South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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User Name pearlygirly-Sue
Current weight/goal:155...goal weight 130 possibly 125, will know as I get closer
Location: CA coastal region between LA & San Francisco
Marital Status:Single
Pets:I co-habitate with a dog but I lay no claim to him.
Work:Part-time food & alcohol demonstrator.
Hobbies:Reading, Cooking, Day trips.
Reasons for losing weight To look better & hopefully get rid of some of my joint pain.
Favorite Exercise:Walking
Weight loss challenges:Currently not being able to walk/exercise as afterward there is hip/knee pain & doctor has said to rest. Water, I just don't crave as much fluid, especially cold fluids this time of year. Also, like a lot of people while I don't dislike veggies I don't naturally gravitate towards them so I have to really be concious of eating all mine.

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S/C/G: 162/145/145

Height: 5' 9 3/4


User Name: jekel383 - Jennifer
Current weight/goal: maintaining
Age: 42
Location: NY about 1 hour north of NY
Marital Status: divorced
Kids: son, 18 in February
Pets: 2 pups ages 14 and 9
Work: Police Sergeant
Hobbies:gardening, drawing, reading, cycling
Reasons for losing weight: feel better about my appearance
Favorite Exercise: Cycling (road not mountain biking)
Weight loss challenges: mindless snacking even on healthy foods
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S/C/G: 144/131/128

Height: 5' 4"


User Name: TWynnB, Tammy
Current weight/goal: 139/130
Age: 42
Location: central PA
Marital Status: Married
Kids: 2, ethan (10) grace (9)
Pets: 5 cats and a dog
Work: veterinarian
Hobbies: reading, camping, cooking, baking
Reasons for losing weight: my dad had a horrible decline because of his love of food, including diabetes. I don't want that for me or my family.
Favorite Exercise: trail running (just so time consuming!)
Weight loss challenges: emotional eating. Having a family that can eat nearly everything, when I can't.

Tent or spa: Tent!!
Ocean or mountains: Mountains!!
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S/C/G: 289/T/190

Height: 5' 7.5"


NAME: Jenn
AGE: 36
BIRTHDAY: October 17
MARITAL STATUS: Officially Married (in ME) since 9-6-06, Legally Married in DC 10/18/11.
Children/ages: Our furbabies, two cats names Aimee (8) and Chloe (5)
START WEIGHT: 230 in 2012, 250 in 2013, 253 in 2014, 278 in 2015
HEIGHT: 5' 7.5"
PETS: see above!

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Facebook for sure, traveling (cruising!), reading, swimming, photography (not a pro by any means)
OCCUPATION: I am a nonprofit professional.
HOME LOCATION: NY, born and bred. After college (in central NY), I moved down to Washington, DC and have been here for 16 years. Lived in Arlington and Alexandria, VA and am now in Maryland.
FAVORITE COLOR: purple and blue
FAVORITE FOODS: Something I will go off plan for each and every time is for a slice of good NY style pizza. Otherwise, I love cucumbers, avocados, ripe grape tomatoes, cheese and cauliflower!
FAVORITE EXERCISE: Yeah, here is where I run into problems, lol, because I have none!
WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGES: I am a binge eater. I don't know how to portion so I avoid until I feel deprived, binge and start all over again. And I hate exercise!
WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I've been on and off the diet since 2008. I feel my best when I am on plan. I am also making exercise in some form a priority this time. No excuses!

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S/C/G: 241/219/165

Height: 5 feet, 3 inches


USER NAME: SunshineMia


AGE: 35


PETS: Just the plants!

WORK: social worker

HOBBIES: Reading, pool, singing (to myself!), seeing friends, spoiling the nieces and nephews

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Biggest Loser DVDs, Zumba class

FAVORITE FOODS: Chocolate, thai food, milk, sweets, spicy edamame

CHALLENGES: My love of sweets and empty carbs. Also, the daily migraine med I take makes my metabolism move at a snail's pace (like my doctor says, it will make carbs stick to me like glue!), so any weight loss is hard-won.

