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Unhappy moods

Not sure if this is coincidental or what, so I know I came to the
right place to find out!!! I was on phase 1 for 3 weeks instead
of the 2, just because I hadn't been to the grocery store for
the next list of foods! Other than a beer or 2 on the week-ends,
I stayed carb free. I started phase 3 yesterday, but on Friday
I did have a fajita with a flour tortilla and fresh salsa with tostitos.
(I know, bad girl!!!) On Saturday at the ball game I had a plain
pretzel and a few beers. Anyway, the question is, I have been
cranky all week-end. Is it because of the carbs??? If I stick to
the plan and only eat the right carbs, does this go away. It is
not PMS, that much I do know Anyone else experience this
when they started to add carbs???
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I added a few carbs for the first time yesterday and I have been in the worst mood ever today. Feels exactly like PMS, but it's not that time for me either. Irritable, depressed, weepy.

All I had was a cup of yogurt with fruit and some Uncle Sam cereal. I'm ready to go back on Phase I before I lose all my friends!
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I ate a bunch of junk on Saturday and woke up feeling hung over (no booze) the next morning!! I was also swollen all over!!! MUST be the carbs.....
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Sugar really isn't it?? Keep a food and feeling journal and see if this is a pattern.

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Started phase II last week adding a yogurt and fruit ... goodness was I cranky (wanted to suffocate my BF) but attributed it to TOM starting as well ... I do seem hungrier on Phase II ... I think I need to cut back to one carb for a bit and see if I calm down !!!
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I do realize after all these years that food does play a big part
in how we feel. I wasn't sure though if that was what I should
acredit my crabbiness to or not On Phase 2, I have decided
not to eat all the carbs they have listed. I find that when I want
something sweet, I can have a peice of fruit or yogurt and be
happy or have a sf jello. I do not miss pasta or potatoes. They
really set me off to a night of crabby!!!!!! I also find that having
the carbs first thing in the morning is not a good thing. I will stick
to protein to start off my day and add in the carbs later. This is
a good way of eating for me...Thank you SBD
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