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Default Independence Day Beach Chat 7/4

Maybe I am the only one not away today lol. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. Sunday and Monday will be really rough. I am hoping to get an early quit on Sunday to go to the wake.

Natasha have fun in your date this weekend. Don't respond to your ex it only makes things worse. So sorry to hear about your cousin.

Penmage hang in there a better job will come along Step away from the carbs!!! Easier said then done (believe me I still do it at times)

Nothing planned until work tonight. At least I will get to see fireworks.

Today we celebrate Independence Day in the US! why not declare our own independence from something that holds you back.
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Morning Jennifer and any chicks to come. From yesterday's thread it seemed many of us are traveling today. Jennifer, my thoughts are with you and I hope work is the right kind of uneventful.

Would love to go to the local parade and fireworks but I think my big goal is to make it off the couch a bit today. The doctor said rest and elevation are critical for the 1st 48 hours and now I'm past that. Hope this recovery is quick because I am already feeling impatient. (ok, I'll stop whining)

Happy 4th to all! May all the traveling chicks be safe.
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Morning ladies! It's 11am.... feels so late! I woke up at 9:30 and feel like I've missed half the day

So I've come to a conclusion. As much as I hate hate hate hate admitting it, I really do think my body dislikes carbs. The last 2 times I've eaten carbs (pasta a couple days ago when we went to Olive Garden, and pizza from a local place last night) I've woken up with a god-awful headache the next morning.

So... there's my sign, I guess (Hello, Bill Engvall...)

Taking the next couple of days to relax and just decompress before starting over on the job search. A data entry job obviously wasn't in line with my education (BBA in accounting), but I'm still annoyed they let me go. I liked getting paid, dang it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th! Travel safely!

Beth- Be gentle with yourself!
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Good morning. It rained last night and DH and I didn't want to get our hiking boots muddy since today is final packing day, so we took a "hike" on paved trails near home today. So much more boring. I have some pre-trip niggles but the bulk of stuff is done. Hope to finish the book I started last week because it is not coming with me and I'll totally forget what I read!
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Working on healthy
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hello from NY, land of parents. No WiFi where we are staying so I'm just taking a minute while updating mom's computer to say hello. Hope everyone is having a lovely day, whatever your plans.

Jennifer - thinking about your son and you

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Come on Spring!
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Hello from squishy Delta. Apparently we had a downpour or two while I was away. Once again the plants in my side flower box are floating. Maybe waterlilies would work.

Had a lovely but short mini-holiday driving to the lavender farm yesterday. Had dinner in a quaint wee town and slept very well at the B&B. Woke at my usual 5 a.m. but rustled up some coffee and spent some peaceful time on the big front porch watching the day arrive and smelling the scent from the fields of lavender. I had a cat on my lap and several dogs wandering over for petting. Loaded the car with pots pf deep purple fragrance and picked many bunches and got back here around one. (It's a 2.5 hour drive.) I've already been to the florist where we did some prep for our Saturday of making the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres plus some other decor.

Now I'm home and planning to relax. Unfortunately my Disney seems to have a touch of the flu (both ends) so I'm keeping watch and not getting too relaxed. It may just be the heat or stress from being in the kennel 24 hours.

Happy Fourth of July, my American Friends!
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I've got my feet soaking in bubbles right now for a pre wedding pedi. Now I need to find the shoes for my dress. Nothing much happening here. Fireworks cancelled on both my towns.
In Glenwood my West view is of stormking Mtn where 14 firefighters perished 19 yrs ago (July 6). Fireworks seem pretty counterproductive considering his many fires are already burning here.
We've had some decadent food here-watermelon and fresh picked raspberries w NSA ice cream...a far cry from the old days but just as enjoyable.
Back home tomorrow after pool time .

Ruth- I would love to experience a lavender field.
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Good afternoon, ladies...Happy 4th of July!!! Today and yesterday, our local Moe's provided free meals to all public safety employees. It's something they do every year. I got up early today and went and got mine...then I took it home and gave it to my nephew, since we were cooking out at work, LOL

jekel - I'll be thinking of you and your family. I know it's going to be a rough time for you guys. And nope, you're not the only one that isn't out of town...I'm typing this from work, LOL As for declaring independence...I am declaring independence from my ex! LOL I sent him a message this morning that simply said "Please stop calling and texting." He responded w/ 4 messages which I haven't responded to. I'm pretty sure he found out by facebook-stalking me that there is a new guy in my life. I'm on to his games...and I'm not playing.

Beth - I think I missed it...what kind of surgery did you have? Don't overdo it, but getting up and moving a little is a good idea! The worst thing you can do is overdo it b/c you're impatient and cause yourself a setback. My bestfriend refused to listen to me about that until her SECOND hospital stay following her surgery.

penmage - I have to say I totally get where you're coming from w/ the carbs. I don't get a headache, but they are a HUGE trigger for me. So I try to avoid bread and rice and pasta as much as possible.

WaistingTime - Ugh, I'm glad someone else is getting rain, too. Today is the 9th day straight. We've had more rain so far this year than we had in all of 2012. Have a good trip!

Cyndi - Enjoy your time w/ your parents!

Ruth - That sounds like a lovely day. I swear, I don't think there's anything better than sitting down w/ that first cup of coffee when it's peaceful and quiet. I love it!

Lexxiss - Fireworks were canceled here, too, due to the rain. The mayor rescheduled it for Sunday, but apparently he didn't see the 70% chance of rain. LOL I have to confess I've been enjoying some watermelon as well. Totally blanked and didn't realize it was a PH3 food...oops!

Back to work...I've got payroll to do. Hope everybody has had a safe and happy 4th!!!
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