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Default Thoughtful Tuesday Beach Chat 12/24

Merry Christmas chicks. I doubt I will get here tomorrow. Glad Karen's son made it home safely. Hope the enjoy their family vacation.

Final day at work until the new year!!!!

Natasha the trains run until 4am on NYE, but Metro North will only get you to New Haven, CT. Check Shorline East as they connect in NH might get you close to Boston. I do not believe Amtrak runs 24/7. You can get Amtrsk at Penn. either walk to TS or take the 1 train uptown one stop to TS from Penn. Hope you have fun. I have absolutely no desire to be in crowds anymore. The city is beautiful this time of year.

Northern chicks I hope you are recovering from the ice storm.

Hope today and everyday you are surrounded with love from family and friends
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and happy EVE! I still have tons to do before the invasion tonight but know it will happen. Seems to me I spent all day yesterday cooking so there should be enough food. I am hoping for a "voluntold" to pick up the wine at the liquor store this morning. I also have a bit of wrapping left.

We still haven't lost power which is just great. There are about 800,000 homes in southern Ontario who still have no power. Can you imagine spending Christmas in a shelter just to stay warm? I'm counting my blessings.

Time to grab another coffee and make a realistic list of what needs doing today.

Merry Eve!
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Good morning chicks, and Merry Christmas Eve! I giggle when I remember every Christmas eve when I was young, I would get up and get sick around midnight, I was so stinkin' excited for Christmas! (never mind, I'd go to bed around 7 pm, because time would go by faster!)

Jekel, that was a beautiful picture of you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Ruth, so glad you have your power! Enjoy finishing up your preparations.

I have to go to work today . But, she's closing down at 3 pm instead of 7 pm! I need to finish up some food prep (I found a crustless pumpkin pie recipe with a nice topping on it), and get some wrapping finished. We're also the final candle lighters for the advent candle tonight at church. And maybe a glass of wine to welcome Santa tonight .
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Happy Christmas Eve!

Jennifer, that's a great picture and you look amazing!

We never made it to the movies yesterday, the girls wanted to bake cookies instead. I do want to see the movie, Saving Mr. Banks, though, and thanks for your reviews on it, Pearlrose.

Well, the grandkids are up and Mommy & Daddy are working this morning, so I'm in charge and better go. Have a wonderful, blessed and Merry Christmas, and remember the reason for the season!
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Happy Christmas Eve!!!

Jekel I will have to go back and look at your picture. Merry Christmas

Ruth so glad that you still have power but I am thinking of those who don't.

Tywnn I am working today as well but I will try and cut out early but I am wfh so it will not be so bad.

Cottage enjoy the day with your grandkids.

All the kids will be home this evening so we will do our traditional activities and enjoy each other company.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning We slept in and are starting the day slowly. Tim works second shift today so all my holiday preparation will happen while he is working tonight. I'm going to make a Christmas Eve dinner for lunch It will be quiet here tomorrow, just us and the critters. I think Thursday we will drive to CT to see one of his kids and his grandson. They just bought a new house and have been asking us to visit. I'll add something baked to my list tonight so we can bring them something kid friendly.

Jennifer - What a lovely picture, thanks for sharing! Hope your last work day breezes by.

Ruth - Same situation up north with power. What a tough way to spend the week!

Tammy - I'm experimenting with an almond flour crust, making Elana's pumpkin cheesecake. So nice to be home early with the kids

Cottage - Have a lovely day with the grands.

Rose - How nice to have everyone there

Okay, I've got a few errands to run this morning before settling in for a baking and wrapping evening.
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Good afternoon, chicks. We have sunshine today- the ice is really sparkling! We have not lost our power, but the phone/cable/internet was out from midnight until late morning. I felt so disconnected! Thanksfully we are back in the 21st century again. I feel for those who are still without electricity not only because of the holiday but because of the brutal cold.

I braved the grocery store crowds this morning for some last minute supplies. In homage to DH's Canadian roots we always make pork pies and pea soup for Christmas Eve so I need to get into the kitchen and get started soon.

Rivergirl, glad your power is back.
Ruth, glad you are safe!
Jennifer, have an uneventful day of work.
To the other chicks, enjoy your family time!
Merry Christmas!
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Thanks for the compliments bust day, but got relieved early whoo hoo!!!

Cyndi I made The pumpkin cheesecake at Thanksgiving. Huge hit!!! I made the paleo pecan crust. Let me know how it turns out using the almond flour crust.

My mom called me today, she knew I was working. My step father was taken by ambulance at 3am. She said he was in terrible pain and running a very high fever. They admitted him. His white blood count is very, very low. He has not been himself since his back surgery in September. I offered to leave tonight, but now my mom doesn't want me/us to come. I am going to try and convince her as I don't want her getting run down.
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Merry Christmas Eve, everybody!!!

jekel - Thanks for the info. I was actually looking at taking the train in from New Haven, so that will actually work for me. Seriously, thanks a bunch!

Today was a horrible day as far as South Beach goes. Thai food with the roommate for Christmas Eve dinner. Gotta get back on track!
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