right beside you. I just want to eat. I haven't yet. But, getting reeeeaaaaal close. I have to go to the grocery store in a bit, and I am afraid of what I might buy. I was doing so good and the scale got stuck and hasn't moved. It's going on 3 weeks now. Instead of 1 SF pudding I am having 2, a bunch of nuts instead of the amount I am suppose to have. I want fires, candy, chips, etc. I don't know what to blame mine on??? It's just frustrating for me. I am feeling down right now, maybe that is why.
You aren't alone right now. I haven't even posted in the daily because of it. I feel like I can't get a handle on myself .
Well, have to get ready to run.
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I have to be really honest and say that I rarely stick to programs. My first month or so on SBD was on again, off again. But it seems to be pretty solid now. I have come to realise that I am a very bad emotional eater.. so I am trying to do things to eliminate that problem. I have been meditating and writing a journal. It all sounds very zen like, but it helps.

I get that frantic feeling right before I usually have a binge or go off plan.. like a desperate searching to fill me up. I turn to food, when it clearly isn't the answer. But while I am eating, that frantic feeling is momentarily passified.. but usually not for long..... sigh.. why does it have to be so tough?

I have come to realise that i keep perpetuating a cycle of self loathing... I hate myself because I am fat - I am fat because I hate myself.. does that make any sense at all? Time to break the cycle and realise that I deserve to treat myself well and to honour my body and its needs. and that means sticking to something.. when I fall off the wagon, its a quick dust off and then back on again.

Well I am feeling positive today. I went and did something pretty drastic - I went and got my nosed pierced yesterday. I had been meaning to get it done for awhile.. and it symbolises that fact that I am mistress of my own body.. I control it, not the other way around!

Best wishes everyone....
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How are you guys doing today? I hope you're doing well
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I can do this!
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Chicks, I know this is hard. Yesterday I was craving maccaroons (I don't even like them, let alone know how to spell the word... )!

Set yourself up for success. Get the mini chocolate chips out of the house. Get all money and credit cards out of your purse so you can't go get fast food. Get someone else to do the shopping. Get the food away from you! Tell all your friends at work that you owe them $10 (or more) every time you take a piece of candy from their desk and ask them to hold you to it! Stay out of the lunch room if there is any desireable food in there. Ask a friend at work or at home to be your buddy. Call, e-mail, or post when you have a craving, rather than eating!

You CAN do this, and once you get through the three-five days of detox, you'll no longer crave and this will be so much easier. Come on, friends, you CAN do this!!!
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Yes, Laurie!! We CAN do this!! I'm going out for breakfast with a friend this morning, and I'm going to enjoy myself, but I am going to TRACK MY FOOD!

Come on, girls... let's have a great day!!

ps... Artemis, you have a great attitude, hon!! Congratulations for working so hard on seeing yourself from the inside out!!
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A Lily from my yard!
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Encouraging you all! I am on the up swing right now with day 5 of Phase1 restart. But I have been on the down swing of eating and never being satisfied. Hugs to you all. I am hoping that I can stay focused and follow this through til the end this time. I have a hard time staying on task. I have always heard it takes 21 days of doin somethin to become a habit. Well I can usually hang in for about 21 days but then I lose intrest or forget. So I am not real sure about that way of thinkin. Now everyday is a new day and it is my choice of how I choose to live. Wether it is a good day or a bad day I have the option of what I do about it. So I am gonna try to get in the mind set of that is awful I think I need some brocolli! lol If I have to I'll sprinkle some splenda on it and call it brocolli pie. I know for me I have to make a life change or when I reach goal I will just end up gainin it all back pound by lil pound just like before. I know when I lost this first 26 and people were tellin me how good I looked (mainly family) I started feelin very comfy at this weight and size because I was listening to other peeps but then I started askin myself how I really felt about where I was. Well guess what when I really looked I found that I am not satisfied with stayin here as I am still overweight and a size 10 is not where I want to stay. (I am only 5'2") So for me I am still in the obese weight range. That is not where I want to be so I am in a new mind set that no matter what happens I am only sabatoging (sp?) myself by eating junk to cope with situations and making it worse because then I feel guilty for that junk I ate. So I want to eat good through all situations so they do not become worse. Sorry to go on so long. I hope you can understand what I mean and that it may help someone. Sending pos vibes to us all! (((())))
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Ready to Change
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Hey chicks I understand whole heartly what you are going through. Here are a few things that I do to keep myself from eating.

1. I do not buy any junk when I am at the store.
2. I have saved my virtual model to my pictures and look at it before I go shopping.
3. I tell myself that I am going to lose the weight for me and that I want to look good
and wear cute summer clothes.
4. I want to get my belly button peirced and as soon as I lose my 20 pounds I am
doing it.
5. Reward yourself at the end of each day or week for sticking to program. A book,
magazine, eyebrows waxed. Something it doesn't have to be pricey.

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Ladies, It's so hard for me too. I go on and off program all the time. I am finally staying on track. I finally decided that this is what I need to do. Everytime I am tempted to eat a burger or put some fries into my mouth, I think about how badly I WANT to lose weight and that I want to be healthier and thinner more badly than I want that fry. How being healthier would make me happier than that burger will make me. And I think about how I will be upset with myself later. It seems to really work for me lately. I hope you ladies find the words to tell yourself to make you think, okay... I'm going to do it.

Take one day at a time, and if you fall off track, don't be down on yourself, just jump back on you'll do great!
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I wanted some *FREE* (doesn't free anything always taste better?) pizza the other day. I was going to rearrange it all just to eat two slices -- I mean I'm talking skipping meals, etc...

But I didn't. I ate before my meeting with said pizza, went down and just drank a diet coke. NOT ONE SLICE!

Know what got me through? Nope, not willpower because I hardly have that.

It was guilt. I knew how horribly guilty I'd feel as soon as I put the last bite in my mouth and it wasn't worth it for me.

I'm really seriousl about losing this last 45 lbs this year and to set me back another, oh who knows how many for two slices of pizza is just dumb to me at this point, you know?

Think in those terms and we'll all do great.

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Thanks Chickies. So much great advice that I cannot even begin to know where to say thanks but you are all right on. Somewhere deep within me is the desire to be a size 12 again and I need to turn that desire into a fire within. As much as I don't like the idea of doing PI again I know that I need to do it faithfully for two weeks just to build my motivation up again.

You guys are the greatest.
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We're TTC!!
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I agree with Jenn. Since I am officially done with Phase 1, I have had a few slips. Nothing major, but when I do goof up I really beat myself up for it. The guilt is awful and it really lowers my self esteem. I'm tired of treating myself so cruelly. I got tired of being so happy because I did good Mon-Thurs, but then running myself down so viciously after the weekend. Just not worth it anymore. I think we all have our times when things in our life, including WOE are just off course. It doesnt mean that we are failures. I try to remember (when I have had a rocky day) accept what I did, adapt the rest of my day, and move on. Good luck ladies! We are going to do this!!
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