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Default Treading thru Thursday Chat, 3/6

Good morning!

I've not been around much because I've been fighting off a headcold, but I do believe the cold has won this battle. I don't get sick often, but when I do, it's a doozy. I'm still reading all your posts, though, so I can keep up with what's happening. The good news for me is that I've been drinking hot tea by the gallon, so hopefully it's flushing some weight away!

Ruth, sweet Disney is in my heart and prayers, and please tell her that Auntie Linda sends her love.
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Come on Spring!
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Sorry you lost the battle with that cold, Linda. No need to ask if you are staying home to nurse it - I know you! Today IS your Friday, I hope!

My darling made it through the night - I was kind of hoping she would slip away in her sleep. Claire and I will go to the vet tomorrow morning so, if I'm not posting, don't worry.

No idea what the day will bring except I do have a meeting this afternoon - was supposed to be here but I changed the location. We don't need any extras for my poor dog to deal with. Donna was to clean today but that's cancelled although she may come over for a coffee and bring wee Lulu so Jazz can have some fun out in the yard. He is very worried about his big sister and lies beside her bed off and on.

I'd better get going and do something - getting dressed would be a good place to start.
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Awwww, I'm so sorry Ruth about Disney. She really lucked out when she "found" you.

Cottage - I'm messing with a cold too - went to my head today, just in time for vacation! Hope you feel better soon.

Today is my last day before vacation! I really need it, and hope it's very relaxing. We're leaving for Chicago tomorrow, and split the drive into 1 1/2 days since it's about 11 hours. I'll see 2 of my college roommates, my brother, and my "surrogate" mother - a woman who was a good, good friend during vet school. We'll spend a couple of days downtown too, seeing the awesome museums there. DS really wants to go to the top of the sears tower (now willis tower?), DD (and me!!) really don't. Should be a fun trip!!

Just took care of my neighbor's dogs - the one is a jack russel/poodle cross named Wally - he is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!
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Good morning.

Linda - Hope you feel better soon.

Ruth - Hugs.

I'm working this afternoon. Had a fabulous kale salad at the restaurant for lunch yesterday. Every time I get one out I tell myself I need to make them at home. But kale is sooo much work. I still find it hard to believe I like it.

Not much else happening here.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's my Friday too although I do have one call I have to be on tomorrow. Today should be a good day, it ends with First book and that's always fun.

Cottage - Hope you are getting lots of extra rest

Ruth - Cricket sends extra doggy snuggles to Disney and Jazz

Tammy - Happy almost vacation!

Karen - I miss kale salads. I never seem to think of salad in the winter.

The plank challenge just never worked out for me. Now I'm doing a squat challenge, much more successful. I find I need something small to do each day just to make sure I get some exercise in.

Okay, better get moving.
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Good morning,

Cottage I am just getting over my head cold all that is left is the annoying cough

Ruth wishing you and Disney well

Twynn enjoy your vacation

Karen I have started adding Kale to my smoothies but not sure if I would like a salad of it

Cyndi I never did finish the plank challenge, I was getting rug burns on my elbows.

Today and tomorrow I am doing wfh to start and see if I can finish some documentation I need to get done. Not much going on here just enjoy warmer weather we are supposed to get up to almost 50 for the next few days.

Have a wonderful day!
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Good Morning

Ruth, you and the pups are all in my heart today. It's such a difficult time, but having always "rescued", I also find deep gratitude for humans like you, who have made their lives so special. and take care.

to all!

We traveled yesterday (remember I used to say that a lot) and I've spent the morning prepping veggies and enjoying my "new" bathroom. I've had an issue in my bath for over a year now and as I gradually tore it down I realized that the fix was far more extensive than my capability. Before I left last time I contracted with a good friend to do a renovation while I was gone. It was perfect timing, she emailed me yesterday that it was finished and it's spectacular AND functional. I've already taken my first shower even though we're headed to the pool shortly. Yay.

It's a short visit for me, although DH may stay on for a week. I'm sorry to mention this but it's Spring here....grass is green and tulips/daffodils are coming up. I've already turned the compost and will go out and rake/tidy the yard later today. Yes, we will surely have more snow but it will come and go quickly here now. Thank goodness.

I'd better get going.

Happy Thursday everyone!
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Good morning/afternoon all!

I've not been posting much as I've just not had much to say. Today will just be errands and the usual computer work. My scale is at least moving in the right direction again from 153 to 151 since the 1st. Not a lot but I'll take it and maybe I'll see the 140s sometime this month.

Ruth...Sorry about Disney. Reminds me of Buster an older rescue dog I had with my ex a few years ago.

Twynn...enjoy Chicago. I used to like going to Greektown with my uncle when we would go back he knew all the spots but now he's a FL snowbird

I don't think I could do kale in a smoothie...I do love it in soup or just sauteed with EVO & garlic.

Happy Thursday everyone.

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Happy Thursday evening everyone! I got very little sleep last night for some unknown reason, and I am exhausted, and cranky.

I am heading to bed right now, but just wanted to drop by and say hi before I turn in. I hope that you all had good days today and will have restful nights tonight!
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