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Talking Friendship Day at the Beach 8/3

What does Friendship Day mean to you?

A friend can be near or far and just a thought away.
A friend can bring joy to your life with something simple that they say.
A friend can smile and make all the hurt go away.

Thank you all for being my friend.

I waited till 5:10 this morning so someone else could post first! It was SO hard not to post, but here I am. I like it and I like you, too

I wish for all of you a happy day filled with the best things, good healthy food and a smile on your face.
Look into the mirror sometime today and say:

You know what? You are my best friend.

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Lady, darling... 5:10 this morning!! You sweet thing... NEVER wait for someone else to post first! (particularly at THAT time of day, hon! Even I try to sleep in until at LEAST 5:30!)
You're who we love to wake up to. Thank you for being OUR friend!

My DH takes the children to church every week. I can't remember the name of it, but it's a Jamaican church, and they all LOVE it! Everyone there is very loving and welcoming, and I'm very happy that our children are enjoying going. But now they're trying to convince ME to go. I prefer to occasionally slip into the back of an Anglican or Catholic church, go through the motions, revel in the beauty of the building, feel at peace with God, and NOT HAVE TO TALK TO ANYBODY!!
I've promised them I WILL go with them once, but I know I'll have some sort of anxiety attack... trying to find something suitable to wear, being sociable for two hours, missing my "alone time" on Sunday morning...
Oh dear... torn between trying to be a good mother and trying to retain my sanity.

Never mind... today: more renovating (what a surprise ), eating well, and drinking LOTS of water. I ate an enormous amount of pistachios yesterday, and am expecting trouble in the bathroom today. (hope no one is eating their breakfast )

Have a wonderful day, dear girls...

ps... WHERE is Linda?
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A friend is someone who accepts you for who you are, and supports you when you want to improve yourself. The most special kind of friends are those who know what you are going through and can share that experience with you. I am grateful for the special friends that I've made on this board.

I'm off to work....have to go in for a bit today because I'm taking tomorrow off. My sister is having surgery tomorrow, a hysterectomy, and I want to be there for her.

Everyone have a wonderul Sunday!!
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Twodog, hugs and prayers for you and your sister. Let us know how she's doing.
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Twodogmom, sisters are wonderful - especially when they are friends too. I will be sending prayer to you both tomorrow. (I have just come to realize what a good friend my own sister is.)

Lady, you are so nice to wake up to. I confess I'm just not able to be inspirational first thing in the morning although I am an early riser. I am trying hard to be my own best friend.

Ellis, if you left now, you'd be in time for our Parish Service at 10:15. It's at Oak Leaf Church, a gorgeous English-looking place in the middle of rolling fields of corn and oats. You wouldn't have to talk to anyone - except me. (I am debating over whether to take Hershey. Are they ready for that? I probably won't as there is a brunch afterwards and she would be doing her poor starving dog act and would get fed!)

Today I switched to Phase 2 but am going to just "flirt" with it as someone said yesterday. (My memory sucks!) A slice of 12-grain bread was just great this morning with my two eggs. I cut the bread in cubes, scoop the soft-boiled eggs on top and muck it around with salt and pepper. Nursery food! Oh dear, I have the post-Church brunch to contend with! I will have to be really careful there.

I'm gearing up for my trip out west and figuring out little hostess gifts. LindaBC, who is back on Atkins, btw, likes pesto so I am making a big batch this week. Ellis, want some? I also plan to take her a hunk of an old rose peony if I can manage to hack it out. Ellis, want some?

It's raining - what else! - so probably will not garden this afternoon. I may hit on the sewingroom once again. It has become my albatross - except it doesn't stink! When I am working on a project, that room is relatively neat and organized. Otherwise, it seems to turn into a catch-all for stuff looking for a home. I guess I need more projects.

Have a wonderful Sunday on The Beach, Beach Beauties.
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nice thread...I know I am new, hope it's ok I jump in...
a friend is someone who can come over without calling first, cause it doesn't matter if the house is clean....she can and will get her own coffee...She loves you just how you are, will tell you when it's time to color your hair...but tells you that you're beautiful no matter what...she turns a crap day better by telling you all you have acomplished, even it's just getting dinner on the table for the family...I am 44 and have just recently found this kind of friend (other than my sister)...I consider myself very blessed to have one of these friends. I pray you all have one too!

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What the heck time do you guys wake up? It's Sunday for crying out loud!!!

I'm shoving down a ham and cheese omelet and swiggin' my coffee because I am so late for mass it's not even funny.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day on the beach. Melt away, ladies.

