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Default Friday!!

I have been awake for hours and still no sex. You ladies are, I assume, just waking up and, well, I dont like to think what you are all up to.....

Today is yet another gardening day. It must be a bit boring for all you non gardeners out there, sorry!! I will not speak of it.

Breakfast was a green veggie and herb omelette. Unusual, but very phase one, so fine. I had a great hot chicken salad last night. Dont know what I will cook tonight. I bought some salmon steaks and let them go off in the fridge and they were not cheap I can tell you. Maybe I will go to the supermarket this afternoon and get some more.

Well, blue sky and today so I am off out

Oh by the way, I saw a woodpecker! Pecking wood! properly, like on the cartoons! Fantastic! it was like this. Never seen one before. I heard it first and then looked around and there it was! I watched it for about ten mins until eventually it saw me, watched me for a while and decided I looked scary so flew off.
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I vant to draw your blood
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Good morning, Chicks...

Don't know what's with me lately, but I can't seem to get enough sleep. Yesterday, it was dead at work, I nodded off at my desk! I think I'll have to start up with the liquid iron supplement again.

Clovey, you're so funny. We have woodpeckers and flickers all over the place here. Stupid birds can't seem to figure out that drilling on the chimney cover (made of sheet steel) is in vain. But it will sure wake you out of a sound sleep in a hurry!

Did 2 miles again last evening since we didn't walk Monday. The Library "slightly used" bookstore was open. Came home with a few. A new park is being built just a few miles from our house. It looks like there will be walking trails. Can't wait to try them out. I'm not a mall-type person and it's very wearing on my nerves to be dodging kids, snotty teenagers who think they own every bit of space available, and mommies with their strollers the size of Humvees. Ugh!

Oh, and I've figured out I've become invisible. No matter how far to the right(as in sliding along a wall) I walk, someone invariably will smash into me, not even seeing me. And Wednesday night, I was in Borders Books, I said "Excuse me" to a couple of teen girls yammering away to eachother. They stepped aside so I could pass. I stopped about 2 feet away to peruse some books on the shelf. One abruptly turned right into me and when she collided with me she said "God! You like appeared out of nowhere!" C'Mon!!! I'm not even skinny....yet I'm invisible???? What is this????

Ok, rant over...I think I'll go take my shower now. You all have a great OP day at the Beach.

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No sex for me, either, Clovey. I did get a tap on the shoulder, but it's that TOM, and I've just put clean sheets on the bed.
"Properly, like on the cartoons." You kill me, Clovey. It's still a thrill for me to see a woodpecker, too. They're so cool.

Marmacita, you fell asleep at work?! I've always envied people who could fall asleep anywhere/anytime. My BIL locks his office door for an hour in the afternoon, and lies down under his desk for a sleep.
Re: the invisibility. You may need some heels and a haughty look. A lovely, 50ish woman was complaining to me of the same thing in the change room at the Y the other day. Could it have something to do with menopause?

Speaking of menopause, I had the sleep from **** last night. Sweating, tossing and turning, and poking away at a zit inside my ear. I think a nap is in order today. Particularly after yesterdays escapades.
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Good morning, Clovey and Mamacita. We've got woodpeckers too. The old maples in the front are riddled with holes. A few years ago we had one of those huge pileated(I think) woodpeckers stop for a day or two in the back yard.

It looks to be a beautiful day here and not bad over the weekend. If the virus has finally gone, maybe I can get out and dig out some perennials that are trying to take over. If I don't do it early, the damn things are almost impossible to control. I hate pushy plants.

Lost .5 lb. Ate more carbs than usual yesterday(sick and feeling sorry for myself) and managed to lose. Go figure. LOL

All of you ladies have a great Friday! Jo
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Mamacita -Yes that used to happen to me a lot until I decided screw this I am walking with my shoulders squared and a sense of purpose and people will move for me! and they do, even the gaggles of teens...I do step aside for people with kids/strollers, mounds of shopping bags and the elderly....I walk assertively not agressively and it somehow seems to work.

And good on you for saying excuse me in the bookstore....I hate when you are standing there obviously looking at something on the shelf and someone walks (or even stands) right in front of you as if you are not even rude!
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Come on Spring!
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Quick check-in. No sex but lots of men! Eat your hearts out!

Kevin is here with Gary the electrician, Gary the backhoe guy and his two minions (Scooper and Joe) are arriving shortly, the concrete truck driver is on schedule for this afternoon and John and Rob will be here at 5 to get Syrup Festival stuff out of the barn. Can you say butt-crack?

Really have to run but will try to get in here later.

Keep it clean, eh?
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Hi to you too, Ellis. sorry to hear of your night from ****....I remember them. And sorry about the "no sex" as well. I read once that we should "sublimate, sublimate". And I thought, "well that's a load of s**t. Somebody could make a mint solving this problem. Jo
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Good morning everyone,
It's bright and sunny! here, and supposed to get into the 60's. I had a full day planned, but have been called upon to babysit, so that's what I'll be doing.
I had my appt. with Curves last evening and joined. I wanted to start right in with a workout, but it doesn't work that way. I had to make ANOTHER appt. with a trainer to coach me the first time and show me how to check my heart rate. I suppose that's good, I want to do it right, but DARN!!! I WANT TO GET STARTED!!! So now I have to wait til Monday.
I can't figure out what's been happening with my weight. I had a 5lb loss, then a few days later the scale showed that I was up 3, and I've been bouncing back and forth ever since. I am staying STRICTLY OP, so I can't figure it out. Now today I'm down another 2. So for the April Challenge I figure I'm down 4lbs. I hope with exercising the scale will show some progress.
I have been looking over the new cookbook, and I like it. Dr. Agaston explains each Phase in detail, with shopping lists, and the recipes sound pretty good, using ordinary ingredients for most. There are some wonderful looking dessert recipes for Phase 3, if I ever get there!
Well, I'm going to go pick a huge bouquet of daffodils to place around the house before it's time to go babysit.
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happy friday!!!

