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Come on Spring!
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Default Tuesday Chat - January 11

Good morning!

I really need the coffee this morning so am just starting us up for now.

(30 posts on the Daily yesterday! That may be the record! What a chatty bunch!)

Back later for
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Morning Ruth, just made my pot of tea Nothing like a little caffeine to get you jump started in the morning. We are a chatty bunch. I wonder what we would sound like if we were all in one room together.

I don't have much planned for today other than to get my music ready and work on dance routines, need to get the little dancers working on their rountines for the dance show in may.

Well off to listen to some music be back soon.
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Good morning, Chicks~~

Running late this morning, so this is a post and run! Nothing exciting to report anyway.

Happy Birthday Barb!!

Hope all you chicks have a wonderful day on the Beach!

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Well I think I will finally go to the doctor today. I am sick of fighting this thing.

Good Morning Ruth, Little Chick, & Mamacita! Sounds like y'all are off and running.

DD says to tell everyone she says Hi! She's a hoot!

Hello and have a good day to all y'all chicks that will be peckin by this mornin!
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someday 145
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Morning all;
No much to do today. Therpist appt. this afternoon. Treadmill after that.
Joined ladies choice last night. I had been on a free week trial. Went well. I really enjoy working on the machines. It's funny, went with the lady across the street. She looks like she could lose about 30-40 pounds. Way smaller than me. Around the same age. Here I am needing to lose over 100 and I am in BETTER shape that she is. She pooped out on the treadmill after 15 mins. couldn't lift the weights. We do 12 reps x's 2. She just made it through the first set of 12. Made me feel good, but, showed not all big people are out of shape. DH said I always knew you were in good shape, just need to lose some weight. He says he can out do the young guys at work, lifting boxes, running routes. He is a courier. And he's 50. I always feel so good after a workout. Ate dinner real late last night and scale was up 1/2 pound. Thank goodness that is only on Mondays when I eat real late.
Well, off to find something to do. I am sure is something to clean around this house.
Check back later.
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running out the door... Bamie, get to the doctor, and get better soon, sweetie!

Love and hugs for all of you... hope to get back later...
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Hi Chickies!

Well I am stuck at home again today. I finally got my medicine for my eye after waiting since Saturday. I can't believe it took Walgreens that long to find some. I am hoping I can return to work tomorrow. I just cannot rationalize trying to work if there is a possibility of passing this on to one of the kids. It would be bad enough if I only taught "regular" classrooms, but I teach 5 special needs classes as well and those kids have enough to deal with. They certainly don't need a viral eye infection on top of it!

I guess I will try to read another book today and maybe get the laundry done. I got on the scale this morning and was happy to see a few more pounds gone.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day on the beach!

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Good Morning Everyone. This is my first 'daily' post.

I am off to take DS to school in this ice! I can't believe they're having school today! UGH! Then off to the grocery store right after. Baby has decided he does NOT want baby food and will only eat certain things right now. He's only 11mos! He's so picky already. I am a bit sore from the workout yesterday..but, i'll survive. It wasn't really 'that' much, I just haven't done much of anything in months.

Happy Birthday Barb! I hope you have a great day!

Hope you get something to make you feel better Bama.

Have a FANTASTIC day ladies!
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Wow, I've been trying to catch up on all yesterday's posts, this place was really hopping! Nothing much happening here today. I'm going to experiment with a pizza recipe later. I'm going to make the crust with lean ground turkey breast and spices, then fill it with tomatoes mixed with ricotta, mozzarella, and lots of diced up veggies. Sort of like a deep dish pizza. Sounds good in theory, we'll see if it works. Have a good OP day, everyone!
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Holy cow, I come in at 9am and there are a ton of posts!!

GUESS WHAT!!!! I weighed in today. It's my first week on SBD and Phase one. I was down.... DRUMROLLL..... 6.7 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks girls for the support.

It was hard, but really worth it. I also went to the gym 5 times for an hour of cardio each time.

RUTH... morning. I've never been a coffee person, but this week I was. It was something I could have that could give me a rich flavor. So go get that coffee. And by the way, thanks so much for being so helpful this week. You really helped me a great deal.

Little Chick... are you a dance teacher? How fun!

Mamacita... good morning to you! And thanks for the support this week.

Bamie... I hope you feel better. I think I already told you, but I'm from the Mississippi Gulf Coast... where in AL are you?

