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Good morning!

I made it back from Key West Saturday evening and had to go right to the laundromat for quarters and cleaning. Off to the restaurant Sunday then had a good workday In m the yard Monday. Yesterday got eaten up with household chores and helping Kirk get online with a Garmin satellite device for his remote trips. He leaves for Alaska tonight. I may make a trip to Glenwood tomorrow then back to the restaurant for three days of work. It’s been a task filled week.

Key West was wonderful visiting with my brother and a 24 overlap with my nephew. Yes, there are still lots of chickens. I made pretty good food choices. I had the same thing for breakfast every morning, cup of fruit, two poached eggs and dry rye t toast. I found a organic place that I could get a salad to go put in my plastic bowl and brother and I mostly ate at home. Dinner I made best choice possible but it was always his choice of restaurant . My indiscretion was a Keylime pie which I bought a whole, and enjoyed over the weekend. I hate buying individual pieces in the little plastic boxes.

Back home and right back on plan. The scale is dropping and I shall be back to my original pretrip spot by the end of the week.

Rose, sounds like a fun weekend. Glad your knee is still on the mend.

Ceneri, what a precious moment with your mom and baby. I’m either on with salads or off. Right now I am on.

Beth. Sorry you still have school. It sounds like you’re moving forward in the yard.


I’ll be is still sleeping so I think I am going to enjoy some quiet time on my porch with coffee watching hummingbirds. It rained last night and it’s pretty chilly here but that’s OK. I am loving that my yard is getting watered.

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Good morning,

Had a productive evening yesterday, DS came over and we got the new gate up. DD2 helped me with weeding, they are out of control with all of the rain. Will need to finish that up this evening. Today I have PT appt, I can almost straighten my knee the same as right knee so think I am almost done with PT, I can continue exercises at home, with what they have me doing I can do at home and save my copay but wanted to make sure knee was straightened out before stopping. The shot in the right knee really helped. I much more hopeful now of getting almost back to normal.

Debbie sounds like you had a wonderful time in Key West. I am sure you will be super busy until Kirk leaves and even more after.

Have a great day everyone
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Hi Chicks!
I cannot believe we're at the end of May. I gave up staying on plan or even logging food while away from home after days of starts & stops. Travel Wed was awful between heavy rain & storms & traffic, esp thru KY.
We'll be on the road & home Mon. I'm giving myself a free day Tues (to drink, then back on plan Wed, the 5th. Phase will depend on weight Tue. I don't feel bloated or heavier & pants are still loose, so hoping for little or no gain.
Lexxiss, Key Lime pie is a must in Key West! Back to pretrip weight in a week is awesome.. wtg!
Pearlrose, glad PT's been a success & your knees are near healed.
Beth & Clara, hope all is well with you & yours🙋
See all ya'll next month, same place✌
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Good afternoon,

Checking in as I won't be until next Friday. We are leaving early in the morning for Texas with DD1 and DH, DS is flying into Amarillo and we will pick him up there to visit with FIL. Then we will drive home next Thursday. DD2 is going on band trip tomorrow for a week too. Busy day today, had to go to lab tests and then pick up prescription and then go to final PT appt. My left knee straightens all the way and that is what PT was for not the arthritis issue, but knee is almost back to normal. PTL. Eating has not been good lately so will need to get back on track when I get back.

Have a wonderful week and hopefully someone will start up the June thread.
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Thank you very match!
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