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Come on Spring!
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Default More Please Monday - May 6

Wow! What a wonderful weekend although only a one day one for me because of that Saturday meeting. However, I did get my new perennials planted and watered in and cleared a bunch of niggles. More of the perfect weather is in the forecast for at least three days. Moel set up the garden well so I now have water out there.

The BBQ at Rachel's was fun. Diego sure can eat but he IS 15. His English is about as good as my Spanish but we laughed a lot. It was a lovely evening, sitting on Rachel's porch and smelling the magnolia tree.

Off to the gym although I am pretty stiff and sore from gardening. Donna had a fall Saturday and is not coming - she broke her finger, the useful one for giving people the finger. After gym I go to the local quilters meeting to report on the big pow-wow in Ottawa and listen to the griping. T really don't know why they gripe - the Secretary and I do all the paperwork. I'll be glad when it's over and I can spend the afternoon gardening.

More good stuff, please!
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Phew. I thought you wanted more Mondays.

The good stuff? I had a beautiful walk this AM seeing lots of little creatures and catching up with my friend since she had a trip since Thursday. I go to work in a bit, but am *hoping* to get out early....thinking I might go "over the mountain" to what everyone says is the best greenhouse ever and pick up a few plants. It's a mostly Amish valley, so very quaint. I am also starting phase 1.5 for a grains for me.

And one more good son wasn't a demon yesterday?!?!
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Quick fly by on my way to work. I've got my Thermos full and it is another sunny morning so I'm happy!
Today is my annual evaluation with my boss. Not really a big deal but we are using a new system. Everyone knows changing the forms and adding a few extras automatically means everything is better, right?
Managed to cross off a few niggles yesterday but at this time of year there is always plenty of outdoor stuff to do. We bought some cold tolerant veggies yesterday so I'm hoping to get those in the ground soon.

Gotta go- hope everyone's cup is full and the day only as full as you want it to be!
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Good morning!

Yes, we don't need more Mondays. One a week is plenty, thank you.

Ruth, you seem to be in your glory these days, piddling away in your garden. That's a shame about Donna's finger; I don't even want to know how she managed to break that particular finger, LOL! When is she having her carpel tunnel operation?

Tammy, I hope you discover lots of goodies at the Amish greenhouse. My favorite plant nursery is run by a delightful Amish family, and their plants are always the best.

We had an impromptu Cinco de Mayo celebration yesterday when Monica and Carley showed up with all the makings for a Taco feast complete with Margaritas. All thoughts of trying to stay on OP flew out the window, but it was fun and worth it to me. Today is right back on the wagon again. I seem to do so well during the week, but the weekends are a real challenge.

SOSO Monday, but if the weather holds, the girls will have riding lessons after school and I can come home early.
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Good morning, Beth! I hope the meeting with your boss goes smoothly!
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Good morning. I workout with my mom this morning. I emailed our trainer yesterday to warn her that my foot is hurting again so I'll need modifications; no lunges for me today. It hurts to walk but is not as bad if I keep my exercise shoes on. I really do feel like my body is falling apart

Today I pack for a short trip to Boston, leaving tomorrow morning. I'll be traveling with my mom (who is staying longer), staying with my brother and SIL, and meeting with our charitable foundation lawyers. Bad timing with my darn foot; I hate to go through airport security with tie shoes and there will be lots of walking since we'll use public transportation. Sigh.

Last minute pre-trip niggles like a store run and laundry.

Have a great day.
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Working on healthy
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Good morning Another beautiful day around here, another day of work, packing, and a walk later in the day. We are going to try our first geocaching adventure. We have a crazy busy summer ahead so are looking for new and interesting places to explore nearby. Looks like a fun way to add adventures.
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Good morning....more nice weather please. Although rain before Thursday would be better than riding in the rain!

Karen hope your foot feels better

Tywnnb I seem to live in P1.5 I do not each much grains. I seem to feel better without them. Have fun at the nursery.

Linda glad you have fun. I love tacos too!

Beth good luck with the boss

Ruth hope you get some downtime today. Poor Donna, hope her finger heals quickly.

Had a really enjoyable weekend. Joe and I went for a ride yesterday. He hung in there for 14 miles. I was "nice" and let him set the pace. There was only one major hill. He struggled, but did it. I cannot wait to give him his birthday present. He drove my car back to his house and I rode my bike (wanted more saddle time). I really pushed myself on the ride back. My goal was to get there in 30 minutes, which I did. I sustained an average 20 mph pace for 10 miles! When Joe passed me in the car he said I was moving. Darn right A nice downhill or two were more than helpful.

Joe's chickens have finally started laying!!! Took the girls nearly a year to start. He lets them free range during the day, which seems to make a huge difference. I have a dozen eggs in the fridge.

Time to finish my coffee and get to, well nothing. Taking time to relax today
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Hello all,
Off today, which is typical for me on Mondays.
Thankfully we have had beautiful weather here in Hamilton, and across most of Ontario, I hope to get out today and actually have a chance to enjoy it. The plan is to go for a nice long walk, but failing that perhaps I will break out the lawn chairs and give myself a mani/pedi while basking in the sun.

Hope everyone has a merry Monday!
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Evening ladies!

I got home from work about half an hour ago and am impatiently waiting for my chili to finish simmering on the stove. Busy day today at work, as Mondays always are. One Monday is plenty!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a (wonderful/tolerable) Monday!
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