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Question Making ends meet with your clothing?

Hi, all!

I know I can't be alone in finding my supply of clothes that fit dwindling. (Thankfully this is due to my getting smaller, not the other way around, as it usually is. )

Since I know I'm going to get smaller still, I hate to spend money on lots of clothes that fit. But our local consignment stores and second hand stores (of which there are few) do not carry really large sizes. I rarely see even a 16 there.

I'm currently resorting to swimming in my tops, hitching up my sleeves so my bra doesn't show, and using quilting pins (curved safety pins) to take in my waist line. I also bought a cheap belt at Wal*Mart that I'm using to cinch in the few pairs of pants I have that have belt loops.

Sure, I don't look very fashionable, but so far, it's been working.

I am currently in a size 24, but I'm starting to shrink out of that. I don't fit into the one pair of size 22 Lee jeans I still own, so I'm not there yet, but I'm getting way too small to keep pinning my Lane Bryant size 26s.

So, what to do? Does anyone have any creative suggestions? What are you doing to deal with this?

Like many of you, I work in an office, and need to wear office attire. So I need five outfits for the week.

Has anyone taken their clothes to a tailor? Was it more expensive than buying new clothes? Did you resort to buying a couple pairs of pants in the right size? Any great stores you can recommend for a bargain?

I'd love suggestions!

Thanks! :
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Well, I've been doing my weightloss in stages for just this reason. Started SB in April, lost some weight, bought my summer wardrobe and maintained my weight throughout the summer. Then went back on Phase 1 August 1st, am currently losing, and will stop in another month or so, go shopping for winter clothes, and then maintain for a while again. It's the only way I can afford to do it, and I don't mind losing more slowly. But I know that not everyone (or even anyone) will want to do it this way.

I'd say just go to Kmart or someplace cheap and get what you need to get by. You ARE going to have to replace your wardrobe periodically as long as you are losing - there is just no way around that. Getting clothes altered is sometimes just as expensive as replacing stuff with cheapo clothes, and I've found that some tailors don't want to alter clothes that have an elastic waistband (can't remember why, but it doesn't turn out very nice) which alot of plus sized clothes have.
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It's tax free week. I would defintely skip the tailer and hit Fashion Bug. Great for plus sizes and if you shop the clearance racks, you're doing ok. I'm a clearance shopper, never pay more than 10 bucks for a pair of pants or skirt. JC Penny was having some really good sales the last time I was in.

I know how it feels to be stuck in business casual, I'm currently wearing one of Bryon's shirts! Trying to be fashionable, yet not let on that I still haven't sorted out the laundry this week.

BTW, yesterday you looked great! So I defintely disagree with "Not fashionable, but it works".
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I've bought one new pair of pants and a pair of shorts, size 16, to replace the size 20 I wore before. I have been continuing to wear the size 18's that swim on me. I've poked extra holes in my belt (4 so far and I need to add another). It is really getting ridiculous but I'm hoping to wait at least a few more weeks before I pick up another pair of pants. My shirts are extra larges and I can still wear most of them although I can now wear the few large shirts I could find in my closet.

Unfortunately I had a garage sale last Spring and got rid of most of my 16's and all of my 14's! I think the next thing I am going to have to buy is new bras. I picked up a few new ones but I really need more. I've gone from 42DDD to 40D and they are swimming on me.
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I tried to get a clothing swap going here earlier -- that's an option. But I am with you Laurie in that I am at a loss!
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I think Jenn has a great idea and it was what I was going to suggest -- a clothing swap.

On the WW boards I know that people were alway offering to give away their "too big" clothing. I'm sure anyone here in need would gladly pay at least the shipping to get something that may fit better than what is in the closet.

We have a consignment store in Winnipeg that is solely plus sizes. That's likely where I will take my dress clothes when the 28s are too big (hopefully by Nov!) unless someone shows up on SB and could use them more. I'd gladly send them on to someone else.

I think that this is one thing we will all have in common -- finding clothes that fit!

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Have you ever seen a fashion/style segment on TV where they say "travel light with 5 basic garments but have several great outfits" or something to that effect?

