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Default Thursday October 18 Brrrr Beach Chat

Good morning, did everyone sleep in????

Rick arrived safely and on time! We had pizza, of course for lunch. Once a New Yorker always a New Yorker. Came home got settled, then went to Bear Mountain. We walked, talked took pictures and just enjoyed the beauty of the day. Dinner was burgers and fries. Apparently delis and diners do not exist where he lives. Today we are going hiking at Turkey Mountain in Yorktown, grocery shopping and cooking for tomorrow before having dinner with my son (he picked our favorite BBQ place). Rick brought key limes from Florida and will be making key lime pie for our dinner tomorrow.

First time I have seen him in 10 years so a week vacation from the beach is not going to do much harm......I hope gulp!

What's on your agenda?
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Good morning! I was here earlier, but then life got in the way and I got busy elswhere.

Jennifer, I'm glad Rick got in OK, and it sounds like the two of you are going to have a wonderful time while he's here. Just don't go too overboard with your eating, but it sounds like you're going to balance it out with all your activities. Have fun!

Cindy got home last evening, a day earlier than planned, but by the time I helped her unload her stuff and chatted with her about her trip, I still didn't get home until late. I'm hoping I can leave today right after I get the girls home from school. I have some grocery shopping I need to do, and then do laundry and pack an overnight bag to spend the next few days at my DDs. Tomorrow's her birthday, and she's throwing a big birthday bash for herself to celebrate. It's been a pretty stressful year for her, with getting a divorce, so she really deserves this.

Well, now time is getting away from me and I gotta run. Have a wonderful day, everyone!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning, Jennifer, and it sure is brrrrr on the Beach this morning. (I'm just in from taking out the trash.)

Managed to sleep through until after seven again this morning. Sure is great to wake up rested. Yesterday was busy as I was trying to do taxes and kept getting called from the guys ripping apart the stone porch at the Mill. Donna and I did managed to get the dogs to the dog park in town and they had fun with the other dogs there. It's a long drive though so we may be doing it only for "treats". Nothing else got done, I'm afraid.

Today should be better. Donna is coming to clean which will interfere with deskwork but I may just take off and do a quick trip to town while she's here. The tax stuff is slow going because they've changed reporting requirements and I now have to supply the birthdate of the Directors. I hope to have all that info by end of day today and get that part off the desk.

So, on we go. I'd rather be gardening even if it is all frozen and black. Rain was predicted but right now the maple tree outside my window is ablaze with red and gold in the sunlight. I'll enjoy.

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Good morning chicks! Thanks Jekel for getting us started. Hope you have a great time with your friend!

Cottage - here's to hopin' you get out early . YAY for your daughter on throwing herself a celebration, I hope 2013 is kinder to her.

Ruth - tax stuff HAS to change, isn't there a rule to make sure it's not too easy on you?!? LOL. It's not too cold here!

So, the scale dropped 3 lbs with phase I, which makes it so much easier. You may have seen my post yesterday on my DH's bloodwork...I'm thinking it will make my dieting (I mean, way of life!) easier...because someone in the house has to follow it now too!! I'm a bit nervous on his cardio health, but I can certainly correct his diet. What a "coincidence" this happens on my phase I week....I have lots of low/good carb soups at his fingertips. I did offer him some of my mushroom cheese breakfast dish, which he turned down. It might take a while to motivate him to eat more veggies.

Otherwise - "normal" day for me. Lonnng day of work. It was a bit stressful with crabby people yesterday, I'm hoping that's over now. However, one of my favorite techs is leaving , her going away party is today (chinese food...I'm confident in resisting). Oh, I will miss her!
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Good morning.

We leave for LA today for Parent's Weekend at our son's college. I'm going to yoga first. I'm mostly packed. Oh how I HATE packing!

Have a great day, all.
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Morning all!

I love Thursdays. I'm a consultant and on Thursdays all of my team travels home, so it's a pretty relaxed day.

I got matched with my Little Sister through "Big Brothers Big Sisters" and I'm really looking forward to getting to know her and helping mentor her. Hopefully I can be a positive role model for eating and nutrition, too. We're carving pumpkins tonight, fun!
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Good Morning

Jennifer, thanks for getting us started and yay for a visit with an old friend.

Ruth, I hope you are slipping away to town while Donna cleans.

Karen, safe travels! Enjoy your visit w/DS.

Linda, I missed along the way that Cindy divorced...she certainly has alot on HER plate now. I know she must appreciate you now more than ever.

zestfest, kudos for participating as a big sister. I know it's mutually beneficial. Enjoy your pumpkin carving.

Twynn, it's sure nice when DH's recognize the need to eat healthy. It will make things alot easier for you at home.

I've been up but preoccupied.. After going back to Denver a second time yesterday, I talked DH into helping me get the house back in shape. He did, thankfully, before I was presented with the next set of circumstances. I checked in w/mom to find her best friend passed away and that she was concerned about something regarding the eye appt yesterday. In the process of installing a new thermostat I broke the old one and need a heating co. for a rewire. arg. Fortunately, I jerry rigged the thermost. to work until an expensive guy can come. I'm on call now...might need to revisit the eye clinic today. I spent some time at her house this morning as she is pretty sad right now.

Aha, the most important thing I can do after saying hi is make a SBD food plan for the day and get my smoothie made. That continues to be my greatest tool for staying close to plan: PLAN.

Have a great day everyone!
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*waves* Good morning, ladies. I've been scarce the past few days, but just wanted to say hello.
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