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Default Thursday October 11th Beach Chat

Good morning, quiet here until DS alarm clock starts blaring. Granted he doesn't get up with it. Took today off from work to get more things off the to do list. I would like to go out for a ride, but the list is too long so I'll be indoors. It's good because I can stop to do laundry lol

Good luck with your adventures today
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Good morning, Jekel, and thanks for starting us off. Hope your day of is productive!

It'll be busy for me as well....I have a school meeting before work, then a long day. I'm making a crock pot jambalaya recipe before I go, let's hope the kids like it!

Yesterday, I had time to go on a hike run (but not by much), and opted to eat lunch, take a power nap (I can rarely nap more than 15 min now), and veg. As mom used to say, "my get up and go has got up and went!". DH was offered a new job (!!!!), and I'm hoping that will help me out in my plans...since his hours will be much more conducive to me getting stuff done. Never mind, it's been a emotional week getting stuff back with the pup. My eating *could* be a lot worse, so I should be happy with that?!?

ALmost time to wake the kidlets up!
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Good morning, and I'm happy to see you started us up, Jennifer, as I was just getting ready to do it. Thanks!

It's a chilly 40* here but at least it will be sunny. I'll be indoors, anyway, since I'm going to spend the day baking pumpkin, zucchini, and banana bread for the fox hunt.
Today may be the day we finally, finally, get our television problems staightened out, as Verizon is sending out a technician. Whew! What a headache!
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Come on Spring!
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Good morning and chilly here too at 36F. I think the last plants outside may have been nipped last night - it was time anyhow. We usually get our killing frost earlier than this.

Jekel, too bad there's no time for a ride but you will feel so great to get the laundry done. Right? Repeat after me "I'll feel great to get the laundry done". There! Does that feel better?

Tammy, I can well imagine how your past week has been. Today sounds busy but it's good news about the DH's new job. Your get up and go will return I'm sure.

Linda, I can smell that baking now! Sounds like a good assortment of bread will be ready for the Hunt. Is it tomorrow? I indulged in some pumpkin bread left over from the bake sale and though of how much you love pumpkin flavour.

Disney's digestive tract finally settled down overnight and all was well this morning. (I washed my floors three times yesterday.) She just made a valiant effort at eating her kibble which I forgot to soak to soften overnight. Bad, Dog Mum!

Not sure what's on my list today but I sure hope it's not floor washing. I do have to go tot he bank - yes, again - and may run into town to get some of Jazz's dog food. Disney is on a lower protein and expensive stuff from the vet.

Whatever I do, it'll be an improvement over yesterday!
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Working on healthy
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Good morning It's a leftover breakfast today, chilly mornings need soup (or maybe that's just me!). I'm off tomorrow and going for a quick visit to the parents, just have to get through today.

Jennifer - good luck with that list! This week is my first SUnday off and I'm looking forward to tackling one of those lists myself.

Twynn- Sometimes we just need a little break and it's been a tough few weeks. Glad you are taking care of you

Cottage - can I just breath near you? I love baking smells.

Ruth - Here's to an easier day and a relaxing evening.

Time to get moving. It's a lovely day for a drive over the mountains!
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Good morning,

Jekel hope you get all of your to do's done. I did a couple loads of laundry last night if I don't do some over the course of the week I would just have a mountain to do on the weekends.

Cottage fingers crossed your tv woes are straighten out today

Twynn good luck on DH job offer

Ruth atleast your floor is now squeaky clean....hopefully all is well for Disney today

Cyndi enjoy your drive over the mountains must be beautiful sight to behold.

Today is just busy meeting day and then tonight is soccer practice.

Have a great day everyone
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Good morning. You know that saying "if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything at all?" So... I haven't had much to say lately

But I can say that my eating is still OP Off for a deep tissue massage today to see if that helps the pinched nerve. Then over to my mom's, then working the closing shift.

Have a great day.
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good morning

Karen I am totally with you. Suffering quite a bit from a very bad pain in my lower back, butt to be precise. On some sort of meds but they don't seem to be helping, just waiting around for hospital to call to arrange a csan. On plan too. Have a great day everyone, will be back.
take care
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Good morning, everyone, just wanted to stop in and say hi!

I'm strongly considering getting back on the SB way of life as my weight has been slowly creeping back up ever since I quit BFing DD in August. I'd like to be eating a lot better. My workouts are doing okay, I get several good interval workouts a few days a week.

The reasons I'm only at the point of consideration are that (1) our budget is VERY tight right now, and my priority is food for DD, so hubs and I aren't getting the most quality foods and (2) I don't have the book any more and our local library can't get it, so I'd be doing it from memory and this forum, and I just don't know how comfortable I am with that. I'm a "read the directions" person, and I feel like I need a guide in my hands to be successful.

I hope everyone is well! I need to go wake up DD so we won't be late for her signing class at the library. Hope to catch up soon!
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I will make you all a deal -
I will come DO the laundry if you will come put mine away!!!!
In the last two days, I have done 9 loads - all the regular clothes, the regular sheets, the comforters, the flannel sheets, and the sports loads. They are all, clean, dry, and folded. And sitting in baskets. Everywhere.


OK - today is vacuuming and putting away this D&*^ laundry, I swear. Next week I hope to get cleared to run again - this is becoming a nuisance!

Karen and Sophie - sending get well thoughts!

Be feel, all -
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