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Default April Challenge - How is it going?

It was great to see so many people joining in on the April Challenge. Good luck to everyone. How are you doing so far?

I seem to be back on the program and cutting out the "extras" that I had been adding in such as the low carb "stick to your butt" chocolate. I'm pretty sure I'm better off without it for right now.
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Well, today I ate eight chocolate bars. So it's not going too honkin' good so far.
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I got into the raisins to avoid....

Hope tomorrow is better for us all. Patricia
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Didn't go too hot for me either. I was fine all day. Had my egg salad on low carb bread and even drank my decaf coffee with Splenda and w/o any low fat milk. Then, I get home and dd announced she'd brought home tiramisu. She knows that's one of my very favorite bad foods. So, I caved and had some. Bad Mama!!

Today, I shall strive to be a Better Beach Baby! I have a chicken breast with some broccoli and low fat Swiss cheese for lunch. Breakfast will be bran flakes and a glass of Metamucil, as usual.

Supper tonight, not sure of...dh and I will be going walking. Maybe tuna salad. I dunno.

HAGD everyone~~

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I ate pretty good yesterday but didn't feel like as many veggies as usual with me being sick, and I drank a diet coke and didn't get all my water in. Sneaked a peek on the scales and I'm up a 0.5lb this morning but that may be the swelling in my ankles and lower legs. Sodas seem to do that to me. I limit them to maybe once a week but my body doesn't seem to like them as much as my mouth. I will take a Lasix today and see if that makes the difference. Hate to get off to a bad start......
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Last week I lost 7 pounds which leaves me five to go by the end of April. I have a mini-goal of losing another pound before Sunday but would like that to be a little more. I'm frustrated because I'm bordering on saint-hood with staying OP but I'm not seeing the scale move. I snuck a peak this morning and it hasn't budged since Sunday.

I could do MUCH better with my water intake. I'll try to concentrate on that today. Good luck gang!
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yesterday was not a good day for me at all. i had dh hide the easter candy but i can still feel it's presence in the house. i ate some bread and some baked doritos yesterday oh yeah and a few peanit butter cookies. i have a cold tho hows that saying go?? starve a fever feed a cold?? darn colds they eat ALOT!!! will do better today, i am drinking water so that must count for something!!! hang in there girls!!! we can do this!!!
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I'm on the scond week of Phase 2, following the diet, but not losing anything at all this second week Scale says I'm up a half a pound but I'm just ignoring it cause there is no way it can be true.
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Default Almost good

Had a great first part of the day eating right, drinking all my water, exercising, but was bad bad bad at night...
My husband and I celebrated our anniversary last night an expensive restaurant...We skipped the bread, had a salad and even asked to substitute vegtables instead of the potato.....but then everything went South from there...but not to the beach...Creme Brulee for desert and a glass and a half of red wine. Then we went to the movies and shared a small popcorn, and a least we shared and I didn't eat and drink the whole thing.
But today I am back OP. I have lost 2 pounds of my 8 pound goal so I feel motivated and its also TTOTM and I am not craving anything.

Fourtunately our night out cost us so much we won't be indulging in that kind of frivolity for a the temptation won't be there!!!!

I think the moon was full last night so maybe that's why we all had an off day yesterday...yeah ..that's the ticket....

Lets get our feet back in the sand today!!!

Good luck
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Not to terrible so far. I'm down one and should be on track for one more by the end of the week. Just gotta resist the crazy Dairy Queen Blizzard cravings I've been having. Just stick to the SF Jell-o and SF Popsicles and everything should be fine. Just fine........
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I need to have my hands tied behind my back then maybe I would feel my butt and not eat everything in site. I am so off track that I can't not get back I think I am going to have to reread the book.
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I'm down 2lbs for the challenge, but the scale hasn't budged for a while. I'm still OP, just eating more. I feel as though I'm getting bogged down and need to kick something up (maybe my butt). Luckily, chocolate makes me queasy, so I'm not afraid of any darn Easter Bunny. Jo
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NOT doing well here either

Haven't EXERCISED my lazy butt in ages (a week, I think) though I am landscaping today.

OH, and I'm becoming the master at my new "phase one all day then cheat all evening on chocolate" plan. I don't really recommend this one to anyone. It's not working out that great for me

My weight is holding, I think, but I feel like a big loser and not in the way I want ACCCKKK got to get a grip on myself.
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Only 2.5 lbs left until reach my goal for the april challenge. But Easter is this weekend and there is going to be lots of temptations-Chocolate, Scalloped potatoes, perogies with fried onions and sour cream. I think I may induldge in a little chocolate and get right back on plan on Monday and I will still be able to meet my goals by the end of April.
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Come on Spring!
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Holy smokes! I've lost 5 pounds since April 1! Now some of that may be due to my pre-colonoscopy cleanout but....I'll take it! Onward and downward!
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