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Come on Spring!
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Default Mmmm Monday - August 5 Chat

Mmmmmmmmm for my coffee and for a lovely sunny day after a rather strange weather weekend. It was a busy weekend too - in fact, I didn't check in at all yesterday.

The party for Heather's BD was great. Claire served a four course gourmet meal to 16 of us - I honestly don't know how she does it. There was lots of laughter and joking and a designated driver too. The DD picked everyone up in the morning and drove them back to retrieve their cars. The scale shows a slight blip this morning.

Today is a stat holiday here - Civic Holiday - and the Village will continue to be busy. This is the last true long weekend of the summer since people are scurrying around to get the kids ready for school over Labour Day weekend. Since it's a holiday, the Cafe will be open. It was quite busy this weekend - we ran out of dessert so I had to bake stuff really quickly. I made a peach/blueberry and cream cheese concoction on a base of my butterscotch squares. I did not touch a single crumb!

This morning we will do some more garlic digging in my field. (It's neighbour Moel's garlic and he has a bumper crop this year.) I also need to move a couple of perennials that are being crowded out by my hostas. It's supposed to be a sunny day so this may actually happen.

Time to grab a smoothie and hop into my work clothes. I feel rested and rarin' to go after a fun weekend. Hope you feel the same.
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Mmmmmm, mine's lovely this morning, too, Ruth. You sound pretty cheerful and perky today, and I hope you have a super day.

Today it's back to work for me after a very restful and wonderful 2-week vacation. I really don't mind going back, and I do miss my girls, but it was sure nice to be off and do whatever I felt like doing. I know I'll be busy today, catching up!

We have lovely sunshine and low humidity today, but there's rain in our forecast for tomorrow.
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How did you not touch a crumb Ruth, HOW?!?!? LOL. Sounds like you had an awesome day yesterday, hope today is good as well!

Linda, sorry to hear it's back to the grind, but glad you had a splendid time (it rhymes!). That darned paycheck!

My kids start a week of summer day camp at Millbrook Marsh, the place I often walk/run to around the corner. DH is gone on an overnighter again, and I just have work and mom stuff. Four weeks until school starts, I hope I can get school shopping done early this year. Ya think?!

Have a great day!
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Good morning,

Checking in before my big day of meetings lol

Ruth way to go will power not touching a crumb

Cottage enjoy catching up with the girls after your lovely time off

Tywnn- my DD2 starts school next week, yikes!!! I got all the school shopping finished yesterday now to organize her backpack.

Tonight is Awana registration, DD2 has soccer practice but it is this morning versus at night so DH will take her. Alright I need to hit the road if I am going to get to meeting on time.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's a chilly morning here. We pulled out a blanket last night and the fleece robe this morning. It sure feels like fall already. Such an odd year!

I'm trying to pack a week of work into three days again. This time it's DD's wedding and we need to head to Boston Friday to help. Seems like everything is going smoothly so far. Hope that continues

I'm going to fire up the crockpot before I leave this morning. It's that kind of weather. Happy Monday!
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Morning chicks!

Nothing much on the agenda today. This looks like the nicest day of the week weatherwise; there's the chance of rain every day for the rest of the week. Have to get out an enjoy it somehow.

DH and I went out to dinner last night and it showed a bit on the scale this morning. I was thinking about starting a thread about how to stay OP when working around the realities of life....

So today's goal is to make good choices. We'll see what else comes up.

Happy Monday!

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Good morning everyone seems quite chipper today. Ruth I don't know if I would have resisted, way to go! CyndiM I cannot believe the wedding is here already. Time is flying by. Linda I only lasted one day at work, needed a sick day today as I have an endoscopy this morning (oh joy no coffee or food until it's over) Pearlrose and Tammy I have yet to begin back to school shopping. I may take the list with me on Fruday and tackle it while DS is at the concert. Beth hope you get o enjoy some time outside today.

Well time for me to get ready DS is picking me up at 9:30.
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Good Morning

I slept in a bit now it's time to head to work. Happy Monday everyone!
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Back from the endoscopy and full of coffee (a panini and fries too don't judge me LOL) Dr said I have H.pylori. I know you are thinking like me...what the heck is that???? Apparently it is a bacteria that causes infection to the intestines and stomach also peptic ulcers. So now we wait for the biopsies to see how serious the strain is and get a treatment plan. Sadly once you have this you always do (kind of like chicken pox it can stay dormant) At least I know what is causing my digestive woes.
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Good evening, ladies. Just popping in to say hello. We are in the middle of CALEA re-accreditation ****, so I don't have much time.

jekel - My mom has that as wel. I can't remember if the treatment was 7 days or 14 days, but it's daily pills and those god-awful chewable pepto-type tablets. Not fun, but it will help you feel better.
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