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Default Is Phase 1 sustainable for a lifetime?

Hello all,

I am brand new to this (site and the diet). I have been battling sugar for years and just became aware of it after reading this book.

My typical day prior to 5 days ago was as follows:

Skip breakfast and drink pop, energy drinks, AND coffee until 11am. Workout - then go to qudoba or the like and eat a huge lunch with about 3 diet cokes. Then go home, have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich around 3pm with a glass of milk and maybe some vanilla waffers. Then have a huge dinner, then desert, then wake up EVERY NIGHT around 2am with the most intesne craving for carbs / sweets imaginable... wake up - resolute to "eat better" and repeat cycle..

I read the SBD and thought I'd give it a shot. The results (so far) have been really good. I quite drinking pop and energy drinks (still having a few cups of coffee throughout the day). I've followed phase 1 I think pretty well. The cravings that I had just a few days ago are gone (knock on wood). I don't feel so bloated after eating and I no longer feel a slave to food.

Here's my question...

Why would I ever get off of phase 1? The example I'd give is if someone is an alcoholic or drug addict we don't have them sober up for 2 weeks then "drink moderately". The reason is - they have proven over years and years that they can't drink moderately.

So, if I've proven that I can't eat sugar / carbs moderately why would I ever re-introduce them into my system. Is it a nutritional thing? Is it that after two weeks your body "resets" and is able to process the carbs without triggereing the cravings?

I would love to hear everyone's input. I'm just so grateful for the last 5 days and am scared to death about going back to my old ways.

Thanks everyone!

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For me, no. I miss my fruit.

As far as adding things back in, you don't have to re-introduce them at all. If you take a look around the different topics, you'll see people referencing "Phase 1.5", which generally refers to the trial-and-error stage where you figure out the combination of fruit/grain that works best for you. Some people are fine with both. Some people only add fruit back in. Some people only add certain grains.

I have another week left on phase 1 this time around. Personally for me, I can add back fruits in Phase 1.5 and not turn into a bottomless hole. Now breads/crackers/pasta/etc on the other hand... hello raging carb monster! We're talking foot long sub and a bag of chips, or a whole pizza with breadsticks. Not like a couple crackers lol.

I think as long as you keep an eye on your nutrition and make sure you're getting adequate sources of vitamins, protein, fat, etc, you shouldn't need to add them both back in. Or you could experiment and see if the KIND of item you eat matters (whole wheat vs. white, etc) or time of day (morning, etc).

Ultimately, do what is right for your body and your cravings!

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Some people stay with Phase 1 longer than the 2 weeks although a month is usually the rec commended limit. After that, as penmage said, it is very personal. Check out the threads in the FAQ section about transitioning. The best advice is to go slowly, start out adding 1 fruit or grain per day for the week and pay attention to your body.

For me, I tend to eat fruit in limited quantities, starchy veggies but almost no grains. I can eat whole grain bread and not gain if I am completely on plan with all my other choices.
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S/C/G: maintaining


I left a long post in your other thread.

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Thanks guys. P1.5 definitely sounds like a good compromise. Eating some glow GI fruits throughout the day shouldn't trigger much and would be a healthy treat / snack.
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I am also a carb addict. However, it is in particular, white flour that is my downfall. I really dont care for whole wheat and grainy breads in the least. So even though I eat them every so often for variety, I really don't have to worry about going off the deep end with them they way that I would if I eat a slice of white bread.

There are a few reason why staying on phase 1 forever isn't recommended.

First and foremost it is a very strict phase of the plan and those things that are restricted and even eliminated in phase 1 are still things that provide certain vitamins and minerals that our bodies require to function to its full potential. Never reintroducing those foods (especially fruit, but the same IS true for carbohydrates) can lead to health issues down the line.

Second, and the most noticable in my opinion, is variety. Unless you are the type of person who can eat the same thing day in and day out, or perhaps the type of person who constantly expiraments in the kitchen, you may find the idea of facing yet another salad boring and unappitizing, which can lead to 'falling off the wagon' so to speak.

Personally, I spend alot of time walking the phase 1.5 line, adding back in mostly only fruits. I do, however, have a grain every so often, plus I take several vitamin suppliments to ensure that I am getting everything I need to keep my body functioning that I am no longer getting from those foods I rarely eat.


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