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Question Belly Fat First?

I know I'm a million questions lately.

However, I'm just curious if this claim to drop the belly fat first is actually what you all are experiencing.

I weighed myself and after 11 days on the phase 1 the scale says 16 pounds down. Yes - I'm shocked too. However, normally such a weight drop would make me believe that my pants that were retired would again fit.

Maybe someone could offer experience. I mean great if my ear lopes are slimming down - but I'm just curious if everyone had lost it in the belly as the book suggests.

Thanks for sharing.

PS<Just finished my modified french onion soup - the hubby says he loves it.
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Hi Pebbles

Yes....your waist will reappear. I am new to this group as well. This is my first posting. I started my SBD just before that nuts Anyway I was really committed and stuck to Phase 1 which was really the pitts. I love my desserts and my coffee with 1/2 & 1/2. The weight came off slow because I only had about 12 pounds to shed. Lost 4 the first week and I noticed it in my waistline. I could finally button some of those pants that I could barely squeez into . Since then I have lost about 1/2 pound a week...slow going but I am thrilled with my progress. I realize that my eating habits will change forever. It's not just a diet but a life change. Hang in will definitely see a change in your tummy.
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Yes, I did see a change in my stomach, but not to the degree that my pants fit again at the same weight as when they did before - I lost some stomach weight, but not 'all of it' was in my stomach. My stomach is still bigger than it was last time I weighed this amount. I guess it doesn't always come off in the same order it went on!

Soon you will see more belly fat loss.
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Yep belly fat first then for me my thighs started shrinking.
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yes I have lost about 7 lbs and it is in my stomach-- which is where I need it.

congrats on your loss!! keep going it will come off!!
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I'm so glad to hear that - most of my weight has settled in my hip/butt area this time. I'm hoping the stomach will go too, I'm tired of playing losing at tug of war with my pantyhose, but if the hip/butt area go, that will help too - I'll take anything I can. Today is Day 4 and the scale was down 2 pounds.
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Thank you everyone - Jennifer specifically I'm experiencing the EXACT same thing. I'm looking at the scale and thinking, Hmmm, last time I weighed that amount these fit.

I would like to blame this on being out of the country. My fat just didn't know where to go. (My most recent gains were a result of getting married in Europe, and taking a 14 day honeymoon, Italy, Greece, France, Spain) Clearly the fact that I was on another continent was a sheer shock to all the fat and it just ran for cover in a new place.

What's Italian for 'My fat went to the wrong place'?
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My DH has lost 15 pounds and it is all in his belly, and in his face. Mine is in my belly and around my chest area. I hope that you are right sflake I hope you are right and my thighs will be next the place I hate the most.
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This really good to know. My husband is also on SBD. His extra poundage is only around his middle. I figure after 2 weeks he'll be done.

I must say that I am wearing a pair of jeans today that would have been to uncomfortable to wear last week. They're still a little snug but it I don't beathe to deeply I should be fine.
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Default Hi


I've been losing slowly...thanks RealtorRose for your encouragement, you helped me because you said you don't have alot of weight to lose and are losing slowly but happy with your progress, I needed to hear that

My belly is slowly shrinking, pants are still tight, but it is smaller.

I work with a lady who is doing SBD and told me she lost 10 pounds the first week, I felt discouraged because I have lost about 6 in 3 weeks but it makes sense to lose more quickly when we weigh more. My 20 pounds to lose is big to me, very big, but I will be patient now. This SBD feels like a very healthy way to lose so I like it.

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Don't give up, Tracy. I had only about 10 pounds to lose, and I only lost about 5 those first 2 weeks. Then I gained back some over the holidays(I started SBD last Sept.) and am now in the process of trying again.
It is a wonderful WOE but it has to be a lifestyle change. I feel healthier than I ever have. Keep up the good work!
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Yep, losing belly fat as well. I think my tummy is like on of those star trek shape changers. It morphs from one shape to the next every day! seriously, I can see it is shrinking a little here and a little there.

I have not lost all of my weight in my tummy, I can see the weight loss in my face and collar bone area (which is typically where I see mine first anyway). Hang in there and keep up the good work!
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