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Default Thrilling Thursday on the Beach

Is it thrilling for anyone today?

I have a looonnng day ahead - full day of work from 9-7, then a CE class until 9 or 10 tonight. We're leaving camping tomorrow, I'm not sure I'll get any of that done tonight!
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Come on Spring!
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Nothing thrilling so far and nothing on schedule the except a medical appointment. Sure not looking forward to that one but it is what it is! Sure can't complain about the weather though as we are having a string of sunny days with temps in the 70s! The maples are turning and the world is colouring up.
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On my way to another full day of training. Last night I was wiped! Ditched the group for a walk and salad from Panera. Then some quality time with my feet up. Lol I am such a wild woman

Spoke to my son last night (finally) He had an amazing time. Cannot wait to see him and his pictures tomorrow night.

Have a great day y'all
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I'm off to Denver....contractor/friend is making headway! Staying OP is my main mission this week!

Take care everyone!
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Good morning,

Long day for me, work all day then get home and turn around and come back to St. Louis for Disney on Ice with 3 girls. (That should be fun but long day)

Twynn have fun camping tomorrow just one more day to get through

Ruth sounds like lovely days up there, about the same here enjoying the weather

Jekel is this last day of training and then you travel home tomorrow? In a couple of weeks I am going to Austin for a conference but I enjoy those conferences and will be bringing DH and DD2 with me as well. She will only miss 4 days of school and we get the work ahead of time so she does while we are gone.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!
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Good morning. My "good" foot's arch started hurting on our hike yesterday so we are going to take a day off. This afternoon I have a routine dermatologist appointment (for mole map and to get prescriptions refilled) and then I get my hair cut and colored. Off to grocery store this morning.

Have a great day, all.
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Good morning!

It was a bit of a rough start for hubs and I this morning. DD slept very fitfully all night. Poor thing had gas.

Tammy: Hope you have a great last day before camping in spite of the busyness!

Ruth: Your weather sounds lovely. I hope your appointment goes well!

Jekel: Sometimes after sitting in a conference room all day, there's nothing better than a walk in solitude. Hope you have a great last day!


Pearl: Ooooh! Disney on Ice! DD would love thay! Maybe we can find a show here soon. We'll be in Austin in a few weeks, too. DH has a GIS forum there & DD and I are tagging along as well.

Waisting: Sorry about your foot. Hope some R&R gets it feeling better!

I didn't quite get as much done as I wanted to yesterday, so I will be busy with housework today. We have no plans besides church this weekend, so I was going to try to break away for some "Mommy" time, but I have NO idea what to do. I have to find something low or no cost and it can't be anything related to "homemaking" or else it doesn't feel like I got away. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
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Afternoon, ladies.
Playing hookey from work today to take DH to a doctor appointment. Had to get up earlier than normal but both the weather and the scenery were beautiful on the drive. The fall colors are really coming out. And of course, I brought a little work home with me to do so it's not like I'm taking the [I]whole[I] day off.

Doing pretty well staying OP this week, although I faltered a little last night. Oh well, new day today! I pretty well until my sweet tooth starts whining in the evening...

Ruth, glad you are slowly feeling better.
Jennifer, have a good training and safe trip home.
Tammy, good luck juggling your busy day and getting ready.
Pearl, sounds like a busy but fun day!
to all the other chicks!
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