WHY SOUTH BEACH: My doctor recommended it, and I hate counting calories, so this is more straightforward.

REASON FOR WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT: Of course I would love to be able to buy cute clothes, but at this point, it's just necessary for my health.
Start Weight: 241
Current Weight: 221
First Goal: 191 (50 lbs.)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 140 lbs
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Location: Colorado
Posts: 7,811

S/C/G: 275/179/179

Height: 5'5"


Basic facts:
Name (real first name if you feel comforable):Lexxiss/Debbie R
Age (or general age group):55
MARITAL STATUS: Married since 1992
TOP WEIGHT:275 (at least)
GOAL WEIGHT: 179 then I'll reevaluate
HEIGHT: 5'5"

Where you live:Colorado
Where you grew up:Colorado
Other places you’ve lived:Hong Kong 1 yr, Michigan 1 yr, Alaska 23 yrs
Do you have kids? How old? No
Got pets? 2018-1 dog, a deaf Cocker Spaniel we rescued.
Current job:I'm a waitress at a local restaurant and participate with my mom in a family business. 2018 Edited to add....My mom passed away in 2017 so I am now running the family business and in Feb. 2018 my husband and I bought the local Laundromat which we are running....learning as we go.
FORMER OCCUPATION: Semi-retired entreprenuer-I ran a sawmill, co-owned a travel agency and kitchen store in Alaska.
Why did you choose South Beach?Healthy eating/Weight loss combo
What are your ultimate lifestyle change goals? When I started SBD I wanted to LIVE a healthy lifestyle every day and get off the rollercoaster. I wanted to get off blood pressure meds. I've met both of my original goals. Since 2012, my DH and I have both transitioned towards a more plant based diet.

Hobbies: Cooking, canning and dehydrating produce, organic foods, knitting, gardening, jigsaw puzzles, animal rescue, reducing my carbon footprint, pet therapy
Passions / obsessions:composting & recycling.

FAVORITE COLOR: Lupine purple and Fireweed fuscia.
FAVORITE FOODS: Shrimp, healthy pizza, pumpkin, true Chinese (I lived in Hong Kong), fruit (especially raspberries, blueberries and cherries), and big salads filled with every vegie I can find to put in.
FAVORITE EXERCISE: Water aerobics, water Yoga, and riding my bike..
PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: emotional eating, stress eating (especially work related),low self esteem, making poor food choices in general, and lack of regular exercise. Geez....that ought to cover it.
WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I started losing my weight in 2005, but since starting South Beach I realize I have all the pieces of the puzzle needed to succeed; a healthy WOE, a comfortable regular exercise routine and a great support group here at 3FC. After almost 5 years on SBD (and 5 years older) I'm finding I feel better than I ever have. That motivates my to stick close to plan. I'm doing things every day that I didn't even attempt during my many years being overweight.

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S/C/G: 346/269.5/180

Height: 5'6"


User Name: Natasha
Current weight/goal: 274 (lowest since I started was 251). Goal is 180...secret goal is 160, LOL
Age: 37
Location: Fitchburg, MA
Marital Status: Single. Currently seeing someone, still in the new stages.
Kids: Don't have them, don't want them. Love them, though.
Pets: One dog, Shadow. She lives in Georgia with my mom. My roommate has a dog named Rocko.
Work: Customer Service at Porsche for 2 more weeks. Then I start back at my calling, 911 dispatcher.
Hobbies: Hiking, camping, going to live shows, etc.
Reasons for losing weight: I just want to be healthy and feel good about myself.
Favorite Exercise: DanceFit Class (similar to Zumba).
Weight loss challenges: Bread is my downfall.
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Location: upstate NY
Posts: 2,212

Height: 5' 5"


User Name:Beth19/Beth
Current weight/goal:141/138
Location:Northern NY
Marital Status:Married
Kids: 2 boys in college
Work:HS teacher
Hobbies:reading, gardening, walking
Reasons for losing weight: those last 15 pounds of baby weight, family health history, feeling (and looking) better as I age
Favorite Exercise: walking, old-school aerobics
Weight loss challenges: I love sweets, mostly chocolate