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Hey to all my Beachin Babe friends! My freakin Dell took all day but didnt get me down . I went to the beer store afterword & bought the most expensive Box-O-Wine they sold ($12.95) & the celebration was on,,4 glasses later & I cld hv programed NASA's puters !!
  • LADY~We cldnt start our day w/o ur post U r a wizard of inspring post!
  • TWODOGMOM~Hysty's r a girls bst friend,hd mine @30,6wks ltr cldnt figure why I didnt hv a TOM ? Prayers for ur sis
  • RUTHXXX~My memory sucks too,thats why I had wine on PH1
  • TINABRUL~No better friends can b found than the ones I hv found on this BEACHIN BOARD
  • ROCKSTAR~(aka ELLIS)~Cant go to church bcause u might b recognized maybe ? I've always said "If God has a place 4me in Heaven,It wld b the very last pue"
  • Good luck to all starting Ph2,I hd a temperary Ph2 yesterday
    Chck bk on all u Beachin Babes later today ...WORLDS GREATEST COMPUTER PROGRAMMER...........GOFISHIN
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Talking Celebrate Friendship!

Good morning, beauties! I just know this is going to be a wonderful day on the beach-the nasty weather here in Ohio not withstanding Had planned on taking my DS to the pool to work on his swimming, but the weather is not cooperating. So now we have decided to go to a local upscale market that carries all sorts of international specialties. I need tahini to make some hummus. Grocery shopping as recreation...hmm...that may not be the best idea! We will just have to stay out of the "danger zones."

Other than that I plan to workout with my new The Firm Body Sculpting System...I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. If I can lift my arms to type, that is!

Lady, I actually thought about posting right after midnight last night but didn't have anything to say except "I'm tired!" I could never come close to your inspirational tone...some things are better left to the experts! I love the poem about friendship, by the way. It makes me miss having a close friend nearby.

Ellis, you are in a quandry, aren't you? I adore your comment about keeping your sanity vs. being a good mother! I've never thought about it in those terms, but you are so right!

2Dog, sending good thoughts for your sister.

Ruth, best luck with your intro to phase 2! What wonderful ideas for your hostess gifts. I'm sure your friend will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Tina, your thoughts about what constitutes a true friend are right on the money! We should all be lucky enough to have at least one true friend!

Erika, you sound truly harried this morning! I can almost see you trying to eat your omelette, drink your coffee, comb your hair, put on your makeup, find your car keys and type all at the same time! Hope you are able to slow down and enjoy the day later!

GoFishin', now I know who to call when my Dell gets sick! The sad thing is that when things go wrong with the 'puters at work everyone seems to think I can fix them! What a sad state of affairs when they have to turn to ME!

Here's to a beautiful day on the Beach!
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GOOD MORNING LADIES!!!!!! (oops.....afternoon)

Franny-I was up until 4 and almost posted too!!! Decided everyone would be mad, and left that for our inspirational Lady to do!!! It has been overcast and rainy here too. EXCEPT in our neighborhood, where my plants are THIRSTY!!!!

Gofishin'-WOW!! Goos job on your computer!! Around here it is a tossup as to who is better; DH or DS13. DS13 may actually know more!!!

Bradydave-I'm with YOU!!! Of course I have gotten on to a HORRIBLE schedule. I fell asleep at 4 am this morning. I NEED MORE COFFEE!!!!

Tina-OF COURSE IT IS OKAY!!!! Jump right in, the water is fine!!

Ruth-BREAD-EGGY!!!! My parents used to make that for us whenever we were in need of nurturance!!! (with lots of butter though!!!) Haven't had that in a while!!! My whole house is like your sewing room. I think I need more than a new project!!!!

2Dog-I'll be thinking of your sister AND you tomorrow. My sister had hers done this year too, so i know how you are feeling. She is doing SO much better now that she has gotten rid of her uterus!!

Ellis-That sounds like a wonderful church!! I know what you mean about socializing though....BLEAH!!! Sounds like you and DH are getting a lot done in your apartment! Good for you!! How would you like to come here and do our basement when you are done?

Lady-Thank you for brightening up my morning!!! I wish all those same things for you and ALL of the wonderful people here.
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Good afternoon, all.
Everyone sounds so perky today. It's funny, sometimes when I read the posts I can almost picture you guys - it's like you're talking!
A gloomy and rainy day here today. Went back to Phase 1 yesterday after my little beach vacation so I'll weigh on Thursday and see if it's working.

2dog - Best of luck to your sister. I had a total hyst. this past January and it was the best thing ever. No more 3-week long TOM's, plus now my husband and son only have one cranky PMS person in the house to worry about (my 13 Yr old DD)

Have a great one everybody.
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