South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Good morning,

Whew, it is a wfh day for me but this morning was busy busy. I just got a moment to catch my breath and figured I would stop in before my next round starts back up. It is cold here today the high is only in the 60's and lows were in the 40's the house is cold today so I have a sweater on this morning. I am not kicking in the furnace because the temps are going back up into high 80s starting tomorrow.

Not sure what is on the agenda for this evening. My eyes are much better already but still have to wear the glasses until I am done with drops which will be next Tuesday, boo.

Ruth sometimes you just got to listen to your body and take it easy, after the busy summer you had you deserve a break and then I am sure you will crank it up again.

to everyone else

Have a great day everyone!
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Evening, chicks!

Pearlrose, glad to hear your eyes are getting better. It was cold here this morning also; I didn't bother to uncover my mums since it is supposed to frost again tonight. After that I think we have a few warmer nights.

Ruth, I am glad you are taking it easy; I agree with Rose, listen to your body.

Jennifer, I might be doing okay with exercise this month but not so much my eating. It is too easy to get into bad habits so I am trying to find ways to work around my work schedule. And let me assure you I find myself falling asleep in my chair around 9 o'clock also!

Debbie, hope you and the pup are doing well!

Tomorrow looks to be sunny so I am hoping to spend some time outside and maybe take a drive to look at the leaves before they all fall. Of course, I have a list of niggles too. But tonight is Friday so I am indulging with a glass of wine, but red is supposed to be SB approved, I think.
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