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Working on healthy
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Location: Vermont
Posts: 6,681

Height: 5'5.5


User Name: CyndiM/ Cyndi
Current weight/goal: I dieted from a size 24 to a size 4/6. Now I'm back to a 12 and I'm not happy about that. I think a perfect size 10 is something I can maintain so that's my current goal.
Age: 52, 53 in June
Location: Vermont
Marital Status: recently remarried after being widowed a couple of years ago
Kids: 32 year old daughter
Pets: We have a mixed marriage. I have 2 cats, Sebastian and Luna, and he has Cricket, a spoiled and cute Brussels Griffon
Work: I'm an organizer with the teacher's union
Hobbies: cooking, especially unexpected gluten free, whole foods treats; camping, hiking, kayaking, gardening
Reasons for losing weight: I've reached the age where I feel every extra pound in my joints and back and it's no fun.
Favorite Exercise: hiking
Weight loss challenges: I'm a serious binge eater, always have been. It gets better and then it flares again, often around emotional stuff.

Tent or spa: tent
Ocean or mountains: yes! I love the northern Maine coast, mtns along the ocean
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Location: Brooklyn, NY
Posts: 2,304

S/C/G: 175/167.6/155-158

Height: 5'8"


User Name: mmckellen/Matilda
Current weight/goal: 175/160
Age: 48
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Marital Status: married
Kids: 10 year old boy
Pets: 2 cats - Kiko and Miss Ludy
Work: Administrator at a law school
Hobbies: reading, brunch, cooking, organizing, watching/going to movies
Reasons for losing weight: Get healthier and feel better
Favorite Exercise: whatever gets my endorphins going
Weight loss challenges: carb and wine addictions!!

Tent or spa: spa
Ocean or mountains: ocean (love this question. I've always said people are either ocean people or mountain people.)

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Goddess of All
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Location: Land 'O Lakes
Posts: 123

S/C/G: 174.5/see ticker/130

Height: 5'3"


User Name: goddessmeg/MEG
Current weight/goal: 166/130
Age: 50
Location: St. Paul, MN
Marital Status: Married to my soulmate
Kids: 2 stepsons
Pets: 0
Work: College Administrator
Hobbies: reading, quilting
Reasons for losing weight: To reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle
Favorite Exercise: Honestly, none. But if I had to pick, walking
Weight loss challenges: Sugar & Carb addict

Tent or spa: Spa
Ocean or mountains: ocean
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Location: Jacksonville NC
Posts: 283

S/C/G: 265/see ticker/175

Height: 5'5"


User Name: SillyFluff
Current weight/goal:265lb/175lb
Age: 32
Location: North Carolina
Marital Status: married
Kids: son who is almost 2
Pets: 2 cats
Work: 2nd grade teacher
Hobbies: reading, crafts, playing with my son, gardening
Reasons for losing weight: I want to be healthier for my son. I am winded so easily at my current state. I also want to be healthy so that I can work on baby #2.
Favorite Exercise: walking and dancing
Weight loss challenges: my work schedule makes it very hard to eat healthy. I work early morning and late days. I skip lunch 99% of the time because of a meeting or whatever. I eat snacks but usually at the end of the day after i get my kiddos on the bus.

Tent or spa: tent
Ocean or mountains: Ocean
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Height: 5'4"


So I could have SWORN I did this before, but in my downtime today I went back in and see no evidence thereof - so here we go:

User Name: ultimate bea

Current weight/goal: 191/165

Age: 44

Location: Philly suburbs

Marital Status: married - been together 25 years this coming April (not married quite that long, but they is when we celebrate our "anniversary")

Kids: 14 and 11 year old daughters

Pets: 4 kitties - one for each member of the family

Work: high school teacher for 21 years

Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee, reading, retail therapy without the actual buying
(usually), soccer, watching sports

Reasons for losing weight: I have blown both ACLs, and had the surgery and recovered, but have surgery pending for my shoulder and my foot - I need to not weight this much for the rehab!