What I mean is have you thought about getting a few coordinating pieces from the same line and doing the mix-n-match scenario? You can wear the same things all the time but pairing different pieces together to get a different look. Also, changing the accessories will help with this too.

Another idea is to try ebay. I typed in plus size clothing and got 365 hits!!
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a broad, you said my favorite word. We actually bought a wholesale line of plus sized clothing and it sold quite well. It's getting to be one of the bigger catagories on eBay.
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Lane Bryant is my normal stomping grounds, but the other day, I went to Ross to see if I could find some things. I found a couple pair of size 24 pants that should last me for the next 30 lbs. I also mean to go to Marshall's sometime this week to see if there is anything there as well.

Fashion Bug is definitely an option for inexpensive clothes and since you don't plan to be at that size long, you don't have to worry about quality Avenue and Lane Bryant often have awesome clearance sales, so I would definitely go in and check their clearance racks.

I actually have a huge pile of clothes that I plan to give away sometime before the end of this year. If someone is a size 22/24 top and/or size 26/28 pant, let me know if you would like some clothes and I could go through and see what I have.
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I use a broad abroad's (nice name ) strategy of keeping to basic garments and then mixing and matching. I'm trying to only buy one new pair of jeans, khakis, and dress pants per each new size. I've also been supplementing old pants in smaller sizes as I begin to fit into them, though, I'm beginning to run out of old sizes now. With shirts, I've been able to make due with the 18/20s for quite some time, but they are now starting to hang a little too much. Just bought my first 14/16 shirt last week, which was awesome!

My problem seems to be that I don't like the style of what's fashionable now. DH and I went into Lane Bryant last night, and I freaked! Everything is so...funky and 80s lookin'.... There was pink and patterns everywhere I looked! I'm really more of a simple, classics kinda person, and it's just about impossible to find anything that qualifies right now. It's just a little discouraging that, now that I'm beginning to be able to fit into cute clothes, the cute clothes aren't so cute.

PS--Thank you, Ruth, for the chickie help!
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Canadian, eh?
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Look for a local consignment store that specializes in plus sized clothing. I've found some terrific deals on nearly new stuff - you're only going to be in it for a short time anyway. I just got a pair of brand new never worn Manager jeans for $10.
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I bought a few T shirts at end of season sales and plan to pair them with cardigans or shirts during the winter. Since these were really cheap, I bought my current size and the next one down.

My DD wears my outgrown large T-shirts as nightgowns!

Goodwill is a pretty good place for T-shirts and work-type clothes like skirts and dress pants.
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Default Tar-gay

Ladies, how about my ultimate favorite place- Target, which I like to pronounce with a French accent. (Someone once actually said, "I have never heard of that designer.)

They have amazing deals, and a plus size section. And I know they have some cute suits, and then you can have two pieces that go together, or separate, and maybe even pants, skirt, jacket sets.

Laurie, since you can quilt, can you put a few darts or seams to make things fit a little better? I have found that sometimes I am better at it than a tailor. Or perhaps a friend who could do it in exchange for some service that you can provide?

Adia, I like the idea of using the DH/SO's shirt as our own. Menswear on ladies is very in this year.
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I used to like Targets clothes, but this year it seems that they are in kahootz with the folks that make Spandex, cause all of their clothes have spandex in them now. And I hate spandex - girls with cellulite and tummy bulges and rolls of flab all over should not wear spandex, imho.
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I have been buying a few key pieces to get me through. I am lucky in that I only have to dress for 2 days of work, my 3rd day is casual. I promised myself after the embarrassment of wearing too big clothes that I would only wear one size too large. So I buy one pair of jeans and a couple pairs of pants and work with that. I wear a LOT of the same clothes over and over.

I actually have a big pile of work clothes (from when I wore them more often) that I can no longer wear. Been debating what to do with them? Do you really think they would sell on eBay? Got lots of name brands...Ralph Lauren, Jones of New York, etc. in sizes 18-22. And TONS of sweaters. I dunno, maybe consignment. Anyone here interested in them?
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