not a bad friday here at all so far. the sun is shining, it is supposed to be 70 today and through the weekend. my ds came to work this a.m with me on his last day of spring vacation. such a good boy. we're hoping to get out of here early today (as i do every friday) so we will see. no sleeping at my desk today .

no sex yet for me today but i'm hopeful for the weekend (spring fever).

oh poor ellis sorry to hear about the flashes hitting you in the middle of the night hormones just stink!! i hope you are feeling better. did you do much damage to your car yesterday in the fender bender? i remember when my DR.tried putting me on prozac i had that giggilly feeling all the time sorta drunk feeling. there was nothing in this world that would bring me down sorta stepford-wife-ish. it didn't last that long though but as soon as the giggles left the tears came out full stream it just wasn't the med for me. hope you and DR get the meds under control soon.

ruth you are a gardening slut. all those men out in the yard to choose from today. i love the backhoe guys name ....scooper how appropriate. have a great maple syrup festival .

have a good time babysitting cottagebythesea!!!

glad you are feeling better pennywise.

hope all you great chicks have a good day on the beach!!!!
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A Lily from my yard!
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Good Morning Chickies! Did anyone see Dr.A on CNBC lastnight? I caught about the last 2 minutes of him. The guy from The Zone was on after but finally I fell asleep it was only about 1:45a.m. It is supposed to be a beautiful day here today up to the 80's! Finally April like weather. Then when it's 101 we'll be screamin' for the 60's again. Never satisfied. Not much happenin' around here today. DH had a bug fly in his ear at soccer practice lastnight so I have to make him a doc appt. I'm just glad he's willing to go usually he is not. He called at 6:45 to make sure I was gonna call and get him an appt and said he would go anytime. Lastnight it was make it late tomorrow afternoon so I don't have to leave work to early. Must be "buggin" him! tee-hee I know I'm bad! Well chickies let's all have a OP day and w-end!
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Default sex????

You've all been talking sex while I've been away!
Damn! My favorite topic!
Clovey, you don't think the woodpecker fascination has an Freudian implications do you? Hmmm....
Well girls, pardon my long absence, but the move was so hard & arduous & I have not been my most social self..then Mom & Aunt got diagnosed with breast cancer within the same week...when it rains it pours.
Despite all this, and my MANY carb indescretions, I have remained the exacte same weight...weird! I would have thought I would have gained with the stress eating. Maybe I wasn't as bad as I thought. Funny how our ideas of "bad" change.
Hope everyone is well & keeping OP & enjoying the lovliness of early spring.
Good to be back,
SW: 163 / CW: 145 / GW: 138
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Jan, I'm so glad you're back. And so very sorry about your Mom and Aunt. I'll be saying prayers for them, and for you. Let us know how they're doing...

Thanks, Jodi. No damage to either vehicle, thank God. Good luck with the sex this weekend.

Jo, I hope that virus is gone so you can get out in the garden this weekend!

Did I mention I also heard voices in my head last night? Thank God my DH is a mental health worker. Otherwise, I'd think I was going NUTS!
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Uh-HUH! Little Chick is no where to be found.... Wonder what SHE'S doing??!! At least one of us is, well, you know.

No sex for me this morning, either. That is, unless of course, you count screaming at each other to let the dog out, no it's your turn, 5 more minutes, where's my damn breakfast, as sex. I did need a cigarette afterward...

Just a quick check in... gotta get 4203984093243748732 things done today!

I splurged on Starbucks this morning, so I have enough energy to do about 98243849 of them.... Have a great weekend, chicks!

We should have the april nookie challenge, since it seems we're all deprived. If I have to live without carbs, I feel I should get SOMETHING!

Ok, I'm convinced. I'm going home at lunch. Jorge is home today. teehee.
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Ready to Change
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Good afternoon chickies.....sorry so late getting here today but I did not want to get out of bed and it was not because there was red hot passionate sex going on... it was because it was SNOWING yes SNOWING here it just put me in a blah mood.. the buses were running an hour late so the school kids were here later. Then the rest of my wee ones who are totally house bound have been driving me around the bend today. I believe I have a bit of PMS But other than that I am ever so Happy.

Crystalcaity- now there is a challenge I may just have a chance of winning.
Ruthie- you lucky chick all those men around. Enjoy your day. Hope the sights are good.
Ellis- sorry to hear you put in a bad night. And sorry to hear of the fender bender and glad that you are ok. Take care hope those voices are friendly.
Jan- glad your back. So sorry to hear about your Mother and Aunt my prayers are with them. Take care of yourself.
Bamie- I never end up seeing him. Hope you have a great day.
Justjodi- Have a good week-end a little sexercise will help burn calories.
cottage- good for you joining curves I have been thinking about it myself just have not done it yet.
Penny- glad that you are feeling better.
Mamacita-I really hate rude people it is a pet peve of mine. I am always reminding my girls to say excuse me or pardon me when the go by people when they are out in the public. Have a great week-end.

mauvaisroux- have a wonderful week-end.
clovey- poor girl no sex this morning. None for me either. But you atleast got to see the (wood) Pecker. which is more than most of us today.

Hello to anyone I missed. I am off to phone about getting my bellybutton pierced. Have a good week-end.
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I went shopping and bought two new necklaces. just costume jewellry, but all the same wonderful.

My friend is running in the london Marathon this sunday! I have to go and watch (in bewilderment). There will be food afterwards though so I shall be happy.

And tonight. Sex. Hmmm. Maybe...............
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