South Beach Diet Fat Chicks on the Beach!

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Unhappy First day on Phase 2 & a Nervous Wreck

I finally moved on to phase 2.. I've been on Phase 1 since mid-July I know I shouldn't have, but I was getting greedy having lost 17 lbs from it..

So basically, here's what I had today:
B: 1/2 cup 5 grain hazelnut granola with 1 cup of 2% milk ... (I didn't have skim milk in the fridge.. )
S: 1/4 of an apple
L: Lettuce + Grape tomatoes + Mozzarella Cheese (Basically a salad without the dressing.. 1 Large Coffee with 2 shots of milk & 1 5g packet of splenda(Tim Horton's) and another 1/4 of an apple
S: 2 cups of Honey Lemon Tea (Black)
D: Winter Melon in Chicken Broth (about a cup) + Celery/Beef Stirfry and a handful of plain red-skin peanuts...

In terms of exercise I woke up at 7:40am, and did about 20 crunches with 10 lbs,
and before Lunch I did:
20 min interval elliptical
3 sets of 10 crunches with yoga ball
3 sets of 10 lunges with 10 lbs weights in each hand
4 sets of 8 sit ups with 8 lbs weights in each hand
10 min interval on treadmill

I also had about 1.5L of water throughout the day.. How do you think I did for the first day? I'm really nervous and anxious.. I feel really full right now, and I really hate having that feeling after dinner, I only like feeling just right. I think I could've made do without the granola.. it says 9g of sugar per 1/2 cup on the label I'm really scared of gaining weight again.. Any tips or words of encouragement??

I've also been the same weight for about 3 weeks already.... It might be because I enjoyed nuts and sunflower seeds a bit too much booo

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COngrats! I remember being scared to death to eat pasta, etc., and I was only on phase I for 2 weeks.

Looking at your menu, I wonder if you're not getting enough calories. Although you can add in grains and/or fruit with phase II, you still stick with the 1/2 c.veggies at breakfast, and 2 c. each at lunch and supper.

Cautious people would've only had an apple OR granola on their first day, if they want to figure out cravings. Many people find they can't have grains at breakfast, and although I loooove apples, all it does is make me hungrier! (but if I have it with peanut butter, I'm fine...)

Hope this helps! You're already at a normal BMI so you're going to find that the weight comes off slowly...probably 1/2 - 1 lb/week (which is healthy!). Don't get discouraged. It took me 4 mos to lose 20 lbs (and to warn you, it was near impossible for me to maintain that low weight, unless I never ate anything off plan...find what works for your body!!)
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Except for the granola, your menu looks OK to me, as long as you had at least 4 cups of vegetables. Granola is typically high in sugar and calories, so try to find a brand that has less than 3 grams of sugar, or even make your own. I like to use cereal, such as Ezekiel or Kashi Go Lean, as a granola.

You could add in another cup of dairy, such as nonfat or lowfat yogurt, to your menu, too, and I'm impressed with your exercise routine! If you keep up this routine, I don't think you'll gain, but it looks like your body may have reached it's set point, and that's why your weight may be stalling right now.
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Thanks so much for the tips, really helped me become more motivated this morning!!

I purposely went out to buy a different cereal yesterday, I got fiber 1 which has 0 grams of sugar (but it says sweetened with sucralose?! I'm going have to google more info), and got skim milk yesterday. I would say I'm cautious, but I love to eat.. and so I get the guilt trip after eating

Super glad to hear I can get more dairy, I love milk!! My exercise is a result of going to school, if I don't want to study or feel temptations when it's not time to eat, I hit the gym! (There's one plus side to school haha) And now I am going to mentally remind myself to have more veggies

So this was what I had this morning:
When I woke up, I did 25 sit ups with 10 lbs weights

about a 3/4 cup fiber 1 cereal + 1 1/2 cup of skim milk + about 1/4 cup of the granola ... (I really couldn't resist, I love it so much). I also had about 3/4 cup of sauteed celery+bokchoy
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