Favorite Exercise: Ultimate frisbee (used to run, but . . .)

Weight loss challenges: I love anything made from a potato, and mashed cauliflower does not really cut it

Other fun ideas: My highest weight was 198 in 2009. That was exceptionally unhealthy. I went on SB and experienced great success: 3 years ago I weighed 155 and ran a half-marathon. Then the shoulder and foot and anxiety went all to heck and I gained 40 pounds in 2.5 years.

Tent or spa: both - tent for the weekend, then spa to work out the kinks from sleeping on the ground!

Ocean or mountains: both - ocean during the summer, mountains in the winter!

Be well -
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Location: Northern Colorado
Posts: 71

S/C/G: 256/229.5/165

Height: 5'7"


User Name: mcsgabby
Current weight/goal: Current I'm at 237 and my goal is 165 - my highest was 256 and the lowest in the last couple years is 201. Yep...I yo-yo horribly and I really want to stop that foolishness!
Age: 48
Location: Northern Colorado
Marital Status: I was widowed in 2009 and was blessed by a second chance with my amazing DH in 2013
Kids: 24 year old son
Pets: Adorable but naughty Lhasa named Peanut
Work: HR Manager
Hobbies: I love all crafts especially paper crafting and sewing, belly dancing, reading, playing computer games, and spending time with my DH
Reasons for losing weight: I know that I feel so much better at a lower weight and I'm ready to be able to wake up in the morning and feel good. I'm also a belly dancer and I'd like to feel more confident in my costumes.
Favorite Exercise: Walking with my DH
Weight loss challenges: I absolutely love food and I have such horrible willpower. I have difficulty feeling full and also have a horrible habit of treating every meal like a special occasion. I need a mindset change!
Tent or spa: Spa
Ocean or mountains: This is a really hard one! I live at the base of the Rocky Mountains and love them but I really love the warmth of the beaches in the S. Caribbean. I really can't choose - can I have both?
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Location: Eastern USA
Posts: 977

Height: 5' 2"


User Name: Love2Garden
Name: Sandy
Age (or general age group): 77

MARITAL STATUS: Married many, many decades to one I met on Blind Date at 16.

GOAL WEIGHT: below 200 then I'll reevaluate. Retirement and bad knees took me over the 200 mark.
HEIGHT: 5'2"
Location: Middle eastern states
Kids: 4 kids + 1 almost Kid, over 4 grandkids, and at least 4 great grands.

Pets: Birds outside we feed, and chipmunks that share
Current job: Retired, now homemaker and gardener, and Administrator for Adoration Chapel at our Church.
Previous job: Administrative Assistant in Family Business.

Why did you choose South Beach? Especially Debbie's success, and as I studied this way of living, realized I can do this, and I am.
Favorite books: Mostly non-fiction. Obsessed with learning.
Favorite kinds of music / bands: Love most Jazz, Classical, Folk, and Spanish guitar.
Favorite holiday: All of them especially with family.
Hobbies: Any thing with Husband, and reading, writing, Bible Study, and especially gardening. We love watching basketball, at all levels, High School, College or NBA, WNBA. (Never able to do anything athletic except rollerskating when young.)
Passions Learning, listening to family members talk, NOT traveling.
FAVORITE COLOR: Hot colors in Garden, Blue/greens to wear.
FAVORITE FOODS: Fruit, Nuts, Asian foods, Dairy, Salads.
FAVORITE EXERCISE: Was Bicycling in woods and Square Dancing, now down to walking and gardening.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Eliminating cookies and ice cream and lack of regular exercise. Need Knee replacement and that knee often keeps me from being on my feet as much as I like.
I want to change my lifestyle permanently. I believe South Beach is a way of eating and living that I can be satisfied with as I control my portions. So far, actually find it the easiest of ways to eat.
ALSO: Dr will NOT replace my bone-on-bone left knee until I'm at least below 200 pounds and able to walk a full mile without stopping.
Beach or Mountains? Always choose Mountains.
Tent or Spa: If I get Just good deep tissue massage as I do weekly, Spa. Done with Tent camping.

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