Chipper... I know what you mean. Even when I was 220, I was in much better shpae than my 135 pound roommate. She had never gone to a gym in her life.

Ellis - Good Morning

Nally - I hope your eye gets better soon!

Amber - good morning... and excellent on the work out... anything is a great start.

Cottage... MMMmm. That sounds good. How to you make a crust out of ground meat?? I'm intrigued... definately share how it turns out!

Okay girls.... have a great day. be back later.

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Thanks for such great birthday greetings! I am off work today but I don't have anything special planned really. I treated myself for breakfast by having a vegetable filled egg (garden style Eggbeaters) on two slices of whole wheat toast. For dinner I am making Pacific Seafood chowder. It uses three small red potatoes which I normally wouldn't have but seems like a good birthday treat. Then I am fixing strawberry pie (sugarfree, crustless with just a little cornstarch). I'm sure these little treats will add up but much less than if I went out to eat or fixed my usual chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Oh, I'm heading up to the gym in a bit to try out a couple of exercise classes. While I've gone to the gym for years, I've never tried the classes. I might as well take advantage of having the time today. I'm sure once I go I will feel more comfortable going again.

Tilley - That is a great loss! Congratulations!
cottage - The recipe sounds good. Let us know how it turns out.
amb_lyn - Drive careful! The workout soreness will go away quickly.
Nally - Hope you eye feels better soon. It does sound like a valid concern about not spreading it to the kids - especially the special needs ones. I am certain the parents appreciate that.
chipper - Congratulations on the exercise! I hope you continue to enjoy it.
Bamie - Hope you feel better.
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Lisa... I am in Huntsville which is North Alabama.

I am off to the doctor!
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Default Good Morning Ladies

Not much going on here, trying to get the energy to move my rear end a bit today. I've already cleaned the kitchen and done 3 loads of laundry.....neverending................ Very gray day, expected to get a couple of inches of snow. Decided not to take any classes at the university this semester, I didn't need the stress right now and I want to get back to focusing on me not grades.

Lots of new faces around, cool!

Ruth, hope the caffiene jolted you. You have more energy than I do when you haven't had your coffee.

Little chick, does the dancing help burn calories? Do you work up a sweat? Sounds like a lot of fun. You should try to post a clip of your little dancers?

Mama, you say there is nothing exciting to report, but I highly doubt that, your life is always exciting!!! Needles, blood, bosses..........sounds like a real CSI story to me.

Bamigurl, hope you get feeling better, we're sure seeing a lot of the gooey gombo around these parts too.

chipper, way to be in shape. There's muscle in there and cardiovascular health, I know people that have ideal weight (where the scales are concerned) and are so unfit that they can't do a flight of stairs.

Ellis, "out the door" ?????????? hope you have a good dayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Nalaminu, yep, eye infections are extrememly contagious. One of my co workers in the ER had pink eye and he got to stay home for 3 days while it cleared up.

amblyn, 11 months old? Do you have any teenagers yet? (evil laughing)
Take some motrin for the sore muscles and head back to the gym today! Tomorrow will be better....

Cottagebythesea, post the pizza recipe and let us know how it goes. I might try that when I see phase 2-land again.

Tilley, congrats on the first week loss! It's so motivating to win at this losing game!

Barb, happybirthdaytoyou, happybirthdaytoyou, happybirthdaydearBARRRRRBBBBBBBBB (singing slightly off key) HAPPY birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Enjoy yourself today!
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Morning all.

I am having a crappy day all around -- I couldn't eat breakfast as I had no fat free milk for the only thing in my cupboard -- cereal. Came rushing into work and forgot my lunch. I only have $9 in my account until next Friday and not much food in the fridge. Wanted to spend the $9 on lettuce and other such good stuff but now I don't know.

Do I forgo eating until dinenr tonight? Or spend at least $5 of something SB friendly?

Life is just kicking my @ss lately. Will try catching up with you all later. I have a budget to work on and coffee (free) to drink!
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You HAVE to eat something... go get yourself a lunch. Borrow $20 from a roommate, boyfriend, parent or sibling to get you through until next week... but you HAVE to eat something!!

BARB!!!! Happy Birthday and thanks for your kind words yesterday. I do hope it gets easier... but losing 6.6 pounds was quite motivating and may make it all seem worth it!
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