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Come on Spring!
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Default Finally Friday Beach Babbling - March 29

Coffee is hot - Paul Newman this morning but I must stock up again. Linda showed me how to make tea without buying the K-pods but I sure do love my a.m. coffee!

The dogs and I both feel strange without Linda here. When I came how from the airport run yesterday, both dogs met em at the door as usual. When Jazz realized Linda was not with me, he turned and walked away with his big furry tail dragging. I suspect he now has a new love but I'm not jealous because he did get up onto my lap when we watched the news on TV.

The Spring Flood has started here and all the high ground behind the barn is flowing through the dog yard. 'Tis muddy paw season although it should not be as bad as usual because of the slow melt. My snowdrops are now nicely opened and I am expecting the crocuses on the front lawn to pup up as soon as the snow retreats. Maybe I'll plot my veggie garden soon, keeping in mind my physical limitations.

Off to a community Church service this morning and then a relaxing afternoon. My book club book is on the coffee table waiting for me to start it. Linda zoomed through it while she was here and says it's good. It's The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and I need to read it before the next meeting on April 13.

On we go with today and Easter Weekend. I hope the Bunny brings spring here instead of those darn wee chocolate eggs.

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How to make tea, or coffee without the KPods? Inquiring minds want to know! So sad for Jazz, sounds like he needs to find a new girlfriend . Or, that Linda needs to visit a lot more often! I hope Linda pops in today too!

I work 2 - 7 today, so I have lots of home maintenance and junk to do today. The kids are off, so they can help ...LOL, yeah, right! We have a few people coming over on Sunday for Easter, which I always enjoy...but I have a lot of cleaning to do!!

And, the ball is rolling on a new pup. The rescue we're working with does a home visit, so that's the next step. I'm getting excited!
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Good morning never made it back yesterday. Got a late call and ended up working an extra hour. Quick trip home then it was off to the DMV. the placed was a zoo! Finally passed the air brakes portion of my CDL. Put stop home then off to Joe's. Had really planned on a trip to Walmart, but the Sand Man was in hot pursuit of me. Got to Joe's and climbed into bed for 2 hours. He made a nice dinner. I was home around 11 then straight to bed.

Poor doggies I feel guilty when I leave them, but they don't seem to mind. Today is the dr (routine), groceries, cleaning, meeting my DS girlfriend. Keeping it simple ordering pizza. Really hope to squeeze in some yard work, cleaning and a ride. Tomorrow I have left my day open for a long ride and cooking. Back to work Sunday. I may make pancakes and eggs for the tour.

Ruth a relaxing afternoon sounds wonderful. TwynnB good luck with getting a home visit.

Natasha, a 25 year old! Lol I went out a few times with a guy who was 8 years younger than me. He was fun, but just too immature. It was a nice ego boost though lol

Everyone enjoy this beautiful day. If it's not lovely where you are, come to NY we may actually be in spring
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I'm here! Every time I try to post, though, I keep getting interrupted. I think my family missed me because it's been crazy since I got in the door yesterday afternoon.
I had a wonderful visit with Ruth and those dear furbabies and it doesn't feel the same this morning without Jazz snuggled up on my lap and Disney "talking" to me at my feet. She has a unique way of carrying on a conversation with you that is so endearing. Anyway, my week with Ruth was the perfect antidote to help me heal and get back into the swing of things again.
I have to go in to work for a few hours this morning, and Dad wants me to stop in to sort through his mail and fill out a lot of forms and write some checks for him, and Jake informs me that we MUST go get groceries since there's absolutely nothing in this house to eat.
Welcome back to the real world, eh?
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Good morning from Bethlehem, PA. Clearly I have in some way failed as a mother since it is questionable as to whether or not my son has used a single cleaning product since moving in last June. Okay, I give him credit that at least the toilet seat and bowl look clean! And he washed his sheets for us the day before we came. But, eek. Don't want to be THAT mom but had to at least wipe the bathroom since and dust the coffee table. Cringe.

Today the boys work on taxes. We'll also see if DS needs anything from Sam's Club while he has us and our card. He's got a trial membership to BJs and we've never been so I'm sure DH will want to peruse the aisles. We do have a bit of extra trunk space going home

Off to read the zombie book my son though I might like...

Enjoy your day, zombies, dirty floors, or otherwise.
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LOL Linda, on no groceries in the house since you were gone. I. am. SHOCKED!!

Jekel, glad you got some rest. Good luck with the girlfriend tonight!

Karen - oh dear, you made me laugh too! And cringe just a wee bit .
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Morning ladies! Bit of a late start this morning- I was watching Harry Potter! Dad's off work today, so now he's underfoot Since he's off, he's also scheduled a couple of maintenance guys to come by, which means... the dog will darn near bark herself to death (and me to deafness). Some of those pitches she hits...ouch! For a little dog she sure is loud.

Ruth- Let us know how the book is? It's on my reading list.

Twynn- Yay new pup! *fingers crossed* Does the rescue work with a specific breed, or all dogs?

Jekel- Of course it was a zoo! It's the DMV. I'm pretty sure that means "zoo" in ancient Egyptian or something. Congrats on passing the test! Do you have more sections to pass, or are you all done and official now? Oh, and good luck meeting the girlfriend!

Karen- Eeep! Don't worry, you didn't fail as a mother, he's just a guy. Their eyes don't work like that

Off to enjoy another.... 24 minutes of quiet, until the first maintenance guy gets here! Have a good (ha, punny!) Friday everybody!
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Good Morning

Did some cleaning at moms...smoothies and my 15 min. freeweight/stretching it's time to head to the pool.

Have a great day everyone!
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Afternoon, ladies!!! Looks like I may have escaped being called in to work tonight, woot woot!!!

jekel - I know, right??? I feel utterly ridiculous, but I figured since I'm moving out of state anyway, I might as well have a couple of dates before I leave, LOL
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