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Default Tuesday 3/18 Beach Chat

Good morning. Hope the snow and storms aren't treating you too badly. We got dumped on again. It took me an hour and 10 minutes longer to get home last night. Shoveled the walk and made a path to the garage at 4:15 this morning. Oh how I wish I had a clone!!!

Ok enough complaining. Let's hear about your day? Sorry but you need to supply the coffee. Mine was gone before the train lol
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Come on Spring!
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Good Tuesday morning! We have snow and more is coming down. The plough went down the street before five so I'm up. I hope Richard clears the lane as soon as it gets bright because the furnace guy is coming for the annual servicing "first thing" this morning. (Of course his "first thing" and my "first thing" are probably different. )

Today will be an "at home" day and I plan to really enjoy it. I'm even going to skip going for the mail and just hunker down doing some niggles like cleaning the fridge. It's Good Food Box Day but Donna is going to pick up my order when she gets hers. Last order included a perfect large tomato which sat on my windowsill looking gorgeous for a whole four weeks. It made me wonder if it was a "real" tomato. Just picked it up this morning and the bottom is perfectly flat and black with mold. I am so looking forward to my garden and REAL food. Asparagus and rhubarb will be first!

Time to throw on some clothes and watch the day unfold - or unravel! It's still black out there but I need to shovel as soon as it's bright.

Come and chat before you tackle your day.
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it was snowing like mad when I went to bed last night, but it's all melted.

I have plenty of coffee, Jennifer, and you can come share but then you'd have to tag along with me to the farm afterwards, but you might enjoy that. At least Audrey's violin lesson is canceled for this evening, so we should be able to get home at a decent hour.

Ruth, I hope they can keep the roads to the airport cleared so you can pick me up on Saturday! Be careful shoveling and don't strain your back!

I drove home in an ice storm yesterday which made for an interesting ride. Thank goodness it's all out of here now and a bit warmer today. It's hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of spring, though.
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Come on Spring!
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Linda, I'll be at the airport even if I have to come in a dogsled. Today is a Snow Day with school buses all cancelled. Rachel's Columbian little girls will be just delighted. I hope it's snowperson-making snow! We are supposed to get snow right through until the weekend but the temps will gradually rise. It'll get above zero most days but still be winter at night! I am so over winter!
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Good Morning

No snow here....and moderate temps, too. I'm stopping for a quick hello. I have 10 minutes to finish dressing, etc, then be out the door. I pick up the cook at 5:25. I'm off around 130 then we're headed over the hill for a few days. Hot springs yay! I guess it's been at least 3 weeks since we were over last.

Have a great day everyone!
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Wow, you guys are all chatty this AM!

I am still recovering from yesterday.....way too long at work, then make a nice dinner for Yankeeinthesouth and my family, with some good chatter afterwards. Today the kids have a 2 hour delay because of ice, and I have a full day of work.

I suppose I need to get going...
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Good morning. All that snow - yikes! None here; just winter temps hanging on.

Off to yoga then work.

Going to make the chicken and spinach casserole today. Since DH doesn't eat it, I'll have leftovers for days. Maybe I'll try to freeze it this time. Has anyone done that before?

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Good morning ladies!
Snow! Wow it is steady up there. I am staying home and finishing up school with the kids. Our week end is on Wednesday and Tuesdays can be a bit full. Tonight we are all going to an adoption banquet where some of our children are singing. I am planning on taking a piece of dark chocolate to avoid dessert - I am hoping it is not too difficult.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Good morning,

Quick flyby again for me, eating still op and the scale is showing it slowly moving on down Tonight is Awana.

Ruth and Cottage I know you are both looking forward to your visit together how fun!!

to everyone else.

Have a great day everyone
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Good morning! No snow here -- we haven't had any measurable snow all season!

I have a meeting with an attorney and other tenants in my building. It's being sold, and there are complications Then I have to do some writing, and cook a chicken recipe I found at Kalyn's Kitchen that sounds delicious. I hope everyone has a